Tell Me Now, How Does Obama’s Administration Work Differently Than Bush Administration?


On the Coronation of Lord Obama  Check out the Foxhole posting: Obama Plans to Scour Your Finances.

Peninsula News - Mother's Day and Emergency Landing

On the Coronation of Lord Obama   Looks like the Marxist tool of Obama is going to backfire on him … The Hill. …

With Obama’s poll numbers dipping to near 50 percent, Republicans have seized on the issue, criticizing the president for canceling the tours as a stunt to hurt Congress, where lawmakers have long arranged White House tours for their constituents. … The canceled tours prompted a pointed question to Obama from House Administration Committee Chairwoman Candice Miller (R-Mich.) during the president’s meeting with House Republicans on Wednesday. Miller asked why Obama put an end to the tours instead of just cancelling the congressional Christmas party or the congressional picnic.

Peninsula News - Mother's Day and Emergency Landing

On the Coronation of Lord Obama  Washington Times:

President Obama issued a quick criticism about former Dick Cheney earlier this week, telling Democratic senators worried about administration secrecy over drone usage not to worry — he’s not like the former vice president. “This is not Dick Cheney we’re talking about here,” Mr. Obama was quoted as saying by two Democratic senators  who requested anonymity and who attended the private meeting, Politico reported.

No, Mr. Obama, you are worse!

Peninsula News - Mother's Day and Emergency Landing

On the Coronation of Lord Obama  Washington Times: Senator Grassley wants to know why the Department of Justice ignored Black Panther intimidation and violation of voter rights, as well as other racial issues …

The long-awaited report, spawned by the dismissal of a voter harassment complaint against the New Black Panther Party, takes issue with the working atmosphere at the Voting Rights section that falls under Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez. The report’s revelations are certain to surface during Mr. Perez’s confirmation process, including information that his own testimony to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights regarding the New Black Panther case was incomplete. Mr. Grassley said the IG’s report outlines long-standing problems and politicizing within the Civil Rights Division dating back to President Clinton and continuing through the George W. Bush and Obama administrations. The investigation on the enforcement of voting rights laws began in the wake of the dismissal of the New Black Panther case. … The report says some career employees in the Voting Rights section contributed significantly to the atmosphere of polarization and distrust by harassing other career employees due, at least in part, to their political ideology or for positions taken on particular cases. It said the behavior included outward hostility, snide and mocking emails, and accessing the attorney’s electronic documents on the Voting Rights section shared drive without his permission. … 

Racism is a two-way street, folks. People who constantly display the race card are guilty themselves. Maybe old habits die hard from a political party who has a history of racism and started a civil war to retain slavery. These are the same people who degrade the framers of the Constitution, its articles and amendments, stating that it was written by slave owners. The Marxist-Sociocrat politicians constantly seek ways to undermine and discount the US Constitution and its amendments, which includes RINOs that play their game.

Impeach Obama (and mentally ill Joe Biden) and fire his minions, and clean out Congress and the stench of political prostitution.

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One comment on “Tell Me Now, How Does Obama’s Administration Work Differently Than Bush Administration?

  1. Rina A. says:

    Have you heard of Operation Inaction?

    Here’s an idea: Do nothing.
    Sit at home and chill. Don’t go out to eat, don’t go to the movies,
    shopping, work, school, don’t drive your car, don’t do anything!

    Just stock up on a month’s worth of supplies, like food, medications – those regular things you’ll need – and do nothing.

    If more than half the United States does this all at the same time, can
    you imagine what would happen to the economy? Can you imagine the sort
    of response that would be triggered?

    What’s even better is that this isn’t violent in any way. It’s a silent message. It’s not even rebellion. But it will get their attention in as little as one week’s time.

    There have been studies made on how the country would be affected if just a smallpox outbreak was reported at several key transportation areas like JFK, O’Hare, etc.

    Think of what it would do – how your voice WOULD be heard if you were to DO NOTHING for just one week. Two weeks or even one month.

    All that’s necessary is to do absolutely nothing – don’t fly – don’t drive or ride a bus or
    even a subway. Don’t leave your home to go to work or shopping – don’t
    send your kids to school – don’t pay your bills – don’t do anything.

    If you are a health care provider – a nurse or doctor – don’t go back to
    your normal duties because once you have all shut down and are not doing
    your normal activities the beast will be forced to send in its military
    personnel to staff regular civilian duties until they end the Country’s

    But in order to bring this beast to its knees you will
    need the vast majority of people to follow suit. In one weeks time –
    just 7 days of no activity the President will be urging every American
    to go back to work and their normal activities.

    In two weeks time he will be begging you – and in one month the government will be in such dire strait they will be willing to listen to the people’s voice.
    All done without firing a shot or any kind of violence – simply unify
    and DO NOTHING until the beast is brought to its knees by your inaction.

    Pass it on! Operation Inaction Starting April 1, 2013

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