Obama Wastes More Of Other People’s Money

No White House tours, border security reduced, but Obama seems to have the money to provide travel for family members of Sandy Hook School in Newton, Connecticut on AIR FORCE ONE  from Hartford, Connecticut airport. This reinforces his anti-Second Amendment agenda in conjunction with Senate members who have dishonored their oaths of office just be submitting bills that are unconstitutional. The idea is to lobby the Senate to use emotion and make senators feel guilty if they do not vote for what Obama wants. The real solution is ignored. The reason our government cannot solve issues is because they either look in the wrong direction or act as if there isn’t any problem. In this case, they are looking in the wrong direction. It is a no-brainer that people with mental problems should not purchase firearms. The solution is NOT disarming lawful citizens and ignoring the Second Amendment.

obamas-useful-idiotsToday, April 9th, 2013, Obama will appear in Hartford, Connecticut to speak about taking firearms away and then provide rides for eleven useful idiots back to Washington, DC courtesy of taxpayers.

I assume they will be provided a return trip from Washington to Connecticut – round trip courtesy of taxpayers so Obama can provide useful idiots to promote his firearm “control” confiscation agenda. Part of that agenda will be that fathers can no longer leave their firearms in a will or provide as a gift to their children without government permission and registration procedures.

He is also traversing the country campaigning his anti-Second Amendment agenda, who has in the past and present, insisted he is not violating the Constitution. Meanwhile there are serious problems abroad that requires someone who understands the difference between diplomacy and capitulation.

Folks, every instance of firearm confiscation was preluded by firearm registration – knowing who has firearms in order to quickly and efficiently confiscate them.

Why are the People forced to constantly inform and lobby against politicians for rights and liberties clearly in the Constitution?

Instead of consolidating political power, our government should be addressing issues like North Korea, the economy, over taxation, national debt, income tax system, and matters that are clearly defined as federal government authority and responsibility in the US Constitution.

Defend ConstitutionThe same president who cares nothing about national debt and during his first term did not ensure a budget was passed by Congress [something he should have focused upon instead of eliminating people’s rights and liberties], has now declared the month of April as the month to teach young people How To Budget Responsibly. The audacity of this phony charlatan is beyond comprehension or belief.


Impeach Obama/Biden and fire most of his staff. We need constitutional representatives, senators, presidents and vice presidents and lawful people operating the myriad of branches that big government has created, and trim some down and eliminate others. Congress should be working on revising and eliminating legislation they already passed, beginning with the so-called Obamacare. That should keep them busy for the rest of their term. It is not the quantity of legislation passed, but the quality that counts.

As Clint Eastwood said:

When somebody doesn’t do the job, we’ve got to let him go.