News Not in Corporate Media

While President Obama and Vice President Biden use mothers of Sandy Hook victims as a backdrop in their drive to firearm, confiscation, and registration; Americans across the country are saving lives and property exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution [Loganville, GA, 1/5/2013] … A 37-year-old mother of two heard a knock at the front door of her home. Thinking it was a solicitor, she instructed her 9-year-old twins not to answer. The knocking continued and the doorbell was repeatedly rung. She called her husband at work and he advised her and the children to hide while he called 911. The mother and children hid in the attic carrying a .38 caliber revolver. Meanwhile, the intruder forced his way into the home using a crowbar. After rummaging through the home, he entered the attic to find the revolver pointing at him. The woman fired six times [news source states five times]. Later when police and paramedics arrived, the intruder was sent to a medical center with multiple gunshot wounds.

Miami CBS News … A homeless man saw two men put masks on around midnight carrying weapons outside a gas station in Hollywood, Florida, so he rushed in to warn the clerk. The homeless man entered inside and told the clerk to close the door and call the police, but one of the robbers was already inside and started shooting. He dove into an aisle as the clerk pulled his firearm and shot one of the robbers. More shots were exchanged. The armed robbery suspect died in the doorway and the second suspect ran to the getaway vehicle and drove off, stopped a short distance away by police and arrested.

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