The Time to Decide What Type of Government You Want is NOW

What do you expect from your government?

What type of government do you think operates most efficiently?

First, a large institution operates less efficiently than a slim organized smaller entity. Indeed, the larger an institution grows, the more chance of fraud and waste.

Second, the larger institution requires more divisions and thus more people to operate, which increases cost of operation, especially when a private entity dictates employment – who can be employed and who can get fired.  An efficient institution that abides by the Rule of Law will cost less to operate.

What type of government would you like to have?

The founders of the United States were men of  intellect, educated in the classics of law and philosophy, and most were graduates of a college or university, except for Benjamin Franklin who, like Abraham Lincoln, was self-taught by reading profusely. Indeed, Mr. Franklin could speak French that was the diplomatic language of the day.

The founders had several options of types of government used throughout human history. The ancient Greeks provided the basic concept of democracy; the Roman Empire provided the concept of a republic, which only lasted fifty years.  Greek democracy was divided into city-states of which had representation in the centralized government center of Athens. The Romans may have tried to create a republic, but since its territories, controlled by Roman legions and governed by governors appointed from Rome, and not the people, it was neither a democracy nor a true republic. All other forms of government up to that point of time were a monarchy, despite Great Britain having a parliament.


A republic is a representative form of government ruled according to a charter or constitution – ruled by law; and that constitution provides articles that limit power of its government and protect individual rights over the will of the majority. Initially it was considered that the United States be a republic ruled by a monarchy with a deviation of what the parliament was in England. However, in their wisdom that looked upon the problems of having a monarch that could override the will of the parliament that was supposed to be the representative of the people. Realizing that not all leaders are benevolent, they put in place a system that checked power, divided into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. Thus the lengthy discussions and arguments occurred that created the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers (85 of each) arguing over how the government should operate and not repeat mistakes of other governments in the history of civilization. When decided, Benjamin Franklin, upon query from a woman, declared the United States was a republic, if you can keep it. The following video breaks down the types of government …


For some time now, politicians have referred to the United States government as a democracy, and those politicians and appointed officials that operate the department that controls education across America even teaches this to students. It was NOT what the founders wrote and approved – the Declaration of Independence, the articles of the US Constitution, intend and its amendments, establish; indeed, as the video above relates, the word democracy cannot be found in any of those documents or in 50 constitutions in 50 states. It is because they were aware of the faults of true democracy where the majority rules regardless of any consequences for individuals or for the minority upon any issue.

The Democrat(ic) Party was established heralding its namesake of democracy. The Republican Party was established heralding the founders intent of a republic. Even today, members of the Republican Party do not know what the Constitution represents or the fact that our nation was established as a republic.

In both cases, our republic established the practice of a representative democracy (this makes it confusing for some) in which the republic officials are elected to vote on behalf of the people, rather than citizens voting on every issue that comes before Congress. Those officials, however, are elected by a majority of vote By the People; except for the office of the President of the United States (and Vice President) where the Electoral College and the count of individual votes are a factor of a person holding those offices in the Executive Branch.

The article establishing the Electoral College in the US Constitution is probably the most difficult to comprehend. The following video explains the Electoral College concept and reason why it was established …

bar_goldcableIn our Pledge of Allegiance, that allegiance is to the Republic, not a democracy …

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one Nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

In the 1950s, Congress passed legislation, signed by President Eisenhower that added two words to that allegiance: under God, so the change reads –

…one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Red Skelton, who as a youth he learned about what the Pledge of Allegiance means, performed the following video on stage …

bar_goldcableIn our republic, the sovereignty remains in the state governments, all united by the US Constitution and its amendments; as well as sovereignty of the individual citizen and the three branches are designed to hold each other in check, accountability, and oversight. That is no longer true, especially in this government administration.

branchesDemocracy becomes pure democracy and ultimately becomes democratic socialism, and if not checked or corrected, is no longer a government By the People and For the People. It is why the founders did not proclaim the United States a democracy, while it still implemented the democratic principle of individual voting. It is understandable that the two can be confusing because the major difference is that the republic provides individual sovereignty while the democracy is collective.

Our republic is made up of fifty states, each with its own government, obligated to abide by the ratified US Constitution and its amendments in order to keep and protect a more perfect Union. Those states, like the individual citizen, have sovereignty over the central, federal government whose powers are clearly stated in the articles of the Constitution.

The troublesome issues, the economic crisis, and the burdensome bureaucracy of the federal government we experience today is not BECAUSE of the Constitution [and its amendments], as too many politicians today state, but because We the People did not ensure that those we elected honor their oath of office and keep to the limited powers of the central, federal government. This means that over a period of time, the federal government exceeded its limited powers and did not delegate its authority to the state governments, who are closer to the people through local governments than any central authority can in any nation.

This policy and ideology that has slowly eroded our republic is now accelerating to a grim future for America. The media [called the ‘Press’ in the Constitution] is no longer the eyes and ears of the People, but the mouthpiece of politicians and a specific political party that has promoted the idea of pure democracy, at the same time professing the friend of the minority, but whose long-term agenda is democratic socialism. Those politicians, with the help of the corporate, mainstream media, have incorporated socialist philosophy and its tools to gain power. They have used what is called class envy, where they pit the people against the minority of wealthy, painting them as evil and that they do not deserve the wealth they achieved, so must share that wealth with those who have little. Thus the progressive tax rate came about. Today, the Democrats openly state that they are for redistribution of income and wealth.

Barack Hussein Obama is accelerating the move toward democratic socialism established by Franklin D. Roosevelt.


The reason why I am posting this article is that the United States is at a crossroad and whatever the People decide to let those presently in office and power of our federal government continue the destruction of the Republic of the United States. We the People must either allow the implementation of democratic socialism, a welfare-nanny state; or the return of the rule of constitutional law and the republic as it was created. In order to do that, we must insist that all elected officials and those lawfully appointed be constitutionalists, above their political affiliations. Those that are in office must be monitored by the People, and it is the media’s task and code of ethics to ensure that the government [those elected officials and appointees] honor their oaths and follow constitutional law in its limitations of power. This means that Congress must set aside time and form a committee to oversee bills presented to that legislative body to ensure it meets the requirements of constitutional law, as well as rescind or amend any laws that do not conform to the enumerated limited powers cited in the US Constitution. That also includes any laws that do not abide by the amendments to the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, first ten amendments.

An example of changes would be that Congress [and the Supreme Court] should delegate authority to state governments concerning the same-sex marriage issue; and the reason is that state governments require marriage certificates that establish legal marriage – not the federal government. This issue should not waste the time and energy for discussion at the federal level because it is an issue to delegate to state governments where the marriage laws exist, closer to the people for whom should decide in a referendum vote — not special interest or minority groups who care nothing for tradition, common sense, others rights, or natural law. I truly believe if the income tax system is reformed to a flat tax with NO deductions or even better, changed to a consumption flat tax, this issue would fall by the way and be decided by society and the individual state governments because the real issue over marriage is because the regulations of the present income tax system [and other laws/regulations] are unfair to single citizens and those living together without being married.

Secondly, the issue of capital punishment is delegated to state governments to decide whether the death penalty should be utilized in that state, even though those tried and convicted of a capital crime [murder] are incarcerated within a federal prison. However, the federal government oversees and has established laws and taxpayer-funded abortion clinics that clearly have established infanticide across the United States and not delegating its authority to state governments who should no longer establish taxpayer-funded clinics for the purpose of mass abortions. The state government in turn, should relegate the matter to individual choice and the medical institutions.  It is hypocritical and a travesty that criminals who commit murder are given life sentences [with or without parole]; but unborn infants are being murdered legally for being conceived. In all things there are exceptions, and victims of rape that have been determined pregnant should certainly be afforded the option of abortion and doctors should certainly have the right to suggest abortion if that pregnancy endangers the life of the mother or the fetus would not be able to survive long after birth or have serious defects.

All of this relies upon an important principle – common sense and constitutional law.

Too many laws passed by the federal, and some state governments [like Wisconsin forcing private businesses to not allow smoking on their premises] that have been passed because people thought there should be a law against something; disregarding the fact that law is against the rights and liberties of others. The gist of it is that minorities are afforded rights that counter the rights of others, for example, open homosexuality in US Armed Forces. President Bill Clinton made an acceptable compromise “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, but that has changed to where it has violated several issues of the Bill of Rights for heterosexual members of the military, to include the First Amendment. Ultimately, the government has no right to regulate or intrude upon sexual encounters with two consenting adults; however there are issues of public display as well as problems of discipline within the infrastructure of the US Armed Forces.

The founders established a republic that was governed by a limited government for good reason, so if things seem to be falling apart, it is because the federal government has exceeded those limitations and is now striving to control the citizens from cradle to grave.

Unfortunately, this has occurred because people ask the government what they, the private sector, can and should provide. Communities who are closer to the people than politicians in Washington could conceive as to what is needed individually. Charitable organizations and religious institutions have always helped folks in time of need in order to be able to eventually help themselves. At a more personal level, friends and neighbors have helped folks out in time of need.

Once upon a time in America, if a person was forced to apply for unemployment, food stamps or any other welfare program; it was an embarrassment. Today, it has become an entitlement – which means they feel they are owed [their right] what taxpayers pay for, and some taxpayers pay a higher percentage than others. At a flat rate, income tax is based upon percentage – so those who make more pay more automatically. Today, more than 40% pay little or NOTHING in income tax. Sure, the tax is forced from everyone’s paycheck, but when yearly tax computation is enacted, most of those get most or all of it back; while the “rich” pay more. During the election of 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney was admonished because he only paid 13% after deductions. That 13% of two millions dollars is far more than 13% of $20,000 yearly income. The media and the Democrats did not reveal this nor did they reveal that the final rate was only 13% because Mr. Romney had donated huge amounts to religious and charitable organizations of his choice. This is a major example of why voters should pay little heed to negative campaigning. More time should be spent on what a candidate intends to do and how he/she will solve issues. BH Obama campaigned for “Change” – but the voters never bothered to get the details. Most of what Obama complained about the Bush administration, he continues now in his second term. Most of what he falsely accused of Romney, the Obama administration continues its corrupt and unethical practices. This was known in Obama’s first term, but too many voters believed the propaganda and reelected him again. Now he has gained confidence in moving further away from the founder’s concept of a republic. He has secretly [finally admitted by mainstream media] has the DHS accumulate enough ammunition to carry out a war [based on Afghanistan war] to last twenty years, as well as adding thousands of “assault” rifles that presently he and his associates are trying to take away from lawful citizens.

The old saying, actions speak louder than words, applies here. Even more suspiciously, the Obama administration, specifically the Department of Homeland Security tried to cover up the amount of ammunition stockpiled and the fact that at least 7,000 additional M-16s (automatic AR-15s) was ordered.  Is the federal government preparing to initiate a civil war [again]? Last time it was over slavery, which should not be allowed in a republic OR a democracy. Today, slavery has taken a different form, making citizens dependent upon government instead of themselves. Ask yourself what made America once the greatest, most prosperous nation, and if you are honest, you will find it was not entitlements or ignoring constitutional law.

With that information and the fact that this administration (and previous administration) is/was not concerned with constitutional law and certainly not about individual rights and liberties.

One of the first principles and rights addressed by the founders was property rights – and we have lost those rights for some time now, both at federal level and state level.

How could this happen?

It happened and started during the Great Depression. Not knowing or thinking about the history of the United States, they thought that it was the first economic depression Americans experienced. The American people, disillusioned and depressed [economically and mentally] looked for hope and change, and that appeared as FDR and associates. It has been established that socialists and communists infiltrated the FDR administration by historians and historical scholars. As with all forms of tyranny, it at first seems like good ideas. Social Security did not turn out what it was meant to be, nor was its funds held in a trust fund as first declared. It is not part of the welfare system and not an individual retirement program either. Citizens pay a prescribed percentage of their wages, salaries, and net profits into the Social Security system. The same goes for Medicare/Medicaid.  Employers pay for unemployment insurance. Social Security was supposed to be a taxpayer-funded retirement system so that people reaching age of retirement or disabled would not become destitute. The problem is, despite paying into the system and not being held in trust solely for the use of Social Security, the funds were “borrowed”. Of course, the blame was put upon the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, but anyone with common sense can throw that out of the ballpark. More people in the system means there are more funds. Remember also, that the beneficiary of this paid-for program is the US government. This means if you are single and die at the age of 38 [real example] and worked since the age of 16 and paid SS payments forced from paychecks – that money does not go to a beneficiary designated by the owner of that account, but stays with the government. Now multiply this situation by thousands, probably tens of thousands of yearly examples and then ask the federal government where all that funding went.

We the People have been lied to and political games have been played against our rights and liberties.

Using the example of FDR, the principles of Saul Alinsky and other socialist community organizers, BH Obama, with the help of trade unions [private entity controlling government employment], globalist billionaires [George Soros], and government-schooled populace – the hope and change of socialism and the nanny state is coming full circle and accelerating to the point of no return and national bankruptcy.

This administration is not stupid. They saw the mob violence when European national governments ran themselves into bankruptcy because they chose socialism instead of a constitutional republic; our federal government is preparing for the same in firearms, bullets, and armored vehicles not to control mobs with rubber bullets and water cannons – but to kill them like any other tyrannical despot government in history.

FDR established, by executive order, internment camps to where selected citizens were forced to be emplaced because of their ancestry; despite being at war with Nazi Germany, those naturalized citizens were not forced into internment camps.

Today there are more internment camps across the United States than the 1940s, and they are well stocked. They are not there to protect the people or provide them shelter, but there for containment for whatever reason the federal government wants to state – for it will occur under martial law.

Now you know why founders were skittish over a standing army instead of just a limited defense army with citizen militia for emergencies.

Switzerland established this and it has worked quite well for they have not been invaded for several centuries. While Nazi Germany was a threat to 70% of Switzerland, it remained neutral because of three factors and one was that it had a citizen militia. As a Swiss-historical source wrote:

Our generation is obliged to learn from the past and to keep a sharp eye on any attempts to undermine democracy by propagating authoritarian ideologies. Special vigilance is necessary against all sorts of pretensions on “leadership” (by single nations, parties, economic associations etc.), against all attempts to undermine the separation of democratic powers between people, parliament, government and courts. “Checks and balances” between different groups in society and between the nations are fundamental – and the only means to prevent the concentration and the abuse of power. Switzerland’s special political system of “Direct Democracy” with frequent referendums is one, but not the only instrument for doing so. Still more important than the mere existence of democratic instruments is their vigilant use by “ordinary citizens”.

Justices of the Supreme Court and officials in the executive and legislative branch have looked across the Atlantic Ocean to seek an alternative to what they consider an outdated Constitution [and its amendments], which should be regarded with suspicion. Europe, except Switzerland, has moved from democracy to democratic socialism and today we see what happens to a nation with that form of government that becomes a welfare state. It certainly would not hurt to adopt a strong military and technological defense system and reduce the amount of bases maintained overseas, and strategically locate military personnel in the numbers required for that defense. The United States can no longer afford fighting other people’s wars, and history shows those people generally do not become loyal and trustworthy friends. History also shows our government, which refuses to see, that we cannot buy friendship. This federal administration and Congress has allowed funding we do not have to go to unstable governments, rogue nations, and enemies of the free world whose agenda is clearly world domination of its theocracy. For that alone, it is a clear violation of the Constitution and is an element for impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors – literally, it is treason.

So, what kind of government should we have?

Should it be …

  • A government whose executive official states that if Congress does not legislate his policies and demands he will circumvent by issuing executive orders?
  • A government who has written and will continue to transgress against the Constitution and oath of office by executive orders mandating what Congress is responsible for and coercing congressional members into passing legislation he wants?
  • A government who does not enforce immigration laws, yet wants to create new ones, and then tells a state government [Arizona] that it cannot protect itself from invasion of uninvited people from across our southern border?
  • A government who, despite wailing about not enough tax revenue, refuses to modify or replace the income tax system in place despite proof by economists that it should be replaced in order to be efficient, not intrusive, and fair?
  • A government whose answer for uncontrolled spending, who has not passed a budget in four years, thinks that solving the problem of an overrun budget and enormous national debt, and that raising taxes or creating new ones will solve the problem?
  • A government who begs, borrows, and steals towards a false sense of economic stability?
  • A government whose executive and legislative branch deem themselves above the law and when members within their branches commit an ethical violation or unlawful act, does not admit it or seek justice against those perpetrators?
  • A government whose executive branch allows the Federal Reserve that no one seems to know who is exactly in charge or no oversight of what they do, and who prints paper money without the specie [gold or silver] to back it up?
  • A government who controls the educational system from a central location instead of delegating that authority to the individual state governments who are more in tune with their needs?
  • A government who allows a private entity, trade unions, to oversee what Congress is in charge of, and allows poor performance to be rewarded, no choice for employees to be a member of a union or not, and who receives better benefits and wage rates than a comparable position in the private sector – yet the private sector pays taxes to pay their wages and benefits?
  • A government who uses taxpayer funding for the benefit of foreign governments and foreign people, while they cut funding for benefits for the American citizen [like VA, etc.]?
  • A government who spends tax dollars for research and development that should be relegated to the private sector?
  • A government whose policy it is to ban the same firearms that the government uses [and stockpiling] and that law enforcement uses for defense; but tells the people they cannot defend themselves in the same fashion without committing a felony?
  • A government that is not transparent and keeps information from the People that is not detrimental to national security, and ensures that the media back them up with their misinformation or limited revelation of government practices?
  • A government that has grown so large with agencies and departments who hire employees and appoint department heads that are not servants of the People, but instead there to keep the People in line with government policy, intrusive regulations, and unconstitutional laws?
  • A government who will not delegated authority it does not have in the articles of the Constitution to the state governments, creating an ever-enlarging of bureaucracy and inefficient processes?
  • A government who will spend taxpayer funds to install 30,000 troops, equipment and supplies to maintain a border [North-South Korean DMZ] in a foreign nation, but refuses to complete an efficient border protection system [fencing, et cetera] across the land division between the United States and Mexico to prevent illegal immigration?
  • A government who constantly initiate more gun control laws because they are concerned about the safety and lives of the People, when at the same time they sanction and supervise national infanticide in the form of abortion clinics that is partially or fully funded by the taxpayers?
  • A government that points the finger of blame upon anything and everything except where it belongs – upon itself?
  • A government whose policy is to counter and disregard, and eventually end the Second Amendment [with the first and other amendments soon to follow] by a gradual confiscation program and turning lawful American citizens into criminals while the real criminals do not care about and ignore their gun control laws?
  • A government who places its ambassador in harm’s way and then refuses aid when attacked?
  • A government who stockpiles ammunition, firearms, and armored vehicles secretly for the use of the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies, including shotguns [and ammunition] for the Department of Education and when revealed states it is for target practice for their enforcement officials?
  • A Commander-in-Chief who institutes a questionnaire to see if the leadership and members of the US Armed Forces are willing to use lethal force against fellow citizens?
  • An executive branch who uses drones overseas and grants permission for state governments to receive drones for “emergency” purposes and for surveillance of “criminals”?
  • A government that allows forced installation of a ‘Smart Meter’ on private property?
  • A government whose president states publicly that it was the government, not the People, who built this country including the businesses that created wealth?
  • A government whose president has broken more campaign promises than any other in the history of the United States?
  • A government who allows a Supreme Court Justice during an interview at an Egyptian television station, declares that OUR US Constitution is outdated and should not be a model for any nation desiring a constitution?
  • A government who allows officials in the judiciary, legislative, and executive branches to dishonor their oaths of office and government ethics without repercussion and/or removal from that office?
  • Do you want a government that allows its elected officials to receive taxpayer-funded retirement and other benefits – far better than what their constituents receive?
  • Can you trust a government whose officials deem constitutionalists and demands for the return of the constitutional government that was created as radical, anti-government, racists, and a threat to their authority?
  • A government that oppresses one religion in favor of another by disallowing public display of its traditions and beliefs, a religion that of which the majority of Americans practice, in favor of another religion whose doctrine and principles are intolerant, hateful, and violent to all other religions; thereby stating that government only recognizes the First Amendment in its own terms, but not as it is written or created by the framers like Thomas Jefferson?
  • Do you want a government that allows others to decide what your rights are and what you can do or not do that do not interfere with rights of others; a government that insists that our nation is governed by the rule of the mob instead of the rule of law?
  • Do you trust a government that interprets the articles of the Constitution and its amendments toward what the Justices of the US Supreme Court decide and the consensus of what people think it should be – following their advocacy and political ideologies and affiliation instead of their oath of office?


There are more of these contemplations, but this represents the gist of what I am trying to convey. One final thought …

Would it not be good if we had a government that did not shower regulations upon us, force the cost of living to rise, and afford one parent to stay home with the children instead of relegating their responsibility to strangers, i.e., child-care centers – if they so choose?

Freedom of choice, like property rights are fundamental to all other rights and liberties. However, freedom as many things in life come with consequences and acceptance of responsibility for our actions in making those choices. If you think government is giving away “free stuff” – think again, someone is paying for it, all of us are paying for it, whether it be out of our earned income or in servitude to the benevolent government who steals from others in order to give out that free stuff. Truly, Americans have exchanged one form of slavery for another. That is not what made America great in prosperity and land of the free – it was citizens working to achieve their goal and learning as much as they can so they can be successful. The federal government is there for what is written in the limitations of power. This bloated bureaucracy that calls itself a “democracy” is heading for self-destruction, and We the People are going to be sucked up into it. It is a government that must control everything by people who never owned a business and one in particular never held a real job that was not set up for him. Congress cannot properly operate the United States Postal System for which it is granted power and the task to control – letting privately owned trade unions control its employment standards and cost, driving it into bankruptcy. Simply it has been mismanaged and attacked by the business parasite called trade unions – the same entity that has caused cost of education to skyrocket with NO intelligible results for the billions put into it. After all, private sector business must answer to its customers and a myriad of government regulations; whereas government answers to who? Not the people, they are too busy to keep track of the government that is controlling more and more of their lives. They cannot afford the luxury of family vacations that was so popular in the 1960s, because they we do not have a constitutional and wise president or the mainly cooperative Congress that JFK and Ronald Reagan had. Both knew what it took to keep the economy healthy, and it wasn’t raising taxes or the other nonsense generated by the Obama regime.

And this is the government who wants to control and tell business owners – small, medium, and large – how to run what they built?

This is the government who now controls a  major GDP market and something very personal in your life – YOUR HEALH CARE.

This is the government that tells you how to raise your children, what they can eat, promote drug therapy for children who are hyped up on sugar saturation from cereals and other foods – and then wonder why young people are using firearms like what happened at Columbine.

Ronald Reagan was absolutely correct: Government IS the problem. Too much of anything and no moderation and discipline installed always spells trouble. The following video explains quite well what is going on. You may find that the Judeo-Christian religious beliefs are inserted, but then again that was the basic ideology of the Founders of our nation and is still today the majority religion of the people. It does not mean that government can establish any religion, but in fact, in discussion, it addresses to the people who are, as a majority, Christians of some denomination or another.


In a constitutional republic, a republic with the rule of law within articles of a Constitution that limits powers of government and includes amendments that state inalienable rights under natural law, what the speaker in the video above calls “God’s Law” – but are fundamental natural laws of humanity.

bar_goldcableA constitutional republic does not make laws that does not interfere with laws that interfere with established, inalienable rights of the individual citizen. For example, it does not hurt anyone if I choose not wear a seat belt. Since children have not reached the age of consent, they can be forced by law to wear safety items like seat belts. laws of the republic are established by common sense, not a means for a group of people to ensure that other citizens comply to their ideology, their religious beliefs, and other freedoms. People work harder today to stay ahead of cost of living more so than any other time since the Great Depression – and that economic depression was caused by government regulations and the greed of monopolies especially in the banking system.

John Adams:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

Democracy …while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.

 All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.

 Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.

 Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.

Let We the People choose the government that the founders established – a constitutional republic, and from this day forward continue in unity to return those rights and liberties we have lost and to ensure that every generation continues the never-ending watchful guard of those rights and liberties.

May we never again take for granted that which others worked so hard to put in place and retain.

Write, call, fax senators and representatives to let them know we have had enough of their social and political experimentation and transgression against the clearly limited powers of government and either perform the tasks they are paid to do or seek employment elsewhere. We the People must become responsible voters and ensure that constitutionalists are chosen over political affiliations, false promises and ideologies. End the practice of the media choosing who can or cannot run for office in the primary elections, and force them to be what they are meant to be – the eyes and ears of the People.

Information becomes knowledge and knowledge is power, and that power belongs to the People.


I end this essay with the farewell speech to Congress and the American people given by Ron Paul who spent most of his life trying to bring back the constitutional republic form of government that we have nearly lost entirely. He could have easily dismissed his efforts as a failure, but he did not; thus, he left a message hoping that enough people, especially those operating OUR government, would listen to his advice based upon constitutional law. If Dr. Paul was merely a radical or nutcase, as the media, Democrats, and GOP establishment depicted him as; then why did most of what he predicted in the 1980s to 1990s occurring today?  His farewell address is a final warning and wise advice to a legislative body whose recent actions demonstrate they did not truly listen to what he was saying …

Defend Constitution