From My Desk: Neverending Fight for Bill of Right Liberties

boyhackPresident Obama is angry about the defeat of the background check bill and promised that this effort is not over.

What else is new?

Second-American-Revolution_flagCurrently, retention of rights and liberties is a daily battle against relentless tyrants who want to control citizens from cradle to grave. Obama and company wail that Republicans are going against 90% of what Americans want and with that inflated amount; they claim that Republicans lied about the bill and that is why it did not pass. It did not pass because politicians listened to their constituents [which counters progressives claim of 90%] and the Second Amendment. However, along with that proposal failing, so did the GOP amendment to permit national recognition of state-issued concealed carry permits 57 to 43. In reality, the Second Amendment is the law of the united fifty states, so no state can stop a concealed permit carrying person traveling from one state through or to another state from carrying a concealed weapon. In addition, the Supreme Court should be telling New York and Illinois that they cannot stop lawful citizens from carrying concealed firearms or from applying for a permit to carry one. It is long past due for the federal government know what its limitations of power is and that all states of the union must comply with the Bill of Rights. Matters concerning marriage must be delegated to state governments and not even discussed [same-sex marriage issues] at federal level. States should not, and constitutionally cannot, prevent a lawful citizen from traveling anywhere in the United States who holds a valid concealed carry permit, except in places that serve alcoholic beverages or property owners who post a No Firearms sign at their business establishment. Businesses who post No Firearms signs at their establishments should be ready for lawsuit if a violent crime occurs and citizens cannot defend themselves or proper security was not established at that “Gun Free Zone”. Businesses that wish to be a gun-free zone must be held accountable for the security of its patrons. Good laws are based upon common sense and a foundation of the articles and amendments of the US Constitution.

Of course, when the news of the failed Democrat and RINO coup of the Second Amendment was heard, people once again tried to shame those who stood by the Bill of Rights.

One woman present in the senate who was escorted from the Senate building because of her [and companions’] violent reactions said she hated the senators and –

We’re sick and tired of the death in this country and these legislators stand up there and think it’s a bunch of numbers.

No, we’re sick and tired of people thinking [wishful] that if ALL firearms were taken from citizens the world would be beautiful and love and peace would flourish.

Her daughter was wounded in April of 2007 at the Virginia Tech mass shooting, understandably she is emotional when it comes to firearms. If her daughter was injured or killed in an automobile accident caused by a drunk or irresponsible driver, would she advocate making the manufacture and ownership of automobiles illegal?
She failed to realize that the “numbers” prove that more criminal violence occurs when lawful citizens are not afforded the opportunity to defend themselves according to the Second Amendment. Her reaction, like that of those in the Senate, is strictly emotional with no common sense or constitutional legality. It is wrong to punish lawful citizens [the majority] for the wrongful act of a minority of citizens. If what that woman and others said is true, pressure cookers should be outlawed because that is the device that held the two bombs that killed three and wounded many at the Boston bombing incident or knives after the mass attack by a knife-wielding individual recently. It would also affect the amount of vehicles on the highways or who can own and drive them for the number of vehicular deaths in the US far outweighs wrongful death by firearms. Progressive whiners, indoctrinated citizens need to seek self-knowledge and get a grip.

Those women creating a ruckus in the Senate building never mentioned that Obama’s administration, indeed Obama himself, was responsible for the deaths of those who died in Benghazi, and while using family of victims of Sandy Hook for political tools, has completely ignored and, in fact repressed publicity about families of those who died needlessly in Benghazi [and other places in the world] as well as those wounded and not allowed to discuss the incident. [Read American Spectator article]

Gangland murders occur daily in the United States and if the senate bill passed, gangland murders would continue to happen daily, probably with an increase if we go by statistics from 1999 to 2012. Those places where mass shooting occurred were ALL “Gun-Free Zones” – has any of these spineless citizens thought about that? We have become a nation who thinks that government solves everything and laws they pass make life better for its citizens. People need to have control over their own lives with repercussions if they don’t; simple as that, folks. The bottom line is that too many people do not want to take responsibility, rather leave it to people in Washington or their state governments and bail them out if things go wrong. Freedom of choice is a natural right, a natural law and with all liberties the price is responsibility for those choices made. How convenient to point fingers at others for one’s own failures. Democrats and GOP RINOs will always fail and be failures because they rely on failed policies and ideologies – chiefly socialist collectivism instead of unified individuality that was prescribed by the framers of the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Why is it that more firearms are owned by private citizens today than ever before – but the amount of violent deaths have decreased? That alone blows the progressive collectivists theory out the window.

SS America in Dangerous Waters

SS America in Dangerous Waters

If you want the US America not to sink, then the cancerous rust of failed ideology and polices must be removed and the protection of the paint of the US Constitution and its amendments must be applied and protected against those who would remove it. The wisdom of the Founders will steer us away from rocky shoals looming ever closer to its destructions, if only We the People insist that those that operate OUR government use that common sense and wisdom that made our nation the greatest in the world. Instead we have been convinced to emulate systems of failure of other nations and cultures.

Meanwhile, Senator Rubio states that the present bill is not amnesty, but not passing it is. Yes, senator, and We the People are tired of congress pissing down our backs and telling us it’s raining. Wake up – some things cannot be compromised. A bill was passed into legislation to complete the project of sealing our southern border, and now more than five years later it is not only incomplete, but an increase of invaders has been enabled with the promise of Obama amnesty. Among those invaders are agents of the Mexican cartel of crime extending further and deeper into the United States. Thanks to Bush, Obama and Congress.


The following video is the latest in the series of the Patriot Nurse with weapon-combat instructor guest James Yeager.


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