Odessa Files: DHS Still Not Revealing Truth

Culture of CorruptionThe culture of corruption in the Executive Branch is alarming, yet there isn’t a congressional committee engaging in swift action. BH Obama and Eric Holder lied and covered up the “Fast and Furious” affair. Then the Benghazi disaster, for which evidence points to facts that Ambassador Stevens was part of a gun running operation that went wrong. Odd that the Turkish representative left unarmed and about an hour later all hell broke loose. Odd that Secretary of State, H. Clinton did nothing to save them and BH Obama went back to sleep, the orders were for no support to defend the Ambassador or the personnel with him. People died and were severely wounded and even congressional investigators cannot get anything out of the survivors who were secreted away in Michael Reese hospital. All of this occurred before presidential election, yet not enough citizens were aware or alarmed to not allow re-election of Obama.

When the Department of Homeland Security chief was asked about an unusual amount of ammunition ordered for a department that did not require any way near that amount, it was scoffed off as a conspiracy theory, with the help of the corporate-socialist media. The initial story came from Infowars.com by investigative reporting accomplished by Kurt Nimmo, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones and others.


As the contracts became evident in late 2012 and early 2013, it became obvious that it was not just ammunition in large quantities that was being purchased, much of it being soft-point rounds that is illegal to use in war according to international law and more expensive than the military ball ammunition. The DHS had also ordered 7,000 more M16s, the automatic version of the AR-15 that the Obama government and Congress is trying to take away from lawful citizens. In addition, 2,700 armored vehicles were purchased and Alex Jones reported that there were urban military exercises taking place. Don’t forget that Obama was feeling around with a litmus test to see what military leadership would be willing to declare war [fire upon] its own citizens.

Conspiracy theory?


Go To Jail CardA real conspiracy because at while all of this was going on and soon after Obama swore the oath he has yet to keep, a Democrat in the House submitted a bill to repeal the term limit for the executive office. Things just have been adding up, just as everyone was warned about Obama’s associations and links to criminals, globalists, and even US Islamic terrorist organizations that front themselves as peaceful religious institutions. The people still voted him in office, after all it was so cool to have the first black American in office. Problem is that he is a Kenyan and American. Obama cares not for enforcing immigration laws because he has a relative illegally in the United States who did not return to Kenya after his visa expired. Is he in jail or deported? No. Like Obama he is above the law, like the criminals who cross our borders and then cry foul when we ever send them back.

Sheriff Joe in Arizona even came up with proof that the birth certificate Obama finally posted and surfaced was not a real document, electronically and by computer created. While investigating that, the Sheriff’s investigative team found disturbing evidence about Obama’s social security number and what he did when he registered with the draft board.

So, now the bullets exist and the question remains – Why? The answer given is that it is to save money. I see, to stock pile enough ammunition and weapons to wage a small war for at least ten years according to what ammunition was consumed and weapons used in Afghanistan. And, by the way, those armored vehicles are IED proof, which means the DHS personnel do not have to worry about mines while they do whatever unconstitutional and immoral act they intend to do.

The latest prevarication is that DHS is saving money by purchasing bulk; but answered that soft-point ammunition versus standard ball ammunition is not cost-effective, and only used against civilian encounters for it is illegal to use in war. Recently it was also discovered that a portion of those billion rounds are sniped rounds specified as ‘BTHP’ [Boat-Tail Hollow Point] match bullets used by international expert competition shooters and snipers because of improved ballistics.

According to Tea Party organization sources, …

Assault_Weapons_Ban_44-300x169private citizens across the USA have been buying up far larger quantities of ammo than DHS. At peak production, U.S. ammunition manufacturers can produce nearly one billion rounds of ammo each week. Most of that production goes straight to the Pentagon for military use. But roughly one-twentieth of it is available for the law enforcement and civilian market. That comes to 50 million rounds each week being placed on the market. … Most ammo doesn’t even make it to store shelves, as full pallets are being trucked off in back lots mere minutes after they arrive at gun shops and retailers. If these numbers are accurate – and I’m not 100% sure of their accuracy yet – this means U.S. civilians could be buying up to 2.4 billion rounds of ammo in a year’s time, outpacing even DHS ammo purchases. Even more impressively, private citizens are buying millions of guns each month. All these hundreds of millions of rounds of ammo and millions of firearms are being hidden away until they are needed. … Rest assured that gun purchasers are not buying guns just so they can turn them in. They are not buying ammo just to turn around and register it with the government. They are not buying 30-round magazines for the purpose of registering them with the criminal, traitorous lawmakers of states like Connecticut. They are buying guns and ammo in order to prepare an armed defense against a corrupt, criminal government that has abandoned the rule of law (the Constitution), and is now aggressively stripping Americans of their guaranteed fundamental rights (the Bill of Rights).

Therefore, citizens should stockpile ammo like DHS, as well as food, medical needs, and other essentials [don’t forget toilet paper, soap, and cheap rag cloth] If you have children, they will need standby necessities as well as your family pet. If anything to prepare in case there is a collapse so great the United States becomes a nest of anarchy. Look what happened after a natural disaster where people looted, pillaged, and raped.

As the Tea Party folks stated

_godbless2If it comes to a shooting war, private citizens are allies of sheriffs, veterans and many members of law enforcement, including many federal officers. Entire communities will likely band together to defend themselves against federal coercion or even UN troops attempting to overtake and occupy American cities.
Informed Americans know that stockpiling ammo is a wise activity, especially given the likely need to help arm your local sheriffs deputies who are sworn to help defend your community against tyranny. (www.OathKeepers.org) Additionally, stockpiling ammo is exactly what the government is doing, so if anybody asks why you and I are stockpiling ammo, our answer can be exactly the same as DHS: “We’re doing it to significantly lower costs by purchasing in bulk!”

If the government tells us We the People don’t need bulk ammo or certain firearms, we can certainly retort that they don’t either. The citizens certainly are not purchasing armored vehicles or M16 [full auto capable] firearms. We the People have the same firearms that our local law enforcement has, and if necessary we can exercise the reason for the Second Amendment and support our local sheriff – that entity being the main element of law enforcement that supports and defends the Constitution of the United States and its amendments [Bill of Rights].

The same president who promised not to take your guns, who claims to support the Constitution has just signed a treaty with the UN that proves otherwise. It is the same president, if the investigations prove correct, transferred arms to foreign people who are enemies of the US and the free world. Connecticut governor just signed a firearm ban on guns that look like “assault” rifles. The following is a video interview of Judge Napolitano, a constitutionalist …. [YouTube]

I find it hard to believe that citizens of the United States are more fearful of their fellow Americans with guns and ammo that an arm of Big Government [DHS, Social Security, Department of Education] is stockpiling ammo, order more M16s, sniper quality ammo, and armored vehicles – as well as training personnel in the streets of America.

I pray that reform can take place by perseverance and helping fellow Americans see that the Constitution and its amendments is what made the United States great, and not democratic-socialism or any other form of government.