Why is US Still in South Korea? – And Other Important Stuff

Where to begin with all that is going on. It seems that those that operate OUR government will create a crisis when we have so many of which 95% they caused. For example …

hand_point2– Once again, North Korea is rattling its sword and its rogue leadership bellowing like a schoolyard bully. This time even China is taking NK seriously and reinforcing its border. Knowing China, is that in case NK acts like a frog and jumps, or is it to come to the aid of their comrades?
I have served two tours in South Korea during my professional career as a soldier and my question was always – Why is the United States still protecting their border and their country when they have the economy and the means to do it themselves. We can still honor our treaty with South Korea, save much on tax dollars and manpower, as well as lives of service personnel who lost their lives doing so. While I was there for the second time, a senior NCO was murdered by an angry rioting college mob by the same people the United States is protecting. That was when I became angry and wanted the US to pull its troops out and let them take care of their own problems. After all, we have been there since the 1950s when a cease-fire, the longest in history, was proclaimed between North and South Korea.

As Albert Thompson wrote at WND:

The United States should begin talks to turn over the defense of South Korea to the strong and industrious South Korean people. The North Korean government is a bully. It cannot feed itself or grow its economy. But it can bully the South Koreans because it has nuclear weapons. North Korea can frighten Americans because the U.S. government has neglected civil defense for two generations. …the “most powerful” in the world – is subject to blackmail. … the South Korean and German economies – just to give two examples ­– are in better shape than the U.S. … If the U.S. were to secretly OK the development of South Korean and Japanese nuclear programs, and agree to withdraw U.S. troops from South Korea and Japan when the programs are complete, it would give the Chinese and North Koreans something to think about other than the United States. It would also impose a penalty for threatening the United States. It time for America to leave the East Asians to their rivalries and concentrate on rebuilding its own economy and society. The North Koreans think they can manipulate U.S. presidents; they have done so before, but let them try that on Japan or an independently armed South Korea.

Indeed, We must ask our government why we are putting our sons and daughters in harm’s way to protect a nation that can protect itself. Ron Paul has said this for years, and even during the presidential election, not enough listened to his wisdom and common sense reasoning.

hand_point2– More evidence is clear that law enforcement is being used by the federal government similar to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, as James Simpson tells the story. The raid was as one sees on the History Channel when heavily armed law enforcement would raid a SpeakEasy or alcohol distributor/brewery during Prohibition – and just for a suspected violation of a government loan applied for by Mountain Pure CEO, John Stacks. This is our government that refuses to enforce immigration laws [and make raids on businesses and places illegals hangout] and will not the round-up illegal aliens. Whoops, that the Associated Press no longer allows that term when it submits news reports concerning people crossing our borders uninvited – illegal immigrants. Let’s face it, our government is operated by criminals who hold themselves above laws they make and the Constitution of the United States. In addition, Americans put them there with their irresponsible vote, allowing the mainstream corporate media to decide who gets coverage and thus the vote, as well as rampant fraudulent voting across the 50 states of America. The article did not state whether a warrant was served, but the method of enactment, as though confronting a dangerous criminal, was clearly unnecessary and without warrant unconstitutional. It took place in the state of Delaware one of the original 13 colonies. How ironic and sad that states with the least freedom and who transgress most against the Constitution are the original states that formed the United States. Once a great nation of people who believed and appreciated freedom, who worked hard and diligent and did great things only to give in to being a people obligated to a government operated by elitists instead of servants of the people. This is the law enforcement that says citizens should not be armed, only them.

hand_point2– I have always let it be known that John McCain does not deserve to be a senator, nor has he ever. He moved through political offices on the fact he served the United States in the Vietnam War and was a POW for five years. However, he not only failed to stand by fellow veterans when he became a member of Congress and often did not support that which the Congress has always promised when they sent America’s citizens to war, but was found that he revealed information for special favors by his captors. While no one knows what their breaking point could be, and being in a POW camp for five years, few would criticize anyone for breaking – but when the break they give false information normally. As the following video interviews attest, LT Commander John S. McCain did not wait to endure any torture or hardship, and revealed true information that cost the lives of his fellow citizens. Indeed, he has done little to get SGT Bergdahl (promoted within the four years of captivity) from Afghanistan as the only POW in the War against Terrorism. According to some “military experts” and those interviewing, surprisingly Fox News people like Bill O’Reilly are claiming that Bergdahl walked away from his compound and that was how he was captured. The senator who betrayed his fellow Americans is not endeavoring to get Bergdahl free after four long years of captivity. He has even turned against [again] fellow party politicians in the fight against the gun bill in the Senate, stating, “I don’t understand it” – referring for the GOP call for a filibuster. McCain told the CBS Face the Nation:

I don’t understand it. The purpose of the United States is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand. …everybody wants the same goal, to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally disabled.

We get it, Senator McCain, you think the answer is taking guns from all the citizens will stop crime – when the only people with guns will be criminals and government officials. Another thing, Mr. McCain, “universal” background checks is a farce – criminals do not go through background checks to get firearms for crimes. There is much you “don’t understand”, Senator McCain, and most pathetically is that the Constitution and its amendments are included in what you don’t understand.

The GOP has picked for presidential candidate three losers in a row, one that became president because the people chose the lesser evil for two terms leading our nation into the mess that Obama has worsened. All that time they had a capable constitutionalist among them, but chose to ignore and ridicule him, siding with the Left and its corporate media; but failed to ensure he got elected. He now has retired from public service and his son is trying to bear the torch to true reform, and Senator McCain does not understand it. Maybe, Mr. McCain lost his mind during five years as POW or lost it from the guilt of betraying his fellow prisoners and military operations in the Vietnam War. It makes sense that he has become friends with fellow traitor and one who spit upon the US armed forces and its personnel – John Kerry.

hand_point2– Meanwhile, in Kuwait, you remember, the country that the United States liberated from Saddam and his Republican Guard hordes has, through its parliament, made it a capital offense [death penalty] for cursing in the name of Allah, the Qur’an, and Prophets.

hand_point2Patriot Update states: Obamacare vs. Doma: Supreme Court Poised for Ultimate Power Grab Predicted in 1788. … The law will become a matter of personal policy rather than legal adherence, and we will have the very judiciary that Brutus warned of over 200 years ago.

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