Info Highway: Insanity and Criminality of OUR Government – Those Who Operate It

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedhand_point2Connecticut, Yahoo News/AP … Following the state of New York in wrongful thinking that criminals will be stopped by harassing and banning firearms from the hands of lawful citizens, circumventing the Second Amendment, the state of Connecticut where the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre took place is going against what statistics from 1990 to 2012 clearly indicate – more firearms in the hands of the People equals less violent crimes, not more. The state of Connecticut already has draconian firearm laws that did not prevent Adam Lanza from killing his mother and then using her car to transport her stolen firearms to commit horrific crimes. Of course, leftist Politico recently posted an article that identified Adam Lanza with the NRA in a corporate media intention of making the respected firearm sport association appear to be part of the problem like video games and other social inanimate objects, just like blaming firearms for bad behavior of people. A situation or resolve involves more than just one issue, and because there will always be deranged and evil people amongst us, their violent and criminal acts will never be stopped no matter how much freedom is taken away from citizens. Indeed, the data proves otherwise. However, this means nothing to politicians who use the emotion of fear and sorrow of those families of the victims to further their long-term agenda of dismantling the US Constitution and further establishing their power cancelling out what was once the government For the People and By the People.
It was Reuters [“UnionLeader”] who initially reported that documents were found that Adam Lanza had NRA certificates in the name of himself and his mother, Nancy Lanza.

image001Now the state of Connecticut will ban magazines that carry more than ten bullets and forcing those who already own them to register. Like the police, these will not STOP or PREVENT murder, mass or otherwise. Anyone can make a magazine out of simple tools and materials. All firearm sales will have further restrictions and the state of Connecticut has put together a list of 100 additional firearms banned in that state.
After 175 years of being in Connecticut, Colt, our nation’s oldest firearm manufacturer will most likely move to another state. The state of Texas has benefitted from manufacturers and businesses moving from other states to escape high taxation and draconian state laws; whether that will be the state of choice is not known. Other firearm manufacturers in Connecticut are Marlin Firearms Company, Conntech Products Corp., Gunx LLC, O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc., Sturm Ruger & Co Inc, United States Fire Arms Mfg Co., and Wildey Guns. Today’s government is pulling the same stuff the King of England did in 1770s. Why are we tolerating it? Why do we allow government to infringe upon property rights and other liberties, clearly established in our Constitution? Trust NO ONE who states that the Constitution needs to be replaced. If amendments are to be made, then do so legally – not like the 16th Amendment that initiated the intrusive, unfair, and inefficient income tax system – put down before 1913 as unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.
It is ironic that most of the states that were once the thirteen colonies and first states of the United States would be turning against rights and liberties and articles and amendments of the US Constitution established by the Founders in the late 1700s.
In a recent report hours ago, Connecticut gun control laws pushing to be passed include: The package also creates what lawmakers said is the nation’s first statewide dangerous weapon offender registry, creates a new “ammunition eligibility certificate, … What? So citizens will have firearms, but no ammo? Only criminals will get it. What exactly is ammunition eligibility? Governor Schwarzenegger in California and politicians there instituted a similar preposterous proposal. The same person who acted in all those films of violence.

hand_point2– [AP]-[Yahoo News] … Because of a paperwork error, the suspect in last month’s killing of Colorado’s corrections chief was freed from prison in January — four years earlier than authorities intended. Judicial officials acknowledged Monday that Evan Spencer Ebel‘s previous felony conviction had been inaccurately recorded and his release was a mistake.
Marshall-Court_01A testament how government bureaucracy at state or federal levels can be counterproductive and cause injury and death. Should they be banned like firearms?
Ebel had time added to his sentence when he assaulted a prison officer in 2008, but because of an error by a clerk, he was released early. That was in January where he immediately obtained firearms illegally and his life ended in a shootout with law enforcement in Texas. The firearm used in the March 21st gunfight was the same one used to kill the Colorado prison’s chief, Tom Clements, two days previously. The police think Ebel also killed a Domino’s Pizza delivery man, Nathan Leon, in Denver.
Charles Barton, chief judge of the 11th Judicial District and court administrator signed a statement apologizing to the victims caused by letting an evil criminal loose into the public life. The apology, stated Leon’s widow will not bring back her husband or the children’s father … How do tell my 4-year-olds ‘Daddy was murdered because of a clerical error?’
The irony [or suspicion]: Governor Hickenlooper is friends with the killer’s father, who complained about the killer’s solitary confinement. The governor denied any correlation and stated the inmate received no special treatment. He had been released four years earlier than expected. It sounds as if Ebel’s violent behavior would have caused death even if he had been released when he was supposed to.

They euthanize mad dogs, don’t they?

hand_point2– In the same state, Colorado, Jesse Holmes, mass shooter at an Aurora theater, trial, whose trial was delayed in August 2012 because the defense stated he needed more mental evaluation is looking at a death sentence, if the prosecution gets their way.

hand_point2Fox News & Other Sources … Increased violence, specifically murders and gang violence has increased and is attributed to Mexican drug cartels who made their way across the southern border of the United States, and since the talk of amnesty is wrangling in the US Congress, more incidents of illegals entering US illegally has also risen. In addition, a recent investigation team and study has shown that the Mexican drug cartel is moving in their operatives far beyond the states closest to the Mexican-US border. Aztlan - ReconquistaThey are a dangerous criminal syndicate that is attributed to be the major reason for increased drug trafficking and violence, targeting middle-class neighborhoods in various cities in the Midwestern, Southwestern, and Northwestern United States. We can thank the Obama administration and his predecessor for the increase of criminal elements infiltrating America. The last three presidents, including the socialist in the White House now, have encouraged all of this by not enforcing immigration laws, insisting that amnesty, a form of pardon, is the answer instead of kicking out the culprits and fining businesses who hire them to cover cost of deportation. In addition, the US Congress has failed to amend the US Constitution where illegal immigrants abuse the constitutional law by slipping over the border and women give birth so the child is technically a citizen, but the parents are not. The Democrats and RINOs claim, in the name of human rights and feel good rhetoric, in their zeal to circumvent and ignore laws, create new ones that reward criminals, endanger the national security and introduce crime syndicates into US – all for an increase of voter base. Ignored is the subversive action of Hispanic organizations under the banner of Reconquista, erroneously claiming that US real estate is “stolen”, as well as the Aztlan Mexican groups; of which one of the Supreme Court Justices appointed was a supporter of. In California, the criminal element from Mexico has infiltrated the court and political system to the point that California is now referred to as “Mexifornia”. Mexican cartels are sending agents in the US, as Vancouver Sun reported a few hours ago.

Eric Holder is responsible for allowing “assault” weapons to cross the border into Mexico and the so-called Fast and Furious operation caused the death of at least one American border patrol agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens across the border. Mr. Holder is still Obama’s Attorney General, and has not paid for his perjury or criminal actions by Congress. Obama, Eric, and DHS lied and people died. Wasn’t that the impeachment rally cry against GW Bush?

Obama the UniterA few hours ago the report was issued that there are now 300,000 signatures on a petition to prosecute [and fire] Eric Holder – “too big to go to jail” rally. They need to arrest Hillary Clinton as well for her involvement in the murder of an ambassador and Navy SEALs, as well as possible illegal arms sold/given to enemies of the United States. That woman has always escaped punishment or even a trial for her past crimes, only those around her went to prison – starting with the scam called Whitewater scandal whose records she said she did not have were discovered in the White House. When she was the First Lady, she was also involved in the White House travel office scandal – but nothing happened to her and she continued to be a part of our government. Other people were punished, but not her. Remember the illegal backroom meetings she held to pass her national health care agenda, now called ObamaCare? It did not fly then, but it certainly shows how Americans have come to depend upon government, the very same government that has caused economic suffering for millions and an unemployment rate almost reaching that of the Great Depression. Like FDR, the people believed the hype and lies of “Hope” and “Change”.

scales_truth-justiceJust the mention of a possible amnesty has doubled illegal border crossings recently. The biggest RINO in Congress, John McCain belongs to the Gang of Eight senators in this renewal of bad legislation that will not solve ANY problems of illegal immigration – but, instead, increase the problems as government tends to do. The feds cannot manage the US postal system, their constitutional responsibility, and Americans want to trust them with our national security and health care? It is beyond any rational thinking. Just because he was a POW in the Vietnam War, we are supposed to put up with his unconstitutional policies and political fence riding?

US Border Patrol agent reported that a number of illegal aliens are crossing the border to escape jail and/or prosecution in their own country. [Mexico] Like we need more criminals here. The same government wants to ban and take away the People’s means of defense, stating that citizens do not need that kind of firepower.

Mitt Romney Shows True Self - Moderate-RINO, Not Constitutionalist-ReformerFor those who elect despots like Obama and friends, as well as RINOs like John McCain and company [including Mitt Romney] – it is YOUR fault for not doing your homework, paying too much attention [thereby allowing the media to decide who runs for office], and ignoring constitutionalists like Ron Paul. And for the rest of my fellow Americans – Are you not tired of choosing the lesser evil? I certainly am. Start paying attention to candidates in primary elections, and do your homework – do not rely on the media for providing truth or the false promises of people like Obama and company.

While all this is going on, King Obama has cut hours and pay reductions for Border Patrol personnel. Where is the secure fence/system that Congress approved in the Bush administration, signed by GW Bush? Personally, I would like to see my tax money go for building a replica of the China Wall, complete with the same armament on the DMZ of North-South Korean border. Pitiful that we can secure a border in another nation and not our own, criminal is a better word for it. We need to spend FAR LESS in foreign nations and spend efforts and funding to take care of the United States. If WE fail, imagine the chaos and anarchy around the world? If we are going to be the world’s police against tyranny and human rights violations – we need to start being paid for it instead of paying them with taxpayer dollars and money we do not have.

hand_point2– Ronald Reagan sponsored and pushed an agenda called ‘Star Wars’ technology that was stopped by progressive socialists and ridiculed by the corporate media. Now US officials are “concerned” that North Korea could use its “space launch vehicle” to uss-scorpion-589a.jpgexplode a high-altitude nuclear device over the United States, creating an electromagnetic pulse that would destroy major portions of the U.S. electrical grid system as well as the nation’s critical infrastructures.

And, the insanity goes on, and on, and on …