Who Is Supplying Syria Rebels With Arms?

While Obama and friends in Congress are trying to take away guns from US citizens and reward criminals who break our immigration and national security laws, Syrian rebels are using .50-caliber sniper rifles used by Special Ops and Special Forces snipers.

Who provided them such a high-tech and expensive firearm?

The same people who are gung-ho to pass the UN Arms Ban Treaty?

The following video shows a Syrian rebel using a British AS-50, much like the ones used by our special forces snipers. …


This same rifle making a world record when a member of the British Household Cavalry killed two members of the Taliban in Afghanistan from a distance of more than 1.5 miles.

Fox News stated:

The Free Syrian Army has been receiving weapons from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey – all close allies of the U.S. But the U.S. has repeatedly stated that it has sent no weapons to the opposition forces.

Is this one of the weapons that allegedly made its way into the hands of Jihadists in the Benghazi arms deal that cost Ambassador Stevens and Navy SEALs their lives?

Obama’s State Department admitted to providing $385 million to support Syrian rebels claimed to be for medical care and supplies, food, blankets, and heaters for the winter. The same Obama who furloughed Border Patrol agents and closed White House tours because of the pitiful 3% budget cut.

The AS-50 is manufactured by Accuracy International — which sells arms to the Turkish and Saudi Arabian militaries – has a fearsome reputation. It has been used in various theaters of war in recent years by many elite forces, including both the SEALs and British Special Forces.

British_AS50pic_Syrian Sniper Rifle

The price tag of the AS-50 is $10,000. This is not a bolt-action rifle like most sniper rifles, but a semi-automatic where quick successive rounds can be placed, which is why two Afghan Taliban members were taken out from such a long distance.



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