Foreign and Domestic Attacks on America – But No Conspiracy Here

Keith Koffler wrote [White House Dossier] about the Boston bombing and the president’s speech …

President Obama’s caution Monday in refusing to label the Boston Marathon bombing terrorism is understandable, but it’s a mistake. As the nation’s leader, he doesn’t want to say something that might prove inaccurate or stir emotions too greatly.

Except when it comes to anti-Second Amendment rhetoric and negativity towards lawful citizens’ right to self-defense.

Blowing up people at the finish line of a Boston Marathon is an act of terror – no matter if it were domestic or foreign terrorists. Obama is hesitant to assume its terrorism, which it is when people in public are blown up, because he has claimed that al Qaeda and terrorism itself has been practically eliminated since the death of bin Laden. He ignores that the people he is supplying funds and arms to will use them against the US. They are getting high-tech .50-caliber sniper rifles and other arms and at the same time attempting to disarm American citizens. If that does not disturb you, then it is clear you have been completely indoctrinated by the progressives and their corporate media, as they have taken over the both institutions.

hand_point2John Kerry is a flip-flop artist just as he was as an US Senator from Massachusetts, and just like his GOP counterpart, Mitt Romney – but worse.

When it came with dealing with North Korea he began with a strong stance, but as it reveals recently he is offering concessions that the US cannot expect or count on North Korea keeping, becoming allies with China whose agenda is to topple the US. When Kerry was a senator, he was against missile defense systems, actually anything that was concerning national defense. Fostered by Senator Ted Kennedy when he turned against his fellow soldiers and lied to Congress about US involvement in Vietnam and joining Fonda Maoists in demonstrations, Kerry’s idea of national defense is warped to say the least. When the Reagan administration planned the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) jokingly called “Star Wars” by the flower-power crowd, Kerry was first inline against it quoted as saying that SDI is a cancer on our nation’s defense. He voted against allowing the Defend America Act of 1996 and the American Missile Protection Act of 1998.

hand_point2Front Page Mag points out that Joe McCarthy was correct that Hollywood, like the FDR administration was a nest bed of socialists and communists; useful idiots for American subversion. It is why the Democrats became so solid with the socialist trade unions. The Daily Beast provided a platform for communist Bill Ayers to spread unchallenged lies about his background in the Weather Underground – all sanctioned and praised by Hollywood’s Robert Redford. Indeed, along with Bill Myers, Redford looks upon Obama as America’s savior, who is also tied with Bill Myers. My question is what is a former terrorist and member of the Weatherman Underground being employed as a professor in Chicago? That one city succumbing to the communist and socialist infiltration thanks to the trade unions and their thugs. Indeed Redford and Hollywood producers have produced a whitewash of communism in a recent film, just as zealously as it portrayed Joe McCarthy as a Witch Hunter.

If Obama had undergone a background check before being qualified as a candidate for public office – HE WOULD HAVE FAILED.


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