Tale of an American Hero: Lost By Our Government

Lt Billie D HarrisThe story of Lt. Billie D. Harris, an American fighter pilot whose plane went down in Normandy, France on the “Longest Day” that marked the beginning of the end of Nazi controlled France and Europe is a compelling testament of how inefficient bureaucracy can be in a Big Government that sends their people to war and then forgets them. A generation whose survivors are all but gone, called the greatest generation since 1776 – when Americans were proud to be an American and stood up for principle and moral reasoning  …


Peggy_BillieHarris-300x217If this film did not bring a tear to your eyes, I am sorry for you. It is the type of story that the media should adopt, reporting news objectively and performing investigative reporting for the eyes and ears of the people — which is why they are supposed to be in the business of information dissemination.

It is sad indeed, when a town in France still remembers an American that the government and the widow’s representative of Congress did not take the time to ease her life-long question of what happened to her husband. These are the type of politicians that need to be scoured from the halls of Congress and all of Federal government – for they have forgotten WHO they SERVE.

Demand that our constitutional republic be returned to its rightful place as the United States of America.

All GaveThis federal administration has forgotten a soldier, SGT Bergdahl, still a prisoner somewhere in Afghanistan, still waiting to come home.

Congress and the White House are too busy discussing same-sex marriage, amnesty for criminals, and scheming how much money they can spend that US does not have.