ODESSA Files: Truth About the New World Order – Origination and Agenda

GH Bush - New World OrderIf you have been able to obtain information about a serious scandal, mainly concerning Europe and America, you may have heard about the Bilderberg Group. Watching History Channel documentaries and other YouTube documentary programs, you may have watched investigations concerning various elite and/or secretive groups: Freemasons and Illuminati are two examples. What is it all about? I will begin with the history of globalism, in the modern-era context and begin with the Illuminati, made famous via Dan Brown’s novel and subsequent film, The DaVinci Code.



Illuminati is a derived Latin world [illuminatus] meaning “enlightened”. It began with the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society founded on May 1st, 1776 formed to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence upon public life, abuses of state power, support education of women and their equality. The Bavarian government, encouraged by the Roman Catholic Church, permanently banned in 1785, outlawed it.

Some believe that it did not totally die out, but instead went underground and changed form – The Illuminati Order [on the web] with an off-branch called Ordo Templi Orientis. It has been resurfaced to the public through novels like Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. At the website, it claims:

The Illuminati Order does not control the entertainment industry. If instant fame and free money are the primary reasons you want to join, you are in the wrong place. The Illuminati Order will not buy or help you sell your soul, and no ritual sacrifice is required to join. The Illuminati Order is a nonreligious organization in exactly the same way that governments should be nonreligious. It is neither anti-religious nor does it promote religion. Such views and practices are left solely to the discretion of each individual, as long as they do not violate the individual rights of others. You will not find any religious instruction advocated herein.

The real power behind globalism and the concept of a New World Order is more complicated than just pointing to an Illuminati organization. Extensive explanation of the Illuminati theory found HERE. A list is provided of the following families who are members: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li [Chinese], Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, van Duyn, and Merovingian [European Royal Families]. The powers are individuals [usually families] and organizations that are political, financial, and even within the Vatican, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Indeed, the ties of the new pope, Francis, from Argentina, are connected to this globalist conglomerate, a shadow government sponsoring the New World Order through the Vatican Bank.



The idea and foundation of a One World Government [New World Order] came from a man by the name of Cecil Rhodes, a Freemason who admired the structure of the Jesuit Order who dreamed of the British Empire controlling it all. It was Rhodes who created the Round Table, named after King Arthur’s Round Table, where Brotherhood Elite, like the Rothschild family would gather to plot their dream of financial, political, and social global domination. Unlike the Bavarian Illuminati, it was never disbanded, but instead grew. The families previously listed were each a circle that expanded like circles that form from dropping a pebble into water; but all answering to the oldest, largest, most powerful original circle of the families that formed the Round Table.

Cecil Rhodes was the son of a Hertfordshire clergyman who arrived in South Africa in 1870. He and his brother staked a claim for the Kimberly diamond fields and in the middle of the 1870s Cecil returned to England to attend the Oxford University. He did not get his degree because he made regular visits to South Africa. A trip in 1875 formulated his idea that the territories of Transvaal and Bechuanaland [Botswana] could aid him in his dream of British rule over all of southern Africa and eventually from the Cape to Cairo. In 1880, from the wealth of his diamond mining, he formed the De Beers Mining Company. He soon had commandeered gold and diamond mining of South Africa turning it into his monopoly, turning the entire business conglomerate into the British South Africa Company with the help of influences upon treaties and other political and business concessions. Shrewdness and sometimes treachery/trickery made him one of the richest men in the world and became so influential that Queen Victoria granted him The Royal Charter to BSAC in July of 1889. Sending 180 men and 500 troops under Rhodes’ leadership, Fort Victoria was established and the British flag was raised at what was then Salisbury and now Harare.

In 1881, Rhodes held a seat of Parliament of Cape Colony of which he held his entire life. He also became the prime minister, actually a dictator, of Cape Colony in 1890. The country of Rhodesia was named in his honor, but in 1980 the name was changed to Zimbabwe. Rhodes died in South Africa, the place where he established an empire, and arm of the British government. Rhodes left nearly all of his fortune to public service of which the chief benefactor was the Rhodes Scholarship of Oxford. It still exists today.



Originally a world organization was formed after World War I supposedly to prevent another world war, called the League of Nations, the organization was a failure. After World War II, another world organization was formed, this time its headquarters in New York City, called the United Nations, being more successful to meet the goals of the globalist Brotherhood.

The basic principles of the Brotherhood [former Illuminati] was based upon three words: problem-reaction-solution. It was the key to their success. By starting two world wars, they created a problem, which in turn created a reaction from the population who sought a solution and prevention from anymore world wars. So the Brotherhood [Illuminati] created a solution to the problem by founding the United Nations, whose goal all along was to create and maintain a One World Government. Of course the Brotherhood, made up of powerful families would be in control either directly or indirectly. The European Union was to be a prelude to this world government; but the United States would have to be put in line of the plan via families who established themselves in the New World. The Kennedy and Rockefeller families were one of them. They were established through the Freemason Society transferred from Europe when Americans were still colonists.

In modern times, as things progressed, as FDR, initiated social programs and other socialist ideology through the advantage of a people desperate because of a world financial depression.



When George W.H. Bush, formerly Vice President to Ronald Reagan became president, he let slip in a speech the words New World Order, in commending and prophesizing the future of the United Nations. His son, GW Bush secretly had meetings with Canadian and Mexican leadership to plan the agenda for a North American Union that would join in cooperation with the European Union [each with their unified form of currency that would eventually be a world currency], as well as an establishment of an Asian union most likely overseen by China, because the Soviet Union had collapsed. Mixed in with those unions would be an African union, the plan that all the unions would eventually combine to become a world union. The plan being that wars would then be obsolete because all citizens in the world of all regions would become loyal to one government who ruled much like the feudal system where the established families would have their own regions to be responsible for and continue their wealth. Citizens would be nothing but slaves to the world government and technology it produced; and from there reaching out across the Universe to expand and obtain new territories, much like what happened when the Old World discovered the New World.

Those that are part of this scheme actually believe the Earth would be better off, as well as humanity with their leadership or rather their heirs’ leadership under the Brotherhood. In the meantime, they enjoy wealth and power. All of this obtained by commandeering the world’s finances through International Banks and creating financial meltdowns in order to speed the process, as well as get the populace to comply with their plans.

As all secret societies, they rely heavily on the power of symbolism, like the old world of magic, consistent with the original Illuminati and Freemasons who melded into one.



One of the powerful front groups is the Bilderberg Group, created in the 1950s by a former SS officer, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and a Polish socialist, Jósef Retinger. The name of the group came from where the first meeting occurredHotel Bilderberg in the Netherlands. The original attendees were of elite people that totaled to 39, not elected, but invited by Prince Bernhard who was the leader. Each year the Bilderberg Group meets at different locations, being secretive, the members being about 120 persons from financial circles of Western Europe, US, and Canada. Little leaks out from these meetings because part of the financial conglomerate is the international corporate media – which is a major part of today’s problems in the US today. Political leaders are often invited from different countries. Flight tickets are paid for by the Committee, as well as food and drinks during the meeting. The sole purpose is discussion about a World Government, thought to have occurred in 2012 and a global army established soon after through the United Nations. The takeover includes the international computer system.

Information has occasionally leaked after these meetings, but it is thought it is only controlled leaks, making decisions and enacting those decisions that would destroy nations. The Trilateral Commission is part of this group, made up of the Rockefeller [Illuminati], Brzezinski [ZBig, Illuminati family, and sponsor of Barack Obama as well as advisor], created because the United Nations has been too slow in establishing the World Government planned. If you read David Rockefeller’s biography – Memoirs [2002], you will discover how much of this information fits together. Here is an excerpt:

For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.



In the United States the group behind all of this is the Council on Foreign Relation [CFR], which is only semi-secret and established in 1971, members representing the New World – Canada and United States. With help from “sister organizations” and the main one in England [Royal Institute of International Affairs], with Queen Elizabeth being at the top of this organization a tight control over nations of the Western World is possible. The CFR is chiefly controlled by the Rockefellers and are part of the plan for a World Government. The inner core is made up of members of secretive American society – the Skull & Bones, of which the Bush family as well as John Kerry are members.

The following video concerns the Quigley Formula, which explains much of that is happening and the plans of the globalist brotherhood.


The next video, produced in 2007, G. Edward Griffin speaking before an audience, clearly goes through the history and circumstance that is leading to what is happening today.


The next video puts the United Nations in perspective as to what it is really all about …


What originally was the Illuminati is now a Shadow Government that will surface as soon as the circles of financial brotherhood achieves their goal was an instrument to the creation of a world government.

And finally, a video that wades through descriptive terms we hear today and what the reality is AND WHAT AMERICANS NEED TO STRIVE FOR – Save the Republic!




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