China: The Sleeping or Pretending To Sleep Dragon and Obama

Defend ConstitutionPutting all the recent mass shooting together and into prospective, the final analysis is: the federal and state governments (and municipalities) is the underlying cause that no one at Sandy Hook school was afforded the opportunity to defend themselves, despite a heroic moment when the school’s principal tried to disarm the lunatic assailant without being armed. It failed and little children died. The same federal government who let the same firearms they intend to take away from law-abiding citizens for defense (158 banned firearms that include pistols, rifles, and shotguns), be taken across our southern border (whose security fence system is still not completed after being approved during GW Bush administration) in the hands of drug cartels and criminals. That fiasco program was called Fast and Furious and the Attorney General responsible (Eric Holder) still has his job.

A second case against the federal government under questionable reasons why it continues to assault the inalienable rights of the Second Amendment is that this White House administration is responsible for the deaths of Americans at Benghazi. As the following video of a news broadcast reveals, investigators have had trouble getting cooperation from Obama and associates; unlike Reagan who dealt with the Iran-Contra Affair immediately as soon as it was discovered.

State of OUR Union: Jesse Ventura Interview with Alex Jones

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The former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and the President of the United States, disregarded requests for added security and ultimately a plea for assistance causing the violent and horrible death of several Americans, including an ambassador, after a late-night meeting with representatives from Turkey and who knows who, which points toward a possible behind-the-scenes arms selling scheme to people that are dedicated to the destruction of the United States and globalization of an Islamic fundamental theocracy.

After Shock - Election 2012Several times it has been suspected and made clear that this White House administration is aiding foreign entities and dangerous regimes with arms that far outweighs the danger of 158 firearms to be confiscated from lawful citizens in direct transgression against the Constitution of the United States. The Obama administration, has coerced and convinced that law enforcement officials to agree that lawful American citizens cannot defend themselves with the same firearms they are allowed to have, and whose departments and agencies under the DHS has increased its armory and ammunition stock with the same firearms they intend to ban. This includes including magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds.

The federal government demands that a background check is required for anyone purchasing firearms. The system could be fine-tuned to be helpful in preventing anyone LEGALLY purchasing a firearm. The system could prevent people with mental problems from LEGALLY purchasing firearms. What it does like many other regulations and bureaucracy is that it just hassles lawful citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights. If someone is wrongfully placed on the “NO” list of that system, the government refuses to correct it – just ask David Sartis. Yet candidates for congressional office, the office of President and Vice President are not required to undergo an FBI background check, as I had to do in order to have a Top Secret (Atomal) security classification. If elected they are afforded access to sensitive and classified material that concerns our national security.  It is certainly an amendment added to the Constitution and its requirements concerning eligibility to hold federal offices. It would also weed out characters like the one who sits presently in the Oval Office, as a former FBI agent attested that Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Sotero, would never have passed a background check if that was the requirement in order to campaign for federal office. Indeed, it would have uncovered what Sheriff Joe Arpaio discovered when investigating his birth certificate authenticity revealed in a ten-page report. During that investigation, Arpaio’s team discovered that BH Obama, alias Barry Sotero, appears to have a fraudulent social security number tied in with his selective service registration. Of course, Sociocrat mouthpieces like Snopes (bias when it comes to politics) tried to dispel this, but it was countered by private investigators.

All of this is the domestic problems of how inefficient and corrupt the federal government has become – but it is only half of the story. The other half is how leadership that American voters place in office has aided enemies of the United States, indeed, enemies of the free world. All of this and Obama received a little over 65 million votes for reelection, of which there is no way to determine if all those votes were not fraudulent, thanks to the Democrat Party preventing a national security measure involving voting and voting places.

Our foreign policy has been in need of fine-tuning for decades since the Reagan era. Thanks to the Clinton administration, China was able to steal valuable technological and national secrets that gave them a jump-start towards the point of which they are today. Meanwhile, the federal government is so busy intervening with foreign nations and conducting long and expensive wars, while our national defense technological advancement and space program has been reduced.

PLA_Operation-FlashpointIn one generation, China as accelerated from a large, inept communist nation to a global manufacturing, trading, and military power – jumping 20 times it was twenty years ago. China has long disregarded and abused the international copyright system from DVDs to satellite and space vehicle technology. The military might of China is called the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and when I had access to classified material during the latter part of my military career, one could see without being an intelligence analyst that China was becoming an ever-increasing threat to the free world. The PLA budget is one-sixth that of the United States because it saves money by stealing from others, thus not spending as much on research and development. Literally, since the 1990s, the United States has been financing a power who intends to be a global monopoly, and as revealed from a manuscript of long-term agendas of the PLA received from a defector when I had access to such classified material – their intent against the United States is quite clear. China is not as open about it as North Korea, but more dangerous.

Lately Drones have been all over the media reporting and discussions, especially in cyberspace via InfoWars and the blog entitled Hammer of Truth. Rand Paul has been leading a crusade against unlawful use of drones against Americans, mainly because the Obama administration, specifically Obama and Holder, would not comment as to whether they would use drones against their fellow citizens. One of the most despicable socialist propaganda mouthpieces on the Internet is Mother Jones, who ridiculed Senator Rand Paul’s concern about drones. Even CNN stated and countered Mother “Socialist” Jones eleven hours ago that Rand Paul is Right in his fight against unconstitutional use of drones.

Meanwhile, China has produced drones (Chengdu Pterodactyl I) that are close to exact matches to our drones – the US Army’s RQ-4 Global Hawk. The growth is alarming.

Of course getting a jump-start on technology for less cost in researching, the Chinese than work at improving what they have stolen. The UAV aircraft called the Dark Sword is an example. It also helps in financing their endeavors by selling UAV to other countries and organizations.

Recently the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning – fifth generation stealth fighters were developed, the US thinking they were ahead of the game found out in 2011 that China was keeping abreast.

The Chinese comparable stealth jet fighter is J-20. However, Global Security Organization classifies it as 4th-generation, not 5th-generation, so it is presently up-in-the-air over whether China is equal or ahead or slightly behind in this type of technology. Some believe there is no cause for alarm.

During all this air strike improvement, China has been building up its navy with super aircraft carriers and support ships to match the US fleet. Meanwhile, Obama is reducing naval and aircraft capabilities, which will force the US to fall farther behind China. Simultaneously, China has been developing their space program in leaps and bounds while the US remains stagnant due to lack of funding and interest. What I can gather without access to sensitive, classified material, China can knock out every satellite the US has in space.

The Chinese have long conceived that war with United States would be devastating on both sides. It is why they began the initiative to weaken the United States economically. Thanks to our leadership in Washington, DC, this will be achievable if it already is not beginning to take place. Taking a country over economically is smarter than going to war with it.

Napoleon, after returning from a visit to China, stated:

There lies a sleeping dragon. Let him sleep! If he wakes, he will move the world.

The dragon has only been pretending to sleep.

The Executive Branch of the US government is supposed to act upon situations like Benghazi and when found that personnel are lacking the responsibility or the ability to perform their duty, they should be fired. It goes the same for the Department of Justice and Eric Holder and associates. Overall, President Obama is responsible, and if there is ever an investigative committee that will be allowed to function properly, it will reveal that Barack Hussein Obama is not fit for his office, last term or this term, and shame upon those who elected him despite the revelation of the Benghazi incident that occurred before November 2012 election day.

There is enough evidence and even more revealed that this president should be held accountable for his actions and inactions, as well as the Vice President, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. Do you think it was a coincidence that she decided to retire from public office during this time? Do you see her coldness when she replies to congressional questions at a hearing with the words: What difference does it make? 

As the democrat-socialists continually repeated: Bush lied and people died; it certainly applies to this president; yet the media is not pushing the issue like they did against GW Bush.

There are plenty of reasons for impeachment and it is clear that this president is a danger to domestic, economic, and national security — clearly defying the Constitution, his oath of office, and committing high crimes and misdemeanors. This unconstitutional regime needs to end.


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    Obama is America’s #1 ENEMY and should be Removed and Arrested for Treason, Murders, Bribery, Money Laundering and Multiple Other Crimes, because he has DONE THEM ALL. He is also FRAUDULENTLY sitting in the WH as he is not eligible to even be cleaning toilets there. He is MALIGNANT NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER. He is Evil, Psychopathic Liar, Manipulative Chameleon, Delusional, Deranged and Dangerous and must be Removed and Arrested Immediately!

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