Info Highway: April 12th 2013

Banner_ManLookingDown_animatedhand_point2– Obama’s new budget proposes changes to Social Security and Medicare as part of the alleged entitlement cuts.
All my life, since 16 years old I have put money into Social Security and Medicare. Social Security is NOT an entitlement and neither is Medicare [not to be confused with Medicaid]. People put money from their wages and salaries into both systems expecting to get something when they retire. It is a system where individuals put money into the “retirement” system and have NO control over it, not even allowed to leave as part of one’s estate if they die before they get a chance to collect; because the government is the beneficiary. We cannot retire when we want or need to [like not being able to get a job] or get penalized before a certain age if we collect social security and still have to work [if work can be found] because government and the Federal Reserve has caused inflation.

Paul Ryan told ABC News:

I don’t know if I would say that he cracked the door on entitlement reform. He has proposed to change a statistic, which saves money. That is really not entitlement reform. … What we now have to do is not point fingers, but look at what went wrong.

When people invest their hard-earned money into something, it is NOT an entitlement. An entitlement is when you don’t put money into the system, like the growing amount of citizens who either pay very little in taxes [when they are working] or none at all because they get deductions back at the end of the year, sometimes collecting more than the taxes paid.
We the People need to clean out the federal government, because most of those that are operating our government either do not have a clue what the Constitution is all about and what makes the real world revolve ARE the problem. People like Obama and company do not even recognize there IS a problem, so how is anything going to be resolved? If there is going to be any cut, the Feds should start cutting back on agencies and departments like HUD. Especially agencies and departments that is inefficient and full of wasteful spending – like HUD. [See Dan McGinnis article on Social Security] What do members of Congress care about social security? They have their own pension plan, illegally provided to elected officials, voted for by themselves. Only federal employees should get a pension plan – NOT elected officials. If they had been paying into the system all along, members of Congress would not have raided the social security “trust” fund all those decades – and now complaining it does not have enough funds, despite Americans paying into it all their working lives. Members of Congress need to be forced to join the Social Security system and make it illegal for any elected person to receive “retirement” benefits. In addition, consecutive term limits, like the executive office needs to be enacted. Because congress stole from social security each generation is paying for the generation before them. Congress has not efficiently operated Social Security, Medicare, or the federal postal system – all are going bankrupt; and Obama people want to trust the same government to their healthcare? Useful idiots.

hand_point2– Trooper Joe Kluxzynski, CSP analyst with the Colorado Information Analysis Center, used training materials provided by the Department of Homeland Security. has documented –

how the DHS works with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, two organizations that specialize in churning out propaganda designed to demonize and marginalize patriot and constitutional groups. In March, the Southern Poverty Law Center sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano urging the federal government to establish a task force to investigate the supposed domestic terror threat posed by the likes of Alex Jones, We Are Change, Oath Keepers, the Constitution Party, the Tyranny Response Team and thousands of other Americans who dare question the government. Fox News reported that Evangelical Christianity is at the top of the list. [See also: Army Labeled Evangelicals as Religious Extremists] Ron Trowbridge blew the whistle via email.

hand_point2– What “Conspiracy Theorists” have tried to convey [despite being scoffed at] has finally come forth as truth in regards to “Big Brother” organization behind most of the violence in Europe and America, including terrorist attacks and assassination attempts. The story was revealed by Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars. The “Big Brother” group is none other than the Bilderberg Group, part of a series of circles established to form a New World Order global system of power.  Part of that group is Judge Fernando Imposimato, involved in the case of the kidnapping and murder of former Italian Prime Minister, Aldo Moro.

hand_point2– Can anyone tell me how people that are against the Second Amendment, siding with government tyrants and bed-wetting useful idiots can smear senators [or anyone] who supports and defends the Second Amendment as “racists”? That is what Chris Matthews, the moron mouthpiece for socialism in America stated and compared the senators defending the Constitution as “Jim Crow” racists! Here is what Matthews stated in part, revealing his ignorance of history:

But you remember when they fought in the early 60s about, about Jim Crow and getting rid of all those racial things down south where it says white only at the gas station, men’s room and everything?

Mr. Matthews failed to mention that it was Southern Democrats who raise a big stink about equality. Matthews continued as he talked to ‘journalist’ Chuck Todd …

And that was the old states of the confederacy were against any of those changes. But now is there that large body of Republicans out there that are truly being represented by the don’t-even-vote crowd?

Mr. Matthews – it was Republicans who FREED THE SLAVES and the Democrats seceded from the Union because they didn’t want to give up their slaves. Democrats introduced segregation after the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation.
Today, Democrats and RINOs are making everyone slavery to big government, using the concept of racism in order to get keep flames ignited and dividing the country and so Hispanic and African-descendent Americans are dependent upon government. The only thing different is that there are no visible chains.

hand_point2Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms stated what I said a long time ago: since politicians demand universal background checks on citizens exercising their rights [only to promote a form of monitoring and registering legal firearm owners for their long-term agenda to confiscate] – all those candidates and elected officials now in office should have a complete FBI background check. After all, they are handling sensitive information and operating our government. Does not the government require background checks for citizens who are in the military or employed in government in order to receive a security classification? For too long, politicians have put themselves above the law and expect laws to be passed upon citizens leaving them exempt. Politicians threatening the Constitution and dishonoring their oaths of office are or have been involved in scandals – especially in the state of New York where Mayors Against Illegal Guns was founded by sociocrat Michael Bloomberg.

hand_point2– Tuesday, on Piers Morgan Live at CNN, Christiane Amanpour [Communist Network News talking head pretending to be a journalist] claimed that states with strict gun laws have “lower gun crime”, arguing for more gun control. Of course, someone should tell that to people in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. Amanpour became famous when she covered the Persian Gulf War and parachuted into danger zones for CNN. She also covered the Siege of Sarajevo in the Bosnian War.

hand_point2– After two months of excuses, Barack Obama released his budget for the executive branch for fiscal 2014. He boasted, as his narcissist personality often does: It’s a budget that doesn’t spend beyond our means. Sadly, like all chronic liars, the worst part is that he actually believes his own lies because he lies so much he can’t keep track of what is truth anymore. Obama’s ‘budget’ relies on increasing [more] taxes on the ‘wealthy’, a budget that is $3.8 trillion. He just was given a $660 billion tax increase for top income people at the beginning of 2013 and now he wants to limit deductions for households that earn $1 million or more who already pay 30% of income taxes [before deductions]. He also threatens Social Security and Medicare [NOT ENTITLEMENTS, but paid for by lifetime working citizens] by revising benefit calculations and reimbursement rates. It is his idea of ‘compromise’ and at the same time putting the blame for what goes on upon the other political party. Meanwhile, Obamacare is all that we feared it would be, and worse for some.

hand_point2Patriot Nurse explains why foot care is important in her latest Prepper video.

hand_point2– If one looks at the history of the Middle East, it is full of strife, conquest and turmoil. Today the power struggle is occurring in Iran and Afghanistan, as well as North Africa, Egypt for example. They never learn from history, and, as in history, Israel is under constant threat of annihilation. Iran is the gateway to the Arabian Peninsula, and like Iraq, was the center of civilizations who won glory through conquest, plundering and subjugating city-states they took over. Afghanistan has been a buffer for centuries between India and powers like Russia and Iran. After helping the Iraqi develop their state free from tyranny, its elected government has become a de facto ally of Iran, despite the fact that most insurgents who caused trouble and killed Iraqi and Americans were from Iran. The same goes for Kuwait, whose parliament just passed a law making it a death penalty to use Allah’s name in vain. The Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa are a mess – and something will come to a head soon.
Frankly, I think we should just leave them to fight amongst themselves and only interfering when Israel needs help in defending itself, surrounded by those whose goal is to dissolve the state and get rid of Jews just as Adolf Hitler intended to do in Europe. Looking at Hagel’s defense budget, we cannot afford to be at various places in the world interfering with other nation’s problems; indeed, the attitude of the Founders of the United States was to stay out of other affairs and tend only to the defense and strength of retaliation of the United States. And as far as oil, those in charge of our government for decades have been warned that America needs to be not only self-sufficient in oil drilling, but make enough to boost our economy through selling surplus oil to others. As far as I am concerned, Arabia and Middle East can drink their oil and that goes for South America, like Venezuela. It is not just the oil and the money spent on ungrateful nations, but something more precious – the lives of our sons and daughters who fight for other people’s perceived freedoms, not really protecting our nation’s security and providing low-pay mercenary service. Why are we involved with other nation’s problems when we have Mexican invaders pouring over our borders, demanding we learn their language, provide them benefits paid for by US citizens, and ignoring that they broke our laws?

hand_point2— Communist Russia, the Soviet Union, based upon Marxism, used the Communist Manifesto in all aspects of life, including science, as Daniel Greenfield wrote in FrontPage Mag today. The Communist worldview insisted that every living creature could be completely transformed into anything. It rejected natural selection as having a competitive capitalist bent that suspiciously resembled a biological version of free market competition. And pseudo-scientists like Lysenko and Michurin matched bad science to bad ideology laying out an official dogma in which transforming the environment could transform any creature and in which intraspecies struggle did not lead to evolution. The USSR’s politicization of biology crippled its agriculture. … They insisted that nature had to follow Marxist dialectical materialism and locked up and murdered the scientists who disagreed. By the time the USSR fell, a land which had once exported wheat to the world had gone deep into debt to buy wheat from the United States. … The new Lysenkos are Warmunists like Michael Mann and James Hansen. The environmentalists, like the Communists, believe that human beings have total control over the environment and that the environment determines all. Warmunism, like Communism, originates not from science, but from ideology. …

That ideology permeates the core of the United States. It has caused us not to responsibly use our natural resources that bless us and was the second major thing that made the United States such a great nation. Greenfield continues:

Green technology is often dirtier and less efficient than the so-called brown technology, but like the collective farms and the idiotic ramblings of Michurin and Lysenko, it’s better because it more closely fits the Socialist vision of how things ought to work.

As the global warming, now climate change movement has clearly proven – humans cannot change what is natural and politicians cannot legislate those changes away. We can only bend as a young branch on a tree so as not to break and adapt or die as so many species on Earth have done for eons. Yes, we should endeavor to clean up the mess in our waterways and the ocean itself and keep plant life prolific in order to naturally clean our air and at the same time reducing human pollution as responsibly [and wisely] as possible – but it is time for environmentalists to quite the socialist mantra and stick to the facts of nature and true science. Like all things of the sociocrat, if the facts do not comply with the ideology; then the facts must be altered and misinformation be the rule of thumb.

The left’s version of the old racist “one-drop rule” that treated anyone with even one drop of black blood as black is to treat anyone with even the loosest claim to minority status as a minority and to mandate the irrevocable nature of that minority status. That is why Obama is black, rather than half-white, why Elizabeth Warren can be a Cherokee and why a straight man can become gay, but a gay man cannot become straight. It is why a man can become a woman or a woman can become a man and gain an entirely new transgender minority status.
Biology is just as irrelevant in 2013 America as it was in 1923 Russia. In California, a bill has been put forward mandating that insurance companies provide infertility treatments to homosexuals. While normal industry practice is to provide infertility treatments only to natural couples, the modern Marxist Michurins are here to tell nature what latest developments in lefty thinking it is expected to conform to. … The Lysenkoism of attempting to force science to conform to politics always leads to a biological dead-end. Homosexuals are not infertile. They are not in the class of relationships that are biologically capable of conceiving life. Since every homosexual couple is infertile, every such couple would be entitled to infertility treatments. But no amount of treatments will enable them to conceive a child without the biological intervention of a member of the opposite sex at some point in the process. … Toward the end, the Soviet Union was running low on wheat. The United States and Europe are running low on children and on industry.
[and the children we have are indoctrinated by the controlling sociocrats that infiltrated our educational institutions as they did our government] The left insisted that family and gender don’t matter, that the ideal society is full of unmarried men and women, men pretending to be women and men shacking up with other men. And the elderly hippies of the establishment are running out of children to pay for their post-gender, post-sexual and post-family paradise. To make up for the gap their countries are filling up with Muslim immigrants whose families are patriarchal and polygamous. Ideologies have consequences. The Soviet Union found that out the hard way. Now the Socialist republics of what used to be the free world are finding out the same thing. You can replace science with political pseudo-science, and you can convince or compel everyone to pay fealty to its false claims, but you cannot escape the consequences of your actions.

Those 65 million [those that legally voted] that insisted the United States suffer under the “leadership” of BH Obama and his compatriots in Congress has forced the rest of us who get the Big Picture of what is going on, forcing us to suffer with them are going to pay the consequences. They will be the first to run out into the streets rioting and blaming the wrong people, inspired by organizations that use them like slaves were used in southern states once upon a time in the United States; just as the useful idiots angrily demonstrated against Wall Street and the “One Percent” – who pays the most taxes supposedly for their benefit.

As Greenfield stated:

You can declare war on science … but science will always win.

And so will truth, Mr. Greenfield, so will truth.

Will enough Americans wake up to the truth before it is too late? I hope so for the sake of my child and his children. [See Also: Maryland Governor Taxes Rain] If it can be done – everything is taxable by a tyrant big government. Maryland residents can thank the EPA for that one. The tax will be calculated through satellite surveillance of your property. So, the insanity continues.


hand_point2– Here is a good example of why we cannot allow government to pass the Feinstein/Reid/Boehner/McCain firearm bill and Obamacare MUST be repealed. In New York, a man was mistakenly told to turn over his firearms, lost his permit because he had a short-term health issue that required medication, It appears that the client’s private medical information was turned over to the government – and someone thought/decided that the man could be allowed access to or have firearms. This all occurred because of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and his overnight, non-over-sighted, gun control bill was passed. Read Katie Pavlich article at Townhall.

hand_point2Powerline provides explanation of What Does Obama Think He’s Doing on Guns? The much publicized filibuster against the gun control bill in the Senate is not going to happen. Red State Democrats are going to find out next election whether their constituents remember how they voted on gun control and amnesty. Powerline believes that Obama’s focus upon gun control is smoke-and-screen maneuvers to distract from serious issues like Obamacare, Benghazi, Iran, and North Korea. Or, maybe it is just because he is a shitty president Or both.

hand_point2– Long viewed as America’s Gestapo, the IRS is now searching emails without warrants because they can. Even the ACLU is stepping up to the plate on this one. According to the IRS handbook that was published when Obama had been in office for one year – and he signed off on, states that the Fourth Amendment does not apply to electronic forms of communications because people using the Internet do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such communications. To socialists and communists this all makes sense. Despite a federal court ruling in 201, U.S. v. Warshak, the IRS continues its warrantless searches of personal email. The Fourth Amendment reads:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The next time you hear President Obama speak about him complying with the Constitution, you can be assured he is lying; because he allegedly taught constitutional law before entering politics in Illinois, once the Land of Lincoln and a free state – long ago, longer than I can remember.

Please, let this man, his idiot vice president and compatriots be tried, judged and dealt with soon. The United State citizens [those not indoctrinated] can no longer tolerate this tyranny and insanity any longer.

hand_point2– Beginning May 1st, White House aides will be put on furlough; while Obama and VP waste taxpayer dollars on expensive vacations and campaigning.

hand_point2– Testament to a generation of Americans who want the American Dream handed to them without earning it and the satisfaction of earning it on their own. No one became successful or wealthy living off the government, except politicians and their special interest groups. Howard University student thinks differently.

hand_point2MRC is on a campaign to stop the Media [CNN, NBC, ANC, and CBS] corporation and their puppet masterGeorge Soros. Media Matters [also funded by Soros] does not think so – just a right-wing conspiracy theory. But Glenn Beck shows the relationships, follows the money trail, and exposes the Puppet Master of politics, finance, and media.