Info Highway: Media, Ethics, and We the People

270760Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedMainstream corporate political mouthpiece media is not improving their habits of ethical journalism. They are not the eyes and ears of the public, but propaganda machines. The only way they are going to reform is if they start losing revenue. That means that businesses who advertise need to put pressure on them to report all news no matter what political entity it is and report news objectively leaving opinions in the Op/Ed division.

It should be evident to all that the Obama administration is pissed because he did not get his continued spending without budget cuts [if one could call what Congress is doing a budget] by doing things like closing White House tours on the pretense that the executive branch cannot afford it. Donald Trump even offered to donate funds to keep the tours open if a prominent democrat like Bill Maher would match his donation.

However, the latest insult not reported by ABC, CBS, and NBC was disgusting lies spewing from the mouth of Senator Harry Reid when on the Senate floor he linked the budget cuts [small sequester] as the cause for seven Marines dying in a training exercise. Odd that the executive branch has the funds to spend on billions of rounds of ammunition, 7,000 M16 rifles, and 2,700 armored vehicles to add to its armory – enough at Afghanistan war standards to wage war between ten and twenty years. The Obama administration has enough funds to send money and arms to the Middle East, Islamic fascists who attacked the Benghazi compound. They have enough funds to pay for a required diversity class that promotes racism.

hand_point2  This is the second time Reid has made outrageous statements and accusations. He did the same thing during the Obama presidential campaign, spewing lies about candidate Mitt Romney.

The left-controlled media only reports news they deem fit, not what citizens need to know – defeating the whole purpose of the “Press”. Freedom of the Press in the First Amendment does not provide the right or excuse to misinform, hide truth, or report in a bias manner.

hand_point2  Last month, Robin Williams of Good Morning America did an interview with Michelle Obama asking her about a girl who had been shot and killed in Chicago. Michelle Obama erroneously stated the shooting occurred using an “assault” weapon. ABC edited out her mistake or rather her using misinformation to shore up her anti-Second Amendment agenda that her husband has been doing for years, despite denying it. It is the same with the sequester situation where the media used the fabricated story that it was the Republicans idea and fault. No retractions or corrections have been made to this date. In fact, the media continues to report those fabrications.

hand_point2  During the Bush administration, the media constantly reminded Americans how much they are paying for fuel – have you seen any such news during the Obama administration? Very little. The same goes for the anti-war crowd who remain silent despite troops still in Afghanistan and Obama seeks to start a new war in Syria, with or without congressional approval. Obama and company states they are waiting for a decision by the United Nations!



hand_point2  For decades politicians on both sides of the aisle have been side-stepping and enact double standards, especially the Democrat progressives. They also have engaged in a progressive war against Christianity, oppressing a specific religion in favor of another. Yet these same people cry out about what Thomas Jefferson referred to as separation of church and state. The latest antics by the progressive socialists occurred in a South Florida professor’s classroom. The following video has audio problems, but one can get the gist of the story …



The student that was offended is a Mormon and complained to school officials and the administration responded by suspending the student from that class. Two things need to be done: (1) apology by administration, and (2) refund of cost of that class. It is obvious that this student will never get a passing grade.

Tea Party organization website has reported that Deandre Poole, the professor, is vice-chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party. That county has consistently been charged with voter fraud in every major election. The county is noted for its religious intolerance focusing upon Christians.

Imagine what would have happened if that professor had told students to write the name of Mohammad, place the paper on the floor and stomp on it. That is something that is likely not to happen.

The First Amendment states:

bookwithfeatherpenl122Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


hand_point2  The federal government, and some state and local governments violate the First Amendment. Rights and liberties are within the amendments of the US Constitution and the rules of application are pure common sense. While the government is prohibited from disallowing free exercise of a religion, it cannot tolerate one religion to demand tolerance while promoting tolerance to others. This describes Islam whose doctrine clearly demands retribution and violence against ALL other religions. I find it quite ironic that those who support Islam over Christianity and Judaism [Judeo-Christian] are the very element that would be persecuted and forced to conform to Islam in a state of Sharia Law. That means that most of the Hollywood [Hollyweird] crowd would be punished [severely] for their lifestyle. That means that homosexuals would receive a death sentence by hanging, stoning or beheading. Yet the political entity that promotes homosexuality chooses to kowtow to the religion that is the most intolerant and certainly NOT liberal. That includes the bias sociocratic media.

hand_point2  In another insult to Christians, Sears and JC Penny has pulled its advertising from the Saturday Night Live show for depicting Jesus as a terrorist. Kelly Woo thought it was funny. Would it still be “funny” if the character portrayed in the spoof were Mohammed, Prophet of Islam? No doubt, the entire cast would be placed on a Muslim cleric’s hit list.

hand_point2  In the medieval period of history, Islamic conquests were lost, real estate regained by the Western world via the Crusades, which became a mission of conquest after the 1st Crusade. Apparently, thanks to the self-destructive wish of western civilization a new crusade, initiated and maintained by the growing network of Islamic jihad will prevail if it is not stopped in its tracks. Christian doctrine dictates that Christians have a mission to convert whenever they can. That conversion process is performed by discussion and setting an example of being a good Christian. But not so with fundamental Muslims and the fanatic clerics.

Button_Monk-reading_animatedTheocracy once was the prevalent theme in western civilization under the rule of the church and the papal power. It proved to be oppressive and transgressed the inalienable rights of the people. Thus, in the Age of Enlightenment, it gave way to promotion of individual freedom, although it did not last long in many places except for within the United States. That is now changing and the United States has become disillusioned with the concept of collectivism and false promise of a better system via democratic socialism. Islamic fundamentalist have undermined European nations using their tolerance of religion to a point where Islam is tolerated and given rights while Christians and Jews are not. The major mistake being that NO government GIVES rights that are part of natural law, as demonstrated by the founders of the United States. A government’s role is to protect those individual inalienable rights and not show favoritism to one religion over another.

Of course all I have written is considered “Islamophobia” to the hypocrites and useful idiots.

Freedom can never last without the responsibility of protecting it and ensuring that it is applied equally. A citizen has many rights and liberties, but has no right to transgress against another’s rights. Too many Americans whine about being insulted by the mention of the word God or other nonsense; but think nothing of insulting others. Traditions are established and our nation was based upon Saxon laws that are in tune with Christianity; yet our founders insisted that no laws be made that transgress against any religion. It is a personal and private choice, like issues concerning marriage and abortion. Those issues are left to the will of the people and society. Those issues are not the concern of federal government but to the state governments who require marriage licenses for legal marriage contracts. It is why the founders wisely limited the powers of the central government [federal] and provided delegation of all other powers to the state governments. It is part of what makes our nation a republic, not a democracy as so many today misinterpret.

The concept is so simple that it is perplexing [and disturbing] that so many, especially politicians, cannot fathom it. We the People must ensure that those we elect to operate our federal government and state governments, and even local governments, fully understand the system and are dedicated to application of principles and constitutional law established by the founders. That is one of our most important responsibilities as citizens. We have grown to be selfish and rely upon government for everything, which most can be accomplished in the private sector. For another good American tradition is being self-sufficient and self-reliant; but at the same time willing to lend a hand to a fellow citizen to help them out of a crisis without intruding upon their personal preferences.

We the People must move and move quickly to return those virtues and principles that make Americans unique. Political leadership today are against those traditions and the constitutional republic because their agenda, their intentions, are not honorable and only serve their interests and the elite establishment.

That was the most important issue discussed at the 2013 CPAC event, and most important if the Republican Party is to reform itself and honor the reason why that party name was given.