Border Security Act of 2006 Still Not Completed

Keith Koffler, veteran White House reporter demonstrates that the Chinese can build a better border security wall than the United States. The Wall of China is 6.7 times longer than the one required on our southern border to prevent invasion of uninvited citizens, mostly Mexicans …

By contrast, a mere 651 miles of fencing has so far been “completed” on the Mexican border – and that’s under a very loose definition of “fence.”

In the DMZ, border between North and South Korea, the US has been there for over 50 years, presently with 30,000 troops stationed there.

Why are we guarding another nation’s border, spending funding and utilitizing manpower when we cannot secure our 1,670 mile border here in our homeland?

Bill Whittle provides a video presentation of the “Miracle Man” we know as Barack Hussein Obama, alias Barry Sotero. Here it is, and truly it is a “miracle” …