Feds Need to Focus Upon Important, Threatening Issues

The people we elected, or rather were elected, have a job to do, and one of them is not getting entangled in same-sex marriage issues. We have a myriad of problems that are endangering not only our way of life, but most likely the very existence of our nation and the world too many have come to take for granted.

Marriage laws are initiated, enacted, and enforced at state government levels. The reason is: it is not within the enumerated powers limited to the federal government. Anything that does not concern federal government should be delegated to state governments and, in turn, delegated to county from the state as necessary.

Allen West sent me a message that I would like to pass on to you concerning this issue …

The coverage of gay marriage begs the question, where are our priorities focused as a nation? Will we continue to let media outlets define our values and culture while all around us people are destroying our fundamental principles?

  • We should be focused on much higher priorities – at home and abroad.
  • Where is the concern about the situations in North Korea and Syria? North Korea is threatening nuclear strikes on U.S. ally South Korea and on the United States itself. And the violent clashes between the government of Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad and his opposition have reached the point where some U.S. lawmakers are calling for U.S. military intervention.
  • Where is the concern about the economic nightmare in Cyprus and the fact that it could create a precedent for government-legal plunder in America? The feds do not have to go right after your bank account as officials in Cyprus briefly pondered. Tax policies hidden behind the excuse of misconceived benevolence are just as horrific.
  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development announced this week that China will eclipse America in 2016 for having the world’s largest economy. Is anybody in government worried that this statistic is evidence of American decline?
  • As of March 8, the average price of gasoline in America is $3.75 a gallon. Even a National Hockey League coach, Darryl Sutter of the Los Angeles Kings, is telling President Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. And America now has as many people on food stamps as the entire population of the country of Spain.
  • Those are priorities worth elevating. They impact the long-term viability of the entire nation.
  • Some people will say the next generation wants to see gay marriage. I say, as Hillary Clinton would say, what difference does it make when the next generation may not have the liberty, freedom and democracy in the greatest nation the world “had” ever known, America.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West