Info Highway: April 15th 2013 and Notes From My Desk

hand_point2– Senate Democrats are holding up a resolution to honor deceased Margaret Thatcher, who died at age 87. Apparently the tribute made by Obama and Bill Clinton was a front. The tribute cites M. Thatcher as a –

…life-long commitment to advancing freedom, liberty, and democracy and for her friendship to the United States.

In the UK, the socialists held Thatcher death parties, disgracing their country and dishonoring a woman who spent her life in service to the United Kingdom and England. We are looking at the future United States, where indoctrinated youth by collectivists play useful idiots, enacting disgusting behaviour and violence the same of which they accuse opposition. Meanwhile, UK lawmakers pay tribute to Baroness Thatcher and the US House offered H. Res. 141 presented by Eric Cantor [R-VA] to express sorrow and tribute to Thatcher who was a prime minister from 1979 to 1990.  The house asked that John Kerry, Secretary of State communicate sentiments to Thatcher’s family and the British Parliament. The resolution passed the House Tuesday evening. A Senate resolution was also supposed to pass, but Sociocrats [Democrats] blocked it. Apparently it is in solidarity with the UK socialists who are holding parties celebrating Thatcher’s death and painting disgusting graffiti on buildings in Liverpool. For the House it was simply a traditional bereavement procedure, like that used for JFK. But like always, because the Senate is primarily unconstitutional socialist misfits, it put a damper and disgrace for the United States. Read Katherine Rosario blog at Heritage Foundation website. Rosario did not mention who was blocking the Senate resolution that was to coincide with the House resolution that passed. While corporate media ignored the insult, UK Daily Mail reported it, Newsmax.

hand_point2– In the US, a New York state town, Tea Party organizers are being told they cannot fly a Gadsden flag with the American flag because it is “offensive”. The flag created during the American Revolution has been described as a “Nazi flag”, a “Mickey Mouse flag” and graffiti. The political left is always whining about free speech that includes burning our national flag symbol, but denies the right for others to fly a historical patriot flag. It seems freedom of speech is only at the discretion of the Obama nation of useful idiots. It has become today, according to American socialist-collectivists a symbol of the Tea Party organization, and therefore offensive and subversive. The flag was removed by order of the town council. It was flown by a veterans group who has not come filed a lawsuit yet.

hand_point2– While American socialist collectivist prepare to dismantle the US Constitution without using proposed amendments, Secretary of State is selling out our national defense and siding with China in dealing with North Korea and its insane tyrant. Kerry is offering for the US to cut back its missile defense program if the NK tyrant will back off. I can understand discussing offensive missile talks, but DEFENSIVE missiles? Are these people for real? What is a person who lied before Congress, jointed the Fonda-Maoists group in socialist rallies, siding with communists during the Vietnam War doing in politics, much less Secretary of State?

hand_point2– The Gang of 8 is rushing the amnesty legislation through without oversight, a rather large bill that requires reading before voting upon. Hard questions are not being answered:

  • Does the bill complete the border fence established when Bush was in office?
  • Are all ports of entry secure before amnesty kicks in?
  • Does the bill stop sanctuary cities [and states] and that the federal government will finally enact an enforcement program to deport illegal immigrants who arrive after the amnesty?
  • Does the bill address future administrations from ignoring immigration laws?
  • How does the bill address and ensure that illegal immigrants will not have access to welfare programs by granting them green cards and instant citizenship?
  • Most importantly: what is all of this going to cost the American citizens?

It seems to me that eleven million illegal aliens [most likely more] who have slipped through the system have been taking jobs that legal citizens need. Why is this being done anyway? Well, that was an allegorical question because we all know why the socialists and RINOs are pushing this crap. Meanwhile, illegals caught or on the other side of the border are taunting Border Patrol agents stating that “Obama’s gonna let me go”.

hand_point2– While illegals taunt US authority and corporate media focuses upon gun control using mass murderers as reasons, the latter ignores that the Mexican cartel is organizing on US soil while Mexicans are murdered in record numbers thanks to US government sales to Mexico’s army and police – which ends up in the hands of the cartel. In a country where only 1% of the population is allowed firearms, murder, rape and looting occur regularly …

Is this the culture that Obama and company welcoming here in the United States? Illegal immigrants have no background checks or medical examines required by legal immigrants. Granting amnesty to illegal law breakers is an insult to legal immigrants who come here because they want to BE Americans, start a new life, and learn our traditions and constitutional law that provides them freedom they did not have whence they came. Arizona Daily Star:

As many as 120,000 people have been violently killed since 2006 in Mexico and about half of them were organized-style homicides that often involved the use of high-powered firearms imported illegally from the United States, according to a study from the University of San Diego’s Trans-Border Institute and the Igarape Institute, a research center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. … It’s not known exactly how many firearms are smuggled into Mexico from the United States each year, but Nogales, Sonora, municipal President Ramón Guzmán said it’s a lot easier to purchase firearms in the United States than it is in Mexico. The Mexican military estimates that less than 1 percent of firearms in Mexico are legally registered and 90 percent of firearms are used for criminal purposes. The likelihood that many of the guns seized by Chief Novoa’s officers come from the United States is very high, he said, due to the city’s proximity to the United States. About 87 percent of firearms seized by Mexican authorities and traced in the last five years originated in the United States, a Government Accountability Office report found in 2009. … “More gun control will help us in every type of crime, from vehicle theft to homicides. Even our own cops get killed with these same weapons.”

If the identification of the weapons were discovered, one could find out who is providing so many weapons [68,161 recovered]. Mexican government’s sanction of subversive elements in the US would certainly be considered an act of war anywhere else, well, I guess, not in France.

Why has all this allowed to go so far? Because we did not secure our borders and we did not ensure that the executive branch of government, which is becoming more powerful as time goes on, did not enforce laws, while signing new legislation passed by a Congress who only cares about securing votes through promotion of a nanny state. It is a constitutional responsibility of the President of the United States that those agencies and departments he/she is in charge of enforce the laws passed by Congress and signed by a president. Congress cannot keep track of 27,000 regulations and laws it has passed over the decades. They should be spending their time examining those regulations and laws and either rewrite them to meet constitutional law or repeal them, whichever is required. Congress has not learned that the quality of the bills passed is important, not the quantity.


From My Desk

boyhackThe following is a list of what OUR government should be working on to get the United States back on track …

Get rid of the income tax system and replace it with a consumption tax, which requires that the 16th amendment be repealed simultaneously with the introduction of the new tax system that will have a flat tax, no deductions, monthly reimbursements for poverty level citizens, and not tax upon things like home and food purchases. The flat tax, once established, cannot be increased [or decreased] without two-thirds majority vote in Congress and ratification by states as with a constitutional amendment. Everyone will pay the same tax and the wealthier citizens will automatically pay more because they have more to spend. No more progressive taxes and making the productive citizens political scapegoats.

  • Pass true lobby reform.
  • Pass a resolution/regulation for both House and Senate that every bill must pass a constitutional review before presentation for a vote.
  • Limit the consecutive tenure of congressional members like Congress did for the office of the President, and dissolve any retirement benefits to elected officials [this does not include government employees].
  • Pass a law that makes it unlawful for any private enterprise or organization to have control over government employment or its employees – which means trade unions. They are servants and work for the People, not trade unions and special interest groups.
  • Repeal the so-called Obamacare and begin a thorough congressional review of the 27,000 laws and regulations that require either reform or repeal.
  • Reduce the power of executive orders of the executive office, except in the case of a declared war by Congress; of which becomes void after the war is over.
  • Except for designated “staging areas” – close foreign bases and bring troops back to US for national defense or discharge not required for a designated location with no more than five regional bases in order to provide quick response when required. This must be done after the economic crisis is straightened that will begin with dissolving the IRS to a small accounting office and the income tax with it.
  • Begin a program to reduce or dissolve agencies, programs that are not required by the constitution and work at slowly reforming the Social Security “retirement” program back to the responsibility of the People. The most difficult part of this proposal is ensuring that citizens who have paid into the system do lose money they invested. By procuring reputable think tanks and the best economists in the nation, this can be accomplished.
  • Decentralize and reduce control of the federal government [and trade unions] of the educational system of the United States. Delegate authority to the states [their responsibility] who further delegate to the counties in cooperation with a reformed/improved parent-teacher program. Make it mandatory that students learn and knowledge of constitutional law and the reasons why Founders established the Constitution and its amendments.
  • Rescind all federal government support of abortion clinics and give it back to the private sector’s medical community. Remove federal government from Planned Parenthood program, reducing cost and intrusion upon citizen’s lives. Taxpayers should not pay for other people’s abortions.
  • Ensure that all states honor the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. The executive branch should be choosing constitutional justices and judges, not those with advocacy and special interests; and the Senate should be ensuring that judges and justices chosen by the President qualifies – without political prejudice.

In addition, maybe the most important aspect of this proposed reform is that the corporate media, through educational institutions promoting responsible journalism, be forced to do what they were intended to do: be the eyes and ears of the People and not the talking head of political and financial powers. The media must assist the People in their responsibility to keep watch upon those that operate OUR government, not as a democracy, but as a constitutional republic for which it was established. If the American society begins protest upon corporate media just by not watching or reading their misinformation and bias, they will soon realize that they must be the instrument of the People, not politicians, special interest, and big government.

Individualism is what made the US great, not collectivism; and certainly, self-reliance and community support was a factor. Once upon a time in America, having to apply for food stamps, other welfare programs, and unemployment not considered an entitlement but an embarrassment. Certainly, we can have programs to help people improve their situations when personal or national disaster strikes, but it should always be a hand up, not a hand out. Charity begins and ends within the community – not by the government at any level, for the funds used is not the government’s but the People’s contribution.

One last and important fix – dissolve the Faith Initiative agency in the federal government and make it important to respect religious practices, beliefs, and traditions including Christianity. Any religion that is intolerant to other religions and promotes violence should not be granted tolerance. Freedom of religion is not for any religion whose doctrine is violence and intolerance towards other religions.

Constitutional militia should not be perceived as a threat, but instead an important ally to a constitutional government – for that is what it protects, along with threat from foreign sources. The present government considers militia [constitutional militia, not paramilitary nut groups] an enemy, but does nothing about the 35 established Islamic fundamentalist training camps in the United States. The Constitution does not protect such enemies of freedom, equality, peacefulness, and tolerance. Subversion is still a crime, although the People have the right to choose to stand against an unconstitutional and tyrannical government; but using the pen and the will of the People as their weapons. That can be accomplished by society first reforming itself, becoming self-educated when it comes to the Constitution and its amendments and being responsible voters, and trust no one who does not want assurance of prevention of voting fraud. The same advocacy group who wants Americans to undergo background checks in order to prevent citizens to legally purchase firearms are the same people who are against document identification of voters and proof they can legally vote. Every citizen has the right to vote unless the voter committed a felony; however, they can only vote once and vote for themselves, not someone else. The election process has become a travesty thanks to the corporate media and election officials who turn their head when someone violates voting procedures and established regulations. It should be a felony offense for voting fraud, but I never see it reported that anyone has gone to prison when caught.

American voters must realize that their first responsibility is the Constitution that limits government powers and the amendments that guarantee rights. Do not provide useless loyalty to political clubs, but instead remain focused upon choosing and supporting candidates who are constitutionalists. It is the only way towards true reform.

We the People need to bring back values, especially family values, and strengthen our family units because they are truly the power of a nation and a guarantee of its success. You do not need to believe or practice any certain religion to have morals or believe in any religion at all. The golden rule has applied internationally and for a long period of human history; and when practices proved successfully in establishing civilization and society. Good manners and values, respect for each other is never outdated. Trust no one who tells you differently.

I have provided some viable solutions, but problems cannot be resolved if too many do not recognize there is a problem. If you want a better America, than start by being a better person, parent, and citizen; spend less time worried about other people’s lives and make yourself a role model – an example for others to emulate. Once again, the international golden rule applies. Everyone should have the freedom of personal choice; however, at the same time they must accept the responsibilities that go with it.

Probably the best thing for our country now is to impeach Obama and company. Any administration that wants to ban firearms from lawful citizens and provide true assault weapons [automatic-fire] to a corrupt and criminal nation should not be any nation’s leader, especially the United States. Obama has provided the reason to impeach, as well as his useful idiot, Biden and the heads of major departments of the executive office – to include Hillary Clinton who recently stepped down as Secretary of State, replaced by a Obama disciple. Use your voting power while we have it. No more tolerance of unconstitutional politicians who dishonor their oath of office. Truly, just be submitting an unconstitutional bill is a violation of a congressional member’s oath of office and that goes for executive orders by presidents.

Americans have been unique in that they are individuals who are self-reliant, but always offering a hand to others; and the only collective ideology they promote is unity and solidarity as American citizens from every walk of life and from every culture and ethnic group worldwide.