“Don’t Tread On Me” – A Subversive Statement to Tyranny

hand_point2– “Don’t Tread on Me” signs, posters and bumper stickers, originating in the 13 colonies that Declared Independence in 1776, called the Gadsden & Culpepper flag is deemed a threat by “Big Sis” at the Department of Homeland Security. Those that operate OUR government say that constitutionalists, like Tea Party people are subversive, while we have 35 Islamic training camps in America, Hispanic organizations who intend to “take back stolen land”, and Islamic organizations sanctioned by the federal government who supports enemies of the free world like the Muslim Brotherhood. The Constitution and its amendments is what made America the best country in the world, now we are ranking in the 20s in terms of education and other things that marked as once being great. We are no longer great because we allowed certain elements, organized people, to slowly indoctrinate at least two generations and now into the third, thinking that the Constitution has caused all of our problems today when it is because We the People allowed those we elected to govern to turn away and ignore constitutional law. Socialism is acceptable in today’s American government, but not constitutional law; despite their illusion and rhetoric that they stand by the Constitution and their oaths of office.

In March of 2009 in Louisiana, a motorist was stopped and told his bumper sticker – Don’t Tread On Me – was “subversive”. It is the same state that ordered firearm confiscation from law-abiding citizens and who burst into homes without warrant or cause. It is not just the Tea Party movement, constitutional militia or even the Republicans. A poll showed that 38% Democrats looked to the government as a threat. If so, why did they elect Obama? Voters failed to get the details, like Germans made the mistake with Hitler and Russians made the mistake with Stalin, of getting the details of just what change they had in mind.

hand_point2– It seems that the DNC budgets their party’s treasury like they do at federal level, while the RNC has no debt. Juliet Elipern reported at Washington Post that President Obama’s campaign committee had $3.3 million in cash and $5.9 million in debt. Overspending seems to be the trademark of the party of “fairness”. The DNC had $4.3 million in cash and $21.4 million in debt in 2012, while the RNC had $4.7 million cash with NO debt. Which political party is more apt to stabilize the budget in Washington, DC? Think about that when congressional elections occur in 2014. Take a close look at any independents running for office as well. Too many House representatives get re-elected because no one runs against them, which is why you will see one name and a box for a Write-In on the voting ballot. If you do not want the one person, write in someone else. Never leave a ballot bullet empty (circle blacked in) – use the Write-In line. Vote for yourself, Mickey Mouse or your next-door neighbor. That candidate will get the picture and if there is no one to run against him/her – maybe it will provide incentive to perform the job the Constitution requires.

In the House, the National Republican Congressional Committee (House Republicans) had $1.5 million in cash and $12 million in debt – the Democrat Congressional Committee had $1.5 million in cash and $13.5 million in debt. It seems that too many Republicans, like Democrats, once elected feel they are not responsible to budget? Thus, it seems there are too many RINOs in the GOP. So, do not vote party line, but by the individual; for it is the individual that will be responsible to represent YOU/We the People in Congress.

The first step in solving a problem is to admit there is one


We the People, American society is the one to fix this problem through politicians who put the Constitution FIRST, our nation’s security and well-being FIRST, and then they can talk about helping others – but only after we return the United States as a role model and example of how a constitutional republic – not a democracy – can operate, doing so efficiently with as little intrusion upon its citizens as possible.

Therefore, the foundation of the problem is American citizens, [YOU and I] for is it not them that continually votes for those who continue the rapid decline of America?

We are responsible and it is about time that we insist that those who wish to operate OUR government, from federal to the local country board, that they must answer to the Constitution and the People – nothing or no one else.

Get rid of politicians who believe they can legislate everything away and only want to do so because they believe they are more capable of running your life than you are. Politicians who think they can legislate natural climate/weather changes, storms, hurricanes, et cetera. Someone needs to let people to know that politicians cannot legislate away evil. Someone who makes more laws but does not enforce those on the books because it is not in their political interest. Here is a video of a person who was once anti-firearm ….

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