ObamaCare: Coming Soon, Revealing the ‘Change’ Promised

im_from_the_government_im_here_to_helpBig Government loves regulations. We already have a tax code system that is so complex and heavy with pages of nonsense even people who work in the IRS cannot answer taxpayer questions.

ObamaCare has 2,700 pages with 13,000 additional pages of regulations making it larger than the Bible. As Obama once said, it will fundamentally transform healthcare in America. Yes, and it will transform America into a disaster. It will:

– Affect your relationship with your doctor, if he decides to continue to practice [in the United States].

– Affect your health insurance, and if you do not have health insurance you will be forced to get it, but at what price?

Barack-Obama-Health-CareInsurance premiums are moving upwards and the program has not been implemented yet. Remember that Obama and friends promised that would not happen and even claimed it would cost LESS. Nancy Pelosi stated that the bill should be passed and then see what is in it, indicating that she, and probably many others in Congress, never read the 15,700 pages.

It means that now the government decides what benefits are available.

Beginning in 2013 there will be an added 3.8% surcharge on certain income groups, another piece of socialist work.

Long-term care for the sick will not be covered, although Medicare prescription drug is covered for seniors. If you have a health savings account, you may be charged a 20% penalty for some health-related coverage; which means now government has control of your savings account, at least that one.

As mentioned previously there is an expected doctor shortage looming ahead based on doctors retiring or entering another field before ObamaCare kicks in – which will probably worsen as the 15,700 page socialist law takes effect.

The government would have been better off to adopt the Canadian national health care system. Despite the problems, a Canadian family of four, two adults and two children, pay less than $200 a month for health insurance that covers 100% [not 80% like American health insurance plans] and only cost to patients would be if they asked for a private room or a telephone in their room, which is not covered.

You can thank fellow Americans for all of this, keeping ObamaCare politicians in Congress and the despot-in-chief in the White House. I wish also to thank those that kept Pelosi in office with her historical remarks such as this:


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