Obama Appeasement to Enemies of the Free World Continues

Obama File: President Obama and Crotch SaluteThe Daily Caller reports – Obama Will Press Israel to Mollify Furious Arabs

President Barack Obama is taking a multi-day tour of Arab flashpoints next week, where he will pressure Israeli Jews to appease politically energized Arabs in Egypt, Jordan and other countries. … “Israel needs to take into account the changing dynamic and the need to reach out to public opinion across the region as it seeks to make progress on issues like Israeli-Palestinian peace and broader Arab-Israeli peace,’ he insisted.

Fact: Israel has never attacked a nation that has not attacked it.

Fact: Israel has offered peaceful negotiations with Palestine over decades, complying with US foreign policy of appeasement – and Palestinians continually break agreements and shoot rockets into Israel. Palestinian leadership has made it clear it does not want peace, but total annihilation of Israel and Jews. What makes them or any of the surrounding Arab nations any different than Hitler?

Obama File: Pictures Reveal Barack Obama's Record as PresidentFrom the first 100 days in the office as President, BH Obama has proven his ineptness and since that time he has also proven that he is no friend to our ally Israel.

If a hand offered in peace is slapped away, do we give bullies our lunch money as well? Does this ever appease bullies? NO.

Why do we insist that Israel give in to bullies and people bent upon destroying the Jews nation?

Would the United States appease a neighboring country after sending rockets into public areas and bombing school busses?

If not, why is our leadership insisting that Israel do what we would not do?

WE need to end import of oil from Arab nations and only import oil from Israel. At the same time, the United States should strive to be self-sufficient and only do business with countries that are not like the religious murderers we deal with now.

It is about time to have leadership in the United States who makes a stand against bullies.

It is time that we tell rogue governments like the Hamas that we will no longer stand for their tantrums and policies of hate and destruction.

Egypt, ruled by Mohamed Morsi, who described Jews as descendants of apes and pigs, is receiving a large amount of funding from a president who stops White House tours because, he says, the federal government cannot afford it. The White House and its compliant media downplayed the anti-Semitism of these matters.

We have a president who sends arms and munitions to enemies of the free world and boldly claims that Egypt is a budding democracy, while at the same time insults an ally and takes sides with its enemy. Sharia Law is theocracy, Mr. President, and you need to go back to being a community organizer, if indeed you can actually perform such a task.

This president and vice president need to be impeached yesterday.

Obama lied and people died. Obama commits treason by aiding enemies of the United States and the free world.

With the way those we elected have performed their tasks in foreign policy over the past two decades, it is a wonder that anyone still trusts the United States and considers Americans as their allies.

Tolerance towards religions has been the hallmark of the United States – but OUR government and We the People do not have to be tolerant to an intolerant religion, especially one whose doctrine is hate, murder, terrorism, and global conquest.

Stop the subversive infiltration of intolerance like what has happened to Europe.

Impeach the executive office and clean out Congress NOW.