Info Highway: April 8th 2013

Banner_ManLookingDown_animatedhand_point2– Only ten weeks into his second term, Obama is making political enemies, a rogue nation [North Korea] not only threatens war but on Saturday [April 6th] the NK despot stated his country is in a state of war. Maybe it is time to call the fat little brat’s bluff. Russia’s Palin acts like he is worried, rightly so being so close to North Korea but he [as a KGB officer] was part of the Soviet Union that created communist China, North Korea and Vietnam. The Soviet Union was responsible for providing initial terrorist training as well. Unfortunately, it is not just Russia that will suffer the consequences.


hand_point2 – A sad day …. Margaret Thatcher, ally, champion against big government policies, aided in ending the Cold War and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, and dear friend of Ronald Reagan passed away today. Known as the ‘Iron Lady’ she was 87.

hand_point2– In a surprising announcement from the unconstitutional-in-chief, Obama hailed Margaret Thatcher, ally and good friend of Ronald Reagan, as a “true friend” of the United States and provided a written tribute to Thatcher. Obama, a man who is dismantling all that was done to end the Cold War, hailed Thatcher AND Reagan:

Here in America, many of us will never forget her standing shoulder to shoulder with President Reagan, reminding the world that we are not simply carried along by the currents of history—we can shape them with moral conviction, unyielding courage and iron will.   Michelle and I send our thoughts to the Thatcher family and all the British people as we carry on the work to which she dedicated her life—free peoples standing together, determined to write our own destiny.

Obama respects Thatcher and Reagan for being ‘shaper of events’ – but the difference between him and then, is that Obama’s policies wants to shape events for different reasons, those that will destroy the United States and boost its enemies.

Margaret_Thatcher_Iron_LadyMargaret Thatcher died of a fatal stroke this morning. I am sure that the United Kingdom is in great mourning in the passing of such a great leader, like when Winston Churchill left this world for the beyond. Indeed, Sir Churchill had great influence upon Thatcher in her younger years. She was Britain’s first and only female Prime Minister. She tackled the trade unions, privatized state-owned industries, and led Britain to victory in the Falklands War, and a staunch ally in confronting the Soviet Empire that ultimately dissolved. Like Ronald Reagan, they were from the remarkable generation that survived a global Great Depression and the Second World War. A good obituary was written at Sky News. A good tribute is at The Foxhole and Patriot Post. I also posted a biography not too long ago in the Spotlight category files and republished in tribute to the great Iron Lady.


hand_point2– Meanwhile, over 90 million Americans are jobless, are permanently unemployed, While President and Vice President take vacations that cost taxpayers for the security portion. This presidential team has no scruples or ethic principles. The White House tours remain closed. A 30% layoff or furlough has been instituted within the executive branch in terms of employment, which is part of the 90+ million unemployed. Steve Gibson wrote an article contemplating and reminiscing of how families used to afford taking family vacations – but not under the Obamanomics programs. Problem is, as Obamacare poses to kick in full swing, 65 million useful idiots who voted for this disaster are going to finally realize their mistake. Impeachment should have been already administered. Do we want to be forced to go to war with North Korea [or anyone else who throws in with them] with this President/Vice President, Kerry as the Secretary of State and the morons heading the DHS and Department of Defense? How much scandal and unconstitutional acts does it take for Congress to act? The Hill reports that Obama’s legacy does not look good.


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hand_point2– Prevaricator-in-chief and his DHS chief, whose primary occupation is hiding information from citizens, while she prepares to assault them, claim that illegal alien crossing has been reduced, while statistics and real life, just ask a Border Patrol agent, has a different tale. DHS prevaricator stated:

I can tell you having worked that border for 20 years, it is more secure now than it has ever been. Illegal apprehensions are at 40-year lows.

She is right, “apprehensions” are at a high low because more make it across the border than apprehended. The best way to secure the border is to build a replica of the China Wall. If one counts all the funding wasted for little progress, that wall could have been built twenty years ago and paid for by now. Is it not ironic [and sickening] that the DMZ American troops guard is more secure than our own southern national border? As Witchy Woman would say … What’s with that!

hand_point2– If you had a vacation coming up with your family, would you spend it in Cuba? That is what American celebrities Beyoncé and Jay-Z did, despite travel restrictions. Florida Republicans wrote letters to the Department of Treasury looking for answers as to why they were given the green light to take their family to Cuba for a “vacation”.

Ms. Beyonce and Mr. Z, and their parents, went on a trip to Havana, Cuba this week coinciding with their fifth anniversary. They strolled through the city streets, ate at the cafes, and were mobbed by their adoring fans. Jay-Z smoked cigars. Beyoncé was flawless. It was just like America! Except for all of the parts of the country that was nothing like America, like the communism. But the people treated the couple appropriately like the king and queen they are …

Stinky_Pet_OdorThe letters of complaint were written by US Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R-FL] and State Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart to Adam Szubin, Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control. What was the occasion? It was the couple’s wedding anniversary. They are not the only celebrities that visit Cuba regularly: Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster, Danny Glover, Will Smith, and James Belushi. But then again, Hollywood has been a nest bed of communists and socialists since the FDR days and when there was action against their subversion, Joe McCarthy was painted as a “Witch Hunter”. If he “ruined careers and lives it is because useful idiots were working directly or indirectly for Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union. Was that ‘Witch Hunting’ or uncovering subversion and treason? Looking at the rabble that makes up Hollywood today, talented acting or not, one can see that McCarthyism did not reach far enough into the socialist/communist nest pot.

– Republicans in the Senate may backstab their constituents and freedom-loving Americans in the name of political compromise. Bill Whittle as Virtual President:

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