Rule of Law Applies to ALL Citizens in EVERY State of the Union – even Illinois

Cinemark Theater, the place where Jesse Holmes killed and wounded people attending a showing of the latest Batman movie is being sued by the victims and families because they failed to provide security for its patrons after posting that the theater was a Gun Free Zone. In every case of mass shooting, the killer chose a Gun Free Zone. Those business establishments who do not allow citizens to have the means to protect themselves are liable if they do not have an alternate means of protecting its patrons. Indeed, even a school that does not allow its staff or administration to be licensed and trained conceal carry persons or have uniformed law enforcement personnel present to protect students and faculty is most likely liable as well.

In a Breitbart/Tea Party article, a Democrat, Robin Kelly, is a candidate to fill the ousted Jesse Jackson Jr seat in Congress erroneously stated that the patrons at the Aurora, Colorado theater failed to pull out their guns to kill the gentleman that did all the damage he did.

Demonstrating her ignorance of the Constitution of the United States, among other things, she referred to Jesse Holmes a “gentleman”. Secondly, law abiding citizens present at that theater, at least some, most likely had the legal right to carry a concealed weapon – but obeyed the posted sign of the theater’s management and ownership that they COULD NOT have weapons in the theater.

Kelly, a Democrat, is running against Paul McKinley, a Republican. In the following video demonstrates that she is ignorant of many things. No state allows firearms, concealed or otherwise, in establishments that serve alcoholic beverages for a very good reason. Yet, a moron who wants to be a member of Congress, replacing the criminal son of a racist blackmailer, will swear an oath of office to obey a constitution she has no idea what it states or what it represents. Watch this video:

bar_goldcable1Kelly admits she regularly discusses subjects of her ignorance. She has campaigned and declared on her Facebook page that she will lead on the issue of banning guns. ALL GUNS – at least those privately owned by lawful citizens.

The other candidate, Paul McKinley has an opposite belief …

bar_goldcable1However, does McKinley’s record demonstrate this belief in the Second Amendment?

Michael Bloomberg and his Independence USA PAC [the name itself is hypocrisy] is strongly against rights to keep and bear arms, as well as the selling of large soft drink sodas. No independence involved there. Bloomberg and his organization contributed over $2 million to Kelly’s campaign. Billionaire Bloomberg has been using his money against civil rights of exercising the Bill of Rights. He believes he has the right to dictate how others live their lives. None of this has to do with stopping crime. Indeed, it only punishes lawful citizens, preventing their ability to protect themselves against predators and those who will unlawfully and forcefully take away their rights, and putting elitists in charge of every facet of everyone else’s lives at the same time putting themselves above the rule of law.