ODESSA Files: Boston Bombing – Yet Another Bad Mark

Let me start by saying – BH Obama and his VP need to be impeached immediately – and put Holder and Hillary in jail.

Between “Fast-N-Furious”, Benghazi and now Boston Bombing, this administration preaches about how much they care about security, so much so they are willing to remove our rights and liberties, and then this …

– NewsMax, April 26th 2013 …

…Lawmakers are demanding to know why Tsarnaev, who has confessed to being involved in the planting of two bombs near the Boston Marathon finish line, was read his Miranda rights in the middle of his interrogation. … Tsarnaev had been under interrogation for about 16 hours in his hospital room before a magistrate and representatives from the U.S. Attorney’s Office entered the room and read him his Miranda rights. He then stopped talking, according to sources briefed on the interrogation. … Giuliani also criticized the administration of Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick for refusing to release records of welfare payments the Boston terror bombings may have received, saying it was essential information in determining how they financed their activities. … Lawmakers have long disagreed over whether to read terrorism suspects their rights after they are captured in the United States. Some prominent Republican lawmakers have called for Tsarnaev to be considered an enemy combatant, but the Obama administration opted to try him in civilian criminal court proceedings instead. … Most courts will not admit statements made before suspects are officially made aware of their rights, and if cases are to be tried in a civilian, rather than military court, a suspect must be read the warning.

Whose side is the FBI/Feds on?

Why is this administration not calling the kettle black – terrorists are enemies of the United States, not Tea Party folks and the NRA. We are at war whether the morons in Washington admit it or not. No solution can ever be determined until it is admitted there IS a problem – and definitely with this inept and corrupt administration.


The majority of American voters wrote off Ron Paul as a viable candidate in the primary elections because they paid attention to the politically bias and manipulative corporate mainstream media. Neither Obama nor Romney should be president, or hold any office other than dogcatchers – and even then watched closely. Romney may be the “lesser evil”, but I am tired of choosing that way in national elections. Romney has more character than Obama, but he has a problem of standing upon principles – too busy trying to please everyone.

We the People need constitutionalists, not political hacks, prostitutes, and members of the good old boys in Washington [both parties]. If the media and political elite ignored or made fun of persons like Dr. Paul, then that should have been an incentive for American citizens to choose him.

Ron Paul has never been involved in any scandal during his long career in Washington.

Ron Paul has consistently gave warnings what would happen if true reform does not take place, and believes that the US Constitution must be the foundation of how and why government operates.

Those we elect must be loyal to the US Constitution and citizens of the United States, not political clubs and special interest groups and lobbyists. It is the responsibility of the People to protect their rights and liberties