Info Highway: Fraud, Lies, Misconceptions Sponsored by Corporate Media, and Invasion

Button_Newsboy-Extra_animatedhand_point2Food Stamps cost taxpayers $20 billion per year. $750 million, according to a 2012 US Department of Agricultural report, of that funding is fraudulent claims for that year alone. In 2012, fraud and abuse of food stamps rose more than double comparing a USDA study from 2006-2008. The primary fraudulent activity is selling food stamps to food retailers for so many cents on the dollar. The governor of Maine is fighting food stamp fraud, a government office [SNAP] to report fraud to, and an organization that also fights fraud. Other states are also cracking down on food stamp fraud, like, VA, Maryland, and Ohio.

hand_point2– Chicago is taxing firearm purchases to help pay for law enforcement and health care caused by firearm violence. It was the same excuse of taxing cigarettes at more than 100%. The Constitution clearly states what taxes are for – to collect revenue to operate the government, not for punishing a certain portion of the population or programs called social engineering – something that politicians use if they do not pass what they want through Congress.

hand_point2More Anti-Firearm Legislation … Last month, NY Representative Carolyn Maloney, a dedicated socialist, introduced the Firearm Risk Protection Act [HR 1369] that calls for imposing a $10,000 penalty on any gun owner who fails to purchase mandatory liability insurance. If they cannot take your Second Amendment rights away, the Sociocrats intend to make it so few can afford to own a firearm. In that case, the same law should apply to government officials and law enforcement because the Second Amendment clearly states that citizens are part of a Constitutional militia. Therefore, if citizens, militia, must be forced to have liability insurance, so must other citizens wearing a uniform or not. The bill states that no one will be able to purchase a firearm without proof of liability insurance combined with draconian laws in states like Connecticut and New York. Maloney voted NO on banning federal health coverage that included abortion. [ObamaCare]

We the People are constantly fighting to keep our rights and liberties because voters allow people like people like Maloney to be elected into public office. Maloney stated:

For too long, gun victims and society at large have borne the brunt of the costs of gun violence. My bill would change that by shifting some of that cost back onto those who own the weapons …

What she is saying and what her bill represents is that lawful citizens who own firearms must pay for criminals who do not purchase firearms through legal avenues in order to commit their crimes. They are stolen firearms or those that have been purchased through criminal organizations and businesses. Maloney is from New York, who like Chicago, is against Second Amendment rights and already have stiff gun control laws – and their violent crime rates, including gang and cartel killings, have risen higher than other places in the nation that adhere to the Second Amendment. Democrats, progressive socialists, do not care about statistics or factual data; they only care about their political agenda. It is the type of people like Maloney, Pelosi, Feinstein, Reid, Holder, and Obama that want to govern our lives from cradle to grave; but look upon laws as controlling the population rather than protecting them. In addition, they believe they are above the law because of their position and self-analysis that they are not included in laws they pass or enforce upon others.

hand_point2Janet Napolitano stated recently that the US-Mexican border is as secure as it has ever been and I believe the border is secure. Just like about the reason why her department ordered ammunition, M-16s, and armored vehicles was a lie [or she refused to answer] – so it goes with our border security. A Border Patrol agent that talked to Townhall states otherwise. …

Now with Washington coming back and saying we’re going to have you use less equipment and more furloughs and on top of that we’re going to stretch your shifts, there’s no way we can ever secure the border.

To add to the problem, agents have been furloughed to cut manpower cost on the border as part of the 3% budget cut recently passed through the first “budget” passed by Congress in four years. The following video is Bill Whittle who portrays the “Virtual President” on the matters of immigration, telling it like it truly is [released four days ago] …


Illegal immigration is destroying our nation and misconceptions of the Tea Party movement [recorded 11 months ago] – Reality is we are being INVADED and our federal government constitutionally responsible to protect our nation is turning its head …


Caution Mexico MergingIt is time that our federal government quit pandering to the Mexican government who has been a hostile neighbor since its inception and realize that the United States is being invaded. If Mexicans want to truly be Americans, they can stand in line like others have done for decades and come here to BE an American, speaking OUR language instead of insisting that Americans learn theirs. Shame on the federal government for forcing Spanish to be taught in schools by deleting other languages that used to be available to students as a choice. Universities should not demand that a foreign language course be part of a degree, unless learning another language is specific to the degree, for example Latin or Greek for Archaeologists.

All of this nonsense has been carried to the extreme, which liberal-socialists know no bounds, draw no lines, and are hypocritical when it comes to what they perceive as “fairness”.

Wake up America and bring back the constitutional republic and those traditions that made US unique and a role model for OTHER nations to follow. With the danger of North Korea and its despot leadership, we should be uniting as Americans and stop weakening our nation with multiculturalism, racism, and other nonsense.