Abuse of Executive Authority and Power Continues

chicago-politics-inkedDuring campaign for Election 2008, BH Obama severely criticized that George W. Bush was bypassing the checks and balances of Congress provided by the US Constitution and complained about the lack of a transparent government.

In Obama’s first term, was less emboldened in his abuse of executive power and transgressions against limited powers enumerated in the US Constitution, but became emboldened when American voters provided him a second term despite the Benghazi scandal and the open mike incident in which he made the comment that when he was reelected he would have a better opportunity to meet the desires of the Russian president. BH Obama’s foreign policy would undo the work of Ronald Reagan and others in dissolving the Soviet Union and its tyranny, insulting allies and catering to rogue nations and enemies of the free world.


Now, in his second term, BH Obama has wielded more power, even threatening Congress that if it did not pass the bills he supported, such as firearm ban, he would use executive authority, an authority that transcends far beyond the limited powers prescribed in the US Constitution.

Yet still, We the People see no impeachment proceedings being orchestrated against the numerous high crimes and misdemeanors that would usher in impeachment hearings and ultimately the removal of a narcissist president, groomed by socialist and communist benefactors and supported by the most powerful and criminal political machine in US history.

Every transgression that Obama and company accused GW Bush of has been enacted far beyond real and perceived unconstitutional and unethical acts of the Bush administration.

georgewashington_04Hailing experience as a teacher of constitutional law, Obama has used every trick of the book that date back to George Washington and those invented beginning in the Woodrow Wilson administration and the FDR administration. He has used loopholes and took advantage of the spineless and corruptible Congress to intimidate and progress towards his goal of democratic socialism as a final replacement for our constitutional republic.

Following the money and power trail begins with George Soros and affiliated organizations disguised fronts and socialist affiliations. A chart prepared by Discover the Networks is available in PDF. It clearly shows why Obama chose those who would be appointed as czars, advisers, and executive department chiefs; and most importantly, shows who and what they, in turn, are affiliated with. Most of this was presented to the American voter in 2008, to no avail. The corrupt corporate media and the political machine of the Democrat Party had become powerful with the help of union funding and powerful entities like George Soros.

Those who have criticized the unconstitutional acts and policies of BH Obama have been painted as radicals, racists, and political misfits.

BH Obama has unlawfully delayed the deportation of young illegal aliens when Congress would not agree to such a policy. He ordered the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to research gun violence, which Congress disallowed almost 15 years ago. He informed the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act and declared that the 1996 law that defined marriage between a man and woman is unconstitutional. He has countered the will of the people which he claimed he would respect during both of his election campaigns. He has declared that he will act by his executive powers [that he does not have by law] if Congress does not pass his policies on climate change, formerly called global warming until the scandal broke the news and then changed in terms.

Special interest groups, that he declared would not be supported if elected, are enthused with Obama’s willingness to exceed his executive authority and disobey his oath of office he provided twice. The Center for Progressive Reform

, whose members are law professors, has pushed Obama to sign seven executive orders on health, safety, and the environmental during his second term. Seventy environmental groups have written a letter urging President Obama to restrict emissions at power plants. Unions who have unconstitutionally infiltrated government employment and spokespersons like Senator Barbara Mikulski [D-MD], requested Obama to ban federal contractors from retaliating against employees who share salary information. Bills that repeatedly brought before Congress and not passed with different names and different language are now in danger of being initiated under the table through executive orders.

In January, Obama said in justification of his unethical directive for federal government to research gun violence superseding congressional decision, he stated that sometimes it was necessary …

There are certain issues where a judicious use of executive power can move the argument forward or solve problems that are of immediate-enough import that we can’t afford not to do it.

While executive orders have been used since George Washington, the power to do so is not defined explicitly in the Constitution, and more than 50% of all executive orders processed to date [14,000 and counting] have been issued since 1933 when FDR was president. Many are reasonable, like creating a military medal or amending the UCMJ. However, some were clearly unethical and unconstitutional, like when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order to place Americans of Japanese descent into internment camps. Some were necessary for the good, like the executive order signed by Dwight Eisenhower to desegregate schools, ordering troops to protect African American students when they attended once all-white schools.

Jimmy Carter ended discrimination at colleges with an executive order.

Ronald Reagan overturned price controls on domestic oil production.

George H. Bush stopped imports of some semi-automatic firearms.

Bill Clinton set aside large tracts of land as national monuments.

George W. Bush made it easier for religious groups to receive federal dollars.

While presidents in the past have used executive orders, most did not override congressional powers and oversight. Obama criticized Bush for using executive power in this manner and now he is going beyond that which GW Bush did. In a 2007 speech, Obama stated:

These last few years we’ve seen an unacceptable abuse of power at home. We’ve paid a heavy price for having a president whose priority is expanding his own power.

Yet, Obama’s power not only matches previous executive powers, but is quickly surpassing the Bush administration, of which Congress vehemently criticized.

John Yoo, law professor at the University of California stated:

I think President Obama has been as equally aggressive as President Bush, and in fact he has sometimes used the very same language to suggest that he would not obey congressional laws that intrude on his commander-in-chief power. This is utterly hypocritical, both when compared to his campaign stances and the position of his supporters in Congress, who have suddenly discovered the virtues of silence.

In 2011, Obama publicly proclaimed:

We’re not waiting for Congress. I intend to do everything in my power right now to act on behalf of the American people, with or without Congress. We can’t wait for Congress to do its job. So where they won’t act, I will.

As Senator Charles Grassley [R-Iowa] stated:

The president looks more and more like a king that the Constitution was designed to replace.

Last month, once again, Obama threatened congressional authority and flaunted the Constitution:

If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.

He was referring to the latest threat to the Second Amendment.

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