Whose Nation Is This Land, Once a Proud and Free Republic?

La Raza, a subversive organization established in the United States [Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor is/was affiliated with them], along with other “Hispanic” organizations claim that a portion of the United States belongs to them “legally” and therefore their people can cross the Mexican-US border anytime they want to, and it is the Europeans that should leave, et cetera, et cetera. Because we are talking to a people who arrive here, for the majority, uneducated except what tripe is filled in their heads from their Mexican educations system and who has more strict immigration laws than the US, let us examine the following map and see what part of the United States is deemed real estate of Mexico: Omega File: Reconquista - Aztlan Invasion

Now let’s watch and listen to Bill Whittle who breaks it down in simple terms, complete with visuals that maybe the people who come to America, illegally, demand that we provide them amnesty, pay for their children from the time they are born in medical facilities of the United States, send them to school and provide them every benefit and entitlement meant for citizens of the United States. People who demand that Americans learn their language, include their holidays and traditions into ours, and supercede everyone’s rights and liberties in favor of them, and at the same time want to make the United States like Mexico has become, which is the supposed reasons they left in the first place. Here is Mr. Whittle’s video excerpt:


Now, whose land is it?

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather QuillIt is OUR land, American citizens, native and naturalized until someone takes it from us.We turned that land into the greatest nation in human history to let it crumble and fall prey to those who would destroy it – knowingly or just out of pure stupidity/ignorance.

We the People of the United States welcome all people of the world here, with only the request that they arrive here within our rules of immigration, want to become an American, which means they learn our language, our history, our traditions, our holidays, and most of all learn and understand the principles of a constitutional republic based upon the strong foundation of the US Constitution and its amendments for which its greatness came from not being corrupt, believing in freedom and liberties, individualism versus collective socialism, all of which the opposite has made Mexico to remain a “Third World” country and not as successful as other nations. They are demanding that we follow their failed principles, culture, and type of government instead of the other way around. And, while English has not been established as our language by law, it was because while the Founders thought very carefully what We the People would need to continue to prosper as a free nation they could never conceive that the People would actually allow foreigners to come here and tell us what to do in the false claim of “human rights.

Love America, respect its laws and traditions, honor and protect OUR Constitution and form of government, and respect or honor this nation that has provided opportunities to you that no other nation has or will ever do – or go back from whence you came.

This message was written and approved by ME, a United States citizen by birth, whose ancestors came here with a dream of being an American and living in a free country with many other types of people under the same Constitution, in a free republic, and all speaking the same language so as not to become like the Balkan States or the Tower of Babel. Stand with us as a united people, or stand against us. There are no grey areas when it comes to constitutional law and the love of freedom and liberty.

It is certainly about time to tell the Mexican government to clean up their own backyard and stop trying to tell Americans what type of government they have and quit taking advantage of our generosity and become a truly good neighbor. What Mexico has pulled against the United States, looking at history for reference and the policies of other nations – our government should have declared war decades ago.

We the People built this nation. If you are not an American or if you do not desire to BE an American – you did not build this nation and quit telling us that something is better than a constitutional republic. If you did not go through the required process of our immigration laws that our pathetic leadership refuses to enforce – than you are a criminal and we have enough of those, thank you.

We the People Must Be Responsible and Promote Common Sense


[Constitutionalist Need Only Reply]

Second-American-Revolution_flagNo Amnesty – Secure Our Borders so No More Cross – Round Up Uninvited and Send Back to Mexico – English Is OUR Language of the US

Why Are We Having to Defend our Constitutional Rights with People Elected to Operate Our Government?

Why does the Media paint constitutionalists as radicals and a threat?

Why is the Media the Mouthpiece of Politicians and NOT the Eyes and Ears of the People?

Why does our government turn its head on criminal activity and uninvited guests; yet punish lawful citizens for crimes others commit?

If We are a nation united, why does our government have a “Black” Caucus, a “Hispanic” Caucus?

How about an American Constitutional Caucus!

No More Tyrants – No More RINOs – No More Hyphenated Americans – No More State Prejudice

Constitution 101: Principles of Law and Historical Wisconsin Recall


Let this Bill Whittle video [full video of previous video] make it clear that there is a problem … the first step to solving a problem is to admit there is one.