Info Highway: March 20th 2013 … GOP Establishment ‘Picks A Bunch of Losers’

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedSnippets and Breaking News for March 20th, 2013

hand_point2–  Smoking Gun … A hacker with the handle Guccifer reportedly distributed confidential memos sent to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that covered subjects concerning developments in Libya that included the Benghazi attack. Of course, Guccifer is a focus of a federal criminal investigation, but think of this: constantly both political parties promise government transparency and never follow through, so how can anyone get the truth out of a government who hides unconstitutional, criminal, and unethical actions? Congressional investigative committees, like the one concerning BenghaziGate is apparently at a standstill and fades quickly from view of mainstream media. The only time the corporate national media carries out a complete investigative report is when the person belongs to the Republican Party. As of yet, “Guccifer” has kept his/her identity shielded. The hacker primarily sent the documents to around two dozen US reporters and major Russian media organizations.

hand_point2–   CNS News … At Senator Rand Paul’s website, he states: I do not support amnesty, I support legal immigration and recognize that the country has been enriched by those who seek the freedom to make a life for themselves.

However, Rand Paul in a speech at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he stated: If you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place for you.
Was he addressing legal immigrants and/or illegal aliens?
Rand Paul does firmly support securing our southern border before even considering any form of amnesty. The full text of what Rand Paul stated on his websiteI do not support amnesty, I support legal immigration and recognize that the country has been enriched by those who seek the freedom to make a life for themselves. However, millions of illegal immigrants are crossing our border without our knowledge and causing a clear threat to our national security. I want to work in the Senate to secure our border immediately. In addition, I support the creation of a border fence and increased border patrol capabilities.
I support legal immigration whose annual quota is based upon the national unemployment rate and making English the official language for ALL documents and contracts, to include executive orders posted by the White House. Funding is saved by having only one official language – the language used by our Founders. Uninvited people crossing our borders constitute a serious threat to our national security and it is beyond time for the executive branch to enforce immigration laws [and others] they already have in place [constitutional regulations and laws] before considering adding to the bloated amount of regulations and laws on record. If congressional members cannot keep track of all those laws and regulations, how do they expect We the People to keep abreast of what OUR government is up to?

hand_point2–   In another CNS News entry, they reported that $2.7 million is spent by the feds to answer the question: Why Do Lesbians Have Higher Risks for Hazardous Drinking?
They also spent $3.8 million to Decrease Human-Elephant Conflict. C’mon, the president states that the executive branch cannot afford to continue White House tours and he and Congress continually cut benefits from the VA [promised as part of their enlistment]? Besides, I did not know we had elephants in the United States, except in zoos and safari parks. Give me a break. They get away with it because they can – the people either are not informed by mainstream media [too many rely solely upon that media corruption] or Congress passes bills and resolutions so quickly, too often throwing in extras hoping no one will notice, no one has the time to react. One would think that part of a congressional member’s tasks is to read a bill before voting for it.
As Senator Ted Cruz statedThe Constitution should serve as chains to bind the mischief of government.
The senator applied this when tangling with Senator Dianne Feinstein over her unconstitutional firearm and magazine ban bill, where she did not answer the senator’s question but instead angrily claimed she was not a six-year-old.
No, Senator Feinstein, you are not a six-year-old and therefore should know better. For her to say she knows and abides by the Constitution she should be charged for making false statements.
In an interview with Hannity, Senator Cruz stated: For a long time, a whole bunch of Democrats and unfortunately even some Republicans have been passing laws in this body without even asking where the basis is in the Constitution, and I think the Constitution should be the starting point for everything Congress does.

hand_point2  Legendary columnist, Phyllis Schlafly told the Conservative Political Action Conference:

Why is it that the establishment has given us this bunch of losers? The establishment has given us a whole series of losers: Bob Dole and John McCain and Mitt Romney. And even when they picked a winner – George W. Bush – they picked somebody who spent more than the Democrats. …