Bill Maher: “Second Amendment is Bullshit” – Talking Head is Anti-Second Amendment and Anti-Semitic

This video speaks for itself, actually it makes me sick to my stomach to view or listen to Bill Maher


Notice how they mention constitutionalists as radicals intending to overthrow the government and then reinforces the allegations that the Obama administration via the DHS intends to use those 2,700 armored vehicles, billions of rounds of ammunition [hollow-point, illegal to use by international law], and true assault weapons [M-16] and the real reason why the Obama regime intends to disarm the People [semiautomatic] – adding the subject of using drones in United States something Obama/Biden assured they would not be used against the American people. The People, constitutionalists, will only rebel if they are forced with no other option. Today, because the Left has become so emboldened by so many useful idiots to support them, they ridicule the very core of why the United States became so unique and so free and so successful – the Constitution, its amendments, and the principals of virtues and values within a Judeo-Christian society that tolerates other religions and concedes to freedom of religion and choice.

There was not one constitutionalist among the Maher “panel”, and one RINO who used to work for Ronald Reagan. After stating that the Second Amendment is “bullshit” one of the panel mentions that it is the First Amendment that counts, with applause from the audience, not realizing that once the People are disarmed there will be no freedom of speech except those that are talking heads for the government, like Maher [socialist government]. Remember that Hitler’s regime arrived with applause and enthusiasm as well, and when they realized what was going on it was too late. Except for the indoctrinated, the People only complied with the government out of fear. Is that the way you want to live? Notice also that the Maher panel mentioned only the First Amendment, not the 4th, 5th, and 10th.

I wonder how he protects himself living and working where he does. Not all of us can afford hired protection, so we make sure we can protect ourselves. The United States is coming under big government control, no mention on the program about DHS gearing up against citizens, but plenty of leftist humor against those who fear the government has gotten big enough to destroy all the rights. At least Maher admitted he is left, which covers the description of socialism, communism, and fascism [not a right-wing thing]. Actually, it broken down into just two descriptions: individualism versus collectivism.

Whey one do you want?

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