From My Desk: Gary Bies is a RINO

Garey Bies is a RINO. He is a Republican Party member of the Wisconsin State Assembly that represents my district – #1. The people only had the choice in 2012 election between him and Democrat Patrick Veeser. No GOP or independent has come forward to replace him.

  • Bies has been sitting out his terms since 2000, getting fatter each year. He deplores the lack of civility exhibited by Democrats, but votes right along with them on intrusive and unconstitutional legislation.
  • Bies voted for tax cuts for businesses, but helped create new taxes.

  • Bies believes that government has the right to tell a private business that they cannot allow customers smoke on their privately owned establishments – not leaving it to the owners’ freedom of choice.
  • Bies has consistently used the tax base to punish a portion of the population because they use tobacco products, but will not vote for over taxation of alcohol beverages, despite being publicly against drunk driving. Against tobacco use, he supports alcohol use and he and others allowed the sale of alcohol at the Peninsula Golf Course where it used to be prohibited because of the family environment. His excuse was to increase revenue so green fees will remain reasonable to enjoy golfing
  • Bies believes that the purpose of government is to lay the rules down to protect the people. He enjoys telling people how to live their lives – NOT the purpose of government, following the federal government at a smaller scale.
  • He voted to continue and increase the hotel, motel, and bed & breakfast tax in Wisconsin; after he voted for forcing motels, restaurants, and pubs to post No Smoking signs in private business. It is called Room Tax, used by municipalities but did not pass as part of a state tax.

He spent 30 years as a sheriff of Door County and was mediocre at best. Bies is a typical GOP establishment official. Because of his experience in law enforcement he was named Chair of Corrections Committee.

Wisconsin is a state that taxes both income and sales, exempting food from being taxed. Gary Bies is not a solution to problems, he is part of the problem of big government. He says he is there for veterans, but did not lift one finger to help me having to take care of matters with Senator Ron Johnson, whose office was there to help fight bureaucracy.

Do not bother sending correspondence to Gary Bies – he never answers or addresses issues his constituents have. One major issue was the unconstitutional law that forces private businesses [restaurants, pubs, motels, hotels, and bed-n-breakfast establishments] to post No Smoking signs and making it illegal to use tobacco products in private establishments. Why not prohibit alcohol or overuse of cologne and perfume? It is no different, but bureaucrats are selective in their intrusive legislation. Gary Bies and associates may restrict smoking in state government buildings – but not private businesses.

Gary Bies introduced a bill to raise Wisconsin’s sales tax by one cent in order to fund all of Wisconsin technical colleges. Will that reduce the cost of classes? The assets will transfer the assets and control of those schools away from elected school boards and community councils to the state. Like I said, Gary Bies is not much different than a Democrat, so why call himself a Republican?

Governor Walker rejected such an idea back in 2010. I hope that he will veto this bill if it passes the Assembly. Gary Bies is an overweight joke.

I hope there is someone qualified and constitutionally minded in the next election because I, for one, am tired of this person. In a time when unemployment remains high, especially in my county, raising taxes or creating new taxes is not an option. Education is expensive because of fat bureaucrats and union thugs.

When Jim Doyle entered his second term as governor, he imposed a 38% increase in state fees. Changing a title to a vehicle in your name used to cost $45 – now $69.50; and this is just one example of a Wisconsin state fee. Bies and Walker did not address an issue I presented to them. Most folks would have agreed to a $5 increase, but not a $24 increase. That over taxation in the guise of state fees was never cut back, and since then cost of living has increased while wages fall behind national averages. Indeed, wages in Door County are at least $1 less than the rest of the state and gasoline averages from one cent to five cents in price difference in other counties, like Brown.

Our education system concerns itself with condoms and spends too much in sports departments than academic curriculum. People should keep in good physical condition, but they must also exercise their minds and obtain all the knowledge available to be successful in life – and keep one-step ahead of bureaucrats like Gary Bies. We need constitutionalists in both state and federal governments, even within the city council. The good old boy system sucks claiming that an increase in sales taxes will help folks with their property taxes – just raised again to pay for high-cost with no matching return for the education system.

To youth today … Why spend all that money attending college or technical schooling after high school when, after graduating, they cannot find jobs they studied for – ending up working for the local landscape company or McDonalds? One would be better off to be self-educated and obtain on-the-job experience. Government is why so many young men and women are moving back in with the parents, for it is government with the help of the bankers and financiers that created such a bad economy – not the oil companies or “big business”.

It has been difficult to pass the Fair Tax Act to replace the income tax system and rid Americans of the IRS Gestapo because Americans do not trust politicians. They collect tax on income and consumption now – so why would they want to change the draconian and unconstitutional system? Some state governments are as bad as the Feds.