Politico Lois Romano Says NRA President is ‘Tired Old White Guy’

Michael Bloomberg is buying America, says NRA president, Wayne LaPierre. Recently he is spending more money ($12 million) in his anti-Second Amendment campaign.

Politico claims to be objective and unbiased in their reporting, but the true colors came forth in an MSNBC interview with Politico’s Lois Romano. It even left the MSNBC interviewer speechless …

And I think that before this whole fight is over, we’re going to be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this. You know, he made a very clever point. He’s trying to paint Bloomberg as a guy that’s just gonna buy everything. But the one thing the one thing that’s going on here is optics, and, you know, basically Bloomberg has on his side, sort of this whole notion that it’s time to do something different. And Wayne LaPierre is looking like a tired old white guy that’s clinging on to something of the past.


 tired old white guy”?

What if someone said, tired old black guy?

Not only bias, but racial as well. The same people who paint constitutionalists and Second Amendment supporters, like NRA, as “racist”

What does being “white” make a point concerning people trying to dissolve the Second Amendment?

Being a representation of the progressives, she is saying, like what has been said by US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg: The Constitution and it’s amendments are “something of the past” – for that is what Wayne LaPierre [NRA], Sarah Palin [Tea Party], and others who are fighting against – the total loss of our rights and liberties. Americans, who are looked at as odd radicals by the corporate-progressive media, do not just want politicians to leave the Constitution alone and abide by their oaths of office, but clean up laws that should not have been passed previously – like ObamaCare and the Sixteenth Amendment [IRS & Income Tax].

Those We the People elect should be enacting the important task of reforming liberties and rights already lost, as well as any policies, regulations, or legislation that counters the limited powers of government clearly enumerated in the articles of the Constitution. Legislation from the past is rarely repealed or adjusted when it is admitted that it should not have passed in the first place. This is difficult to address quickly because of a stacked Supreme Court that does not abide by their oath of office and make decisions according to the Mob or special interests in Washington, DC and internationally.