From My Desk: Boston Bombing, Decaying Detroit Glimpse of Future America, and Tax System

hand_point2– I have not written much about the Boston Bombing incident, the media is in a flurry of speculation after President Obama admitted it was an act of terrorism. The death toll moved from two to three, as Fox News reported on April 15th.

Tax CollectorThe day it occurred could be speculation, for it is Tax Day – a day that Americans should not, and no longer want to worry about. The Fair Tax Act [H.R. 25] has languished in Congress since 2002, more focused upon an expensive and intrusive health care bill, more intrusive and expensive government, and firearm bills that will eventually lead to firearm confiscation from lawful citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights. Bill Maher explicitly stated was bullsh*t, expressing the progressive idea of what rights should be allowed and those not allowed. The selection is up to the progressive elite. The same progressive talking head clearly made statements revealing his anti-Semitism – the same folks who accuse the Tea Party and NRA of “racism” because they insist upon constitutional rights.

Like the Oklahoma City bombing, the media tried to connect Timothy McVeigh with American militia radicals, but the militia organization he had briefly belonged to kicked him out because he was too radical.

Without any clear evidence, progressives have begun to blame the Tea Party movement for the Boston bombing without any evidence from the investigative authorities. Still others, like UK media, immediately complain that Muslims are being blamed. As Brandon Smith at Infowars quoted:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.
[Rahm Emanuel, former White House Chief of Staff to Barack Obama.

So, who do they plan to blame? Certainly not “assault” rifles and magazine capacities. Since calendar days are important, like September 11th in the case of the Benghazi attack, the day of the Boston bombing was April 15th, Tax Day. Infowars:

Election 2012 - Tax Reform Not Campaign Issue, AgainApril 15th is tax day across the nation, and Tax Protest Day sponsored annually by Tea Party organizations across the country also just happened to fall on the 15th this year.  On top of this, in Massachusetts, Patriots Day (a civic holiday celebrating the battles of Lexington and Concord) is held on the third Monday of April every year, which just happened to be the 15th this year.  Oath Keepers, a constitutional organization often wrongly attacked as a “domestic extremist group” by the DHS and SPLC, just happened to have a large pro-freedom rally scheduled for the 19th of April at Lexington Green in Massachusetts.  Are we starting to get the picture here?

Thus far, the timing of the two explosions and type of explosives indicate the work of a Jihad group – but that is profiling, not allowed in the realm of progressive socialists unless they are political/ideological opposition. For now, there is only speculation and suspects not revealed yet.

UPDATE: April 18th 2013: Government False Flag Behind Boston Bombing.

hand_point2– The Fair Tax Act of 2011 continually reintroduced, this time sponsored by Rep. Rob Woodall [R-GA] continuing the crusade that Rep. John Linder [R-GA] started back in 2002, now retired from politics. H.R. 25 summary:

This bill would eliminate all federal income taxes, payroll taxes and estate tax, and replace them with a federal sales tax of 23% on the use of consumption of all goods, properties, and services. The Internal Revenue Service would be abolished and replaced by an Excise Tax Bureau and a Sales Tax Bureau in the Department of the Treasury.

This makes far more sense than government health care, where both the government and the citizens will win – and, most importantly, help to get government economics under control, only, of course, if politicians quit spending beyond their budget. Organizations pushing for this bill to be passed are the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Fair Taxation, and the National Small Business Association; the latter hurting most under the present draconian tax system.

hand_point2– If you want to see the future of America take a gander at Detroit, Michigan where for more than 50 years it has been ruled by Democrat progressive socialism. The Nanny Welfare City is home to corruption and trade unions – and the same problems of the Feds: budget deficit.

Coleman Young was mayor who ran on the Democratic ticket from 1974 to 1993, but was a member of the US Communist Party; labeled anyone who disagreed or opposed him as a racist. His police chief was convicted in 1992 for stealing $2.6 million of those in the city that actually paid taxes. Other convictions occurred as time went on, like Rep. John Conyers [D-MI] guilty of federal bribery charges. Mayor Kwami Kilpatrick resigned in 2008 and only spent 120 days in jail for two felony charges and in 2010; he violated his terms of probation and sentenced to five years in prison. It looks similar to the city of Chicago’s record of corruption. The city continues its cycle of corruption through 2012.

City officials fully support the draconian tax system while they seek ways to circumvent it. The city has chased businesses away and the auto industry thrives upon insurance of bailout when they fail – those that did not move to right-to-work states, Georgia for example. The once great US America is drifting, decaying with rust and cancerous socialism, towards the rocks of self-destruction because Americans have turned away from what created and made the United States a great nation – the Constitution. We have involved ourselves with foreign problems when the Founders explicitly warned us not to. We have allowed financiers and bankers to take over our economy within the government, to including Congress’ job of printing money [Federal Reserve], despite warnings against doing so. We have modeled our banking system with the English system from whence we proclaimed independence, instead of a system like that in Switzerland. We have voted for politicians, fellow citizens, who consistently perform the same mistakes over and over, blaming it on the Constitution when in fact it is because they did not follow constitutional law, uphold it, or protect it as they have sworn to do.

In 2012, Detroit was named the most dangerous city in the United States with a murder rate 11 times that of New York City with less of a population. Barack Obama got a 98% vote there, including Brain Banks, convicted felon, elected with a large margin victory. In Detroit, like 65 million national voters, criminal associations and part of criminal activities does not qualify someone to be removed from candidacy for public office. All that matters is promises of free cell phones, free abortions, and other people paying taxes. It is all part of the “fairness” and social justice society that thinks everything is an entitlement, guaranteed by the Constitution because it has a statement concerning Welfare of the People. It’s probably the only quoted phrase in the Constitution they know about, except maybe the First Amendment, an excuse to burn a US flag.

And folks, this traditional two-party political system is a joke – there is not much difference between the two. A constitutionalist and reformer, Ron Paul, was degraded by his own party. His speeches, his ideology matched the Republican Party platform. Republicans in office could not have read it, for they certainly were not keeping the GOP promise to the people. Our political system has run amuck. It is supposed to be a system where anyone has a chance to serve in our government as an elected official if he or she gets enough votes; but that is not the way it works. The Democrats and the Republicans won’t have it, and the corporate media, supposed to be the eyes/ears of the People, won’t allow it. The following video is about a person who is striving to change that, but the real key is the People. We the People must educate ourselves and base our political views on the foundation of our Constitution and its amendments and vote for those who not only talk about it, but do it.

This is America folks, the United States, no longer the great nation because the People lost what made them great: self-reliance, self-sufficiency, individuality, freedom of choice, and knowing that personal integrity and hard work is what provides the foundation to meet our personal goals.

What is wrong with America? … Watch this video and see what is wrong with America:

Get this: The United States kills more infants than any other nation in the world – with the government, run by progressive, collectivist socialists blessing who created a generation who believes that things everyone must work for as individuals is an entitlement and an irresponsible lifestyle is more important than the life of an unborn child. To be practical, to be moral, to have simple international golden rule values is “old school”. Well, it isn’t for any civilization no matter how technically advanced they become. We kowtow to socialists across the ocean thinking it is cool to emulate their ideology, when it was the American ideology, the individual, the pioneers, the dreamers who made things great. Let’s be great again. Let’s unite as Americans, no matter where we originally came or our ancestors – for we can have one important thing in common – being an American, an individual, yet united in values and constitutional law – respecting other Americans for what they are, not who they are. It will take a lot of work. We have failed children of at least two generations. It is time to take personal responsibility that comes with freedom of choice, and know that no government can ever provide what we can provide for ourselves as integrated family units and united people within communities, states, and ultimately a nation. I challenge Americans and all free-thinking individuals of the world to reform themselves, unite and reform the governments that do not appreciate its people.



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