Info Highway: Political Plots and Media Bias Heighten

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedhand_point2  – During the GW Bush administration the media and the Sociocrats demanded that the “Gitmo” Guantanamo Bay prison be closed, for various reasons including unsubstantiated claims that prisoner abuse was going on. The contention was that it was “unconstitutional” to detain prisoners without a trial; an obvious clue to those people not knowing what is in the articles of the Constitution or its amendments and that it applies to the People of the United States, not prisoners of war.

Last week, NBC Today correspondent Michael Isikoff reported there was to be plans for renovating the prison that Obama promised to his voting fans would be closed down in 2009. It seems it did not matter to Obama fans whether he kept campaign promises or ever follows through on what he claims to the public. Of course, the dirt bag detainees hoped to get released. Technically, they should have been released from the end of a short rope. Under the terms of the international agreement for prisoners of war and combatants and non-combatants – saboteurs do not have the privilege of the rights of a trial (military tribunal) and those found guilty of crimes against humanity receive death sentences as in the Nuremburg Trials. Since civilized nations have declared war on Islamic fascism and acts of terrorism, it is justified in using the term “war” and thus the prisoner of war statutes apply. Thus, civic judiciary has no jurisdiction on the matter, and that is why there is a Gitmo POW containment facility.

The cost of renovation for the prison is $150 million coming from the budget that Obama stated they could not afford and shut down the People’s White House tours. That cost is over the $40 million spent for underwater fiber optic cable to pipe video of the military commission hearings of the prisoners.

hand_point2  – Meanwhile, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl remains a prisoner by the same type of people who the Obama administration has been supporting with cash and arms. He was captured on June 30th 2009 and Obama and friends have done nothing to get the Haqqani to release him; yet still Americans voted for him [and them] in 2012.

hand_point2– In additional news concerning spending money everywhere except where it is supposed to be spent – White House tours of THEIR White House … Obama administration got caught ordering mass amounts of ammunition, more weapons like M16s [truly an “assault” rifle], and over 2,000 armored military urban warfare vehicles for use by the federal agencies and law enforcement [when they decide to actually enforce law]. Well, the DHS is now denying it after the documents proving it was revealed. Money for armored vehicles [against whom?] and still not resuming White House tours.

hand_point2– Many Americans are concerned with the buildup of weaponry, munitions, and armored vehicles of the DHS because, like Senator Feinstein with her firearm/magazine ban, they are waiting for an excuse to declare martial law. The media ignored that Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, publicly proclaimed that government controlled schools are for indoctrinating children of the United States and stated that there is opportunity in a crisis. Despite contempt charges and proof of ineptness to head the Department of Justice, Holder remains in Washington. Americans are concerned and perplexed as to why a President of the United States would supply arms and money to our enemies?

hand_point2– As though ObamaCare is not going to be costly enough and has caused medical providers to retire early before it kicks fully into action, the Senate voted DOWN an amendment that would prevent illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded health care – if they are granted legal status under the Obama immigration agenda. It is all about getting a larger voting base, folks – even when the Republicans approve any form of amnesty. It has NOTHING to do with caring about the plight of immigrants, as the sociocrats [in both parties] proclaim. The vote was 43 [for] and 56 [against} the amendment. Senator Jeff Sessions (Alabama) said that this action put immigration reform in jeopardy.

hand_point2– According to discussion in a congressional panel this last week, Americans may soon see drones flying the skies across America, unarmed but spying on everyone and authorized to be used by law enforcement, criminals, and media – the latter often criminal in their activity. There are gray areas, even in the 4th Amendment, that could allow the use of drones, so it is said. It is incredible how government wails about debt and then pushes to purchase and use expensive hardware against its citizens. However, like other technology there are good uses, for example, an unmanned helicopter searching with infrared sensors and high-tech cameras for lost persons in the mountains or a downed aircraft in the wilderness or other such humanitarian uses.

On the Coronation of Lord Obama– Reviewing legislature and bills for the 113th Congress, I ran across a flurry of anti-constitutional bills sponsored by members of the democratic-socialist party [calling itself Democratic Party], and one of them, submitted as one of the first bills in January of 2013 [before Obama gave his oath of office he never keeps] – a bill [H.J. Res. 15] …

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as president.

This is an attempt, hopefully a feeble one, to secure control of government by the Democratic Party [that should be renamed the Democratic-Socialist Party for what it is] with their favorite socialist mouthpiece, BH Obama alias Barry Sotero. We SHOULD  be suspicious of BH Obama – too many mysteries and lies about his past and follows his mentors’ philosophies, like Saul Alinsky – not Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, et cetera.

hand_point2 – And the media personalities are nothing but talking heads for the progressive movement, not the eyes and ears of the People, with CNN acting like MSNBC. Pay special attention to the talking head who is telling Tea Party folks and others who want constitutional law reinstated as the foundation of our government’s laws, actions, and policies as “better get used to it” rash comment. These are the same people who cry wolf over what people like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann say in their advocacy to reform our government. At least CNN talking heads admit that our culture, too many in our society, are as rotten as those operating our government. For you see, to progressive socialists no one is as intelligent as they are and is why they insist upon controlling everyone else’s lives because the people are not good enough or smart enough to take care of themselves. Has our society been proving them correct in recent history?

So, just because everyone else is jumping off cliffs and doing things self-destructive things, the rest of us should either ignore it or join them – or both?

Pied Piper Effect

Yeah, right.

Some talking heads, like the feminists over at Huffington Post might think it trivial to complain about closing White House tours, but it is only the tip of the iceberg and I, for one, am tired of the American people doing with out so our government can give away taxpayer dollars (and continually ask for more) as well as expensive weaponry and munitions to our enemies. It might be trivial to Sabrini Siddiqui – but the White House is the house of the People and presidents are only temporary residents. We the People have the right to visit and see what our tax dollars pay for upkeep and was built by funding of the People. It is true that politicians like Michele Bachmann should be focusing upon the big picture when it comes to the socialist presently occupying the White House, but what is clearly trivial and childish is to close White House tours as a political and publicity stunt when Congress demands a budget be maintained and a cut in spending when the national debt is beyond the average imagination.

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