Addressing Voter Fraud: The System That Cancels Out Your Vote

The Democrat Party and George Soros believe in Joseph Stalin’s philosophy that it is not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.

lighthouse9_animatedIn 2008 and 2012, St. Lucie County, Florida clearly was suspect in voting fraud, even a volunteer blew the whistle on the operation in 2012 – but the corporate media ignored it and authorities denied and shelved it as preposterous. Yet, a YouTube video of the whistleblower shows a different story, and attempts to interview the person in charge of vote counting [and recounting] failed. Because of this and fraud elsewhere, like in Ohio and Indiana where people were put on trial for fraudulent voting and convicted, many believe it is the only reason Obama won the close election of the popular vote in 2012 by only 51.2% [over 65 million votes]. Voting fraud cost Allen West his reelection.

Of the GOP poster boy, Mitt Romney would not have been the president to champion true reform in the federal government’s steady growth and economic failure; but would have been the “lesser evil” in choosing a president.

True the Vote is an organization whose president, Catherine Engelbrecht, is dedicated to improving laws against vote fraud as well as team building this year to make sure that every polling place has citizen representation.

Despite US Attorney General, Eric Holder and associates may say, most Americans agree that voter identification is necessary in order to validate citizens’ votes.

George Soros has put power and money behind an agenda that has a front group who ensures Democrats are elected as state secretaries of state in order to oversee vote handling to ensure fraud continues in their politicians’ favor.

True the Vote is suing St. Lucie County, Florida for its corrupt election that prevented Allen West from getting reelected.

If that is not enough, lawmakers are cheating in legislative voting as well, as caught on tape in a video 11 months ago. Legislators and other political folks are eager for electronic, computerized voting. The Bill Whittle video addresses the growing problem where fraud counters the true vote count void.

According to leftist corporate media The Nation, True the Vote and other such entities are dedicated to spreading “myths” – revealing NO truth or source for their accusation.

Since the FDR administration, the United States has steadily fostered Marxism; yet ridiculed whistleblowers like Senator Joe McCarthy and others who have shown that such infiltration and subversion exists. Today it is not uncommon to hear about the Constitution being outdated, but no bills appear that contend to change those portions [if not the entire Constitution] by means prescribed by the document they deem “outdated”. It is because they do not want to go through the constitutional process because it would not meet their long-term agenda. Once the political left denied their socialist agenda, but today they have become emboldened because of Obama and associates’ success at dramatically altering our constitutional republic, changed to a form of government that history consistently shows destroys freedom and liberty for all except those elite who choose themselves as leadership of a nation.

While the Democrat Party has reached a point of total corruption, there is not much difference in terms of constitutional law and oath keeping among Republicans anymore, indeed, in some districts, they also have been caught cheating in elections.

Democrats and Republicans may fight against each other, pointing fingers and demonizing each other – but the two-party system has failed us. Americans can no longer afford to be loyal to political clubs, but instead seek out by insisting that those who wish to serve in public office and lead our state and federal government must be constitutionally minded – the Constitution the foundation of all the do in government.