Vietnam Veteran Tells It Like It Is

Bob Russell is a retired Vietnam War veteran who served in the US Special Forces and now is a senior writer for the Tea Party Research Team. I would like to pass on his words about our nation’s present status, of which you can read his posting in its entirety HERE.

The only vote fraud found in the last several elections have benefitted Democrats, such as Al Franken in 2008[iv].  Now Obama and his criminal enterprise intend to stack the deck even further by dictating (there is that word again) how state elections are conducted. … Our Constitution was written by men who lived under a tyrannical government and wrote our guiding document to prevent such a thing from happening again.  Over time We the People have become so enamored of the political parties that many no longer see the Constitution for what it is, a road map of liberty, self-determination, and personal responsibility. Neither political party has the best interests of the citizens in mind. …
The government established by our founders was to be a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, and FOR THE PEOPLE.  It was written to give the most power to the citizens.  Through the citizens LIMITED power would be given to the state government, and through the state governments even further LIMITED power would be given to the federal government. … Any fringe group that doesn’t like what the Constitution says about liberty and personal responsibility goes to government or to the courts and gets what they want handed to them as long as they will support those who give them a free pass to stomp on the rights of others.  This isn’t how our founders designed our system. … You don’t like guns, don’t own one; you don’t like sugary drinks, don’t drink one; you don’t like beef because you think it is unhealthy, don’t eat it.  But what gives anyone the right to tell me I can’t do these things, and what gives Barack Obama and his minions the right to determine how elections are administered at the state level? This voting issue, like the gun ownership issue, isn’t about “fairness” or “safety”; it is about control, the control of many by a few. … Obama and his allies in both political parties seek to change election laws to suit themselves, yet have a very poor record of prosecuting those who violate current election laws…
Chicago came out 90th of 90 cities studied recently in the prosecution of federal gun laws yet these same people want more gun restrictions.  Why pass more laws that won’t be enforced? Why change election laws when current ones aren’t enforced? …
The “battle” between the parties is merely a dog and pony show to make We the People think someone actually cares about the voice of the people.  I am sure we will find another “Gang of …” to get together for a “bi-partisan agreement” on how to solve the issue of “fair elections”.

I support and approve this message.


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