Benghazi Scandal: Witness, Gregory Hicks Vows to Honor His Oath

One of the statements made by a witness in Benghazi incident hearings was compelling. The witness is Gregory Hicks who stated on May 8th 2013:

On February 19th, 1991, I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. I am here to honor that oath.

Mr. Hicks revealed that two stand-down orders were given which left Hicks and Special Forces personnel stunned and outraged, leaving their fellow Americans to defend themselves against Islamic jihadists that outnumbered and outgunned them.

As Hicks testified, stand-down order one was when Hicks requested deployment of the special incident Foreign Emergency Support Team [FEST], specially formed to handle attacks like what occurred in Benghazi. Hicks testified that the FEST team were capable of responding within four hours and why the team was created after the attack on the USS Cole. When asked why the FEST team was not deployed, Hick said, I don’t know.

As Hicks testified, stand-down order two was when the Special Forces team in Tripoli was set to board a C-130 aircraft and fly to Benghazi to rescue their fellow Americans, when the commander, Lt. Col. Gibson, was ordered to stand-down and stay in Tripoli. Hicks stated:

I told him to go get our people and that is what he wanted to do.

Hicks stated that Colonel Gibson was furious.

The media has focused upon the cover-up and spin of facts soon after the tragedy at Benghazi, disclosing that the executive administration knew the next day it had been a well-organized attack and certainly not a spontaneous riot. Has there ever been a riot around midnight. No, protests/riots occur during the daytime. Yet with those details even at the beginning, the media dwelled upon the smoke screen story of a protest over some obscure video and covering the arrest of the person who produced it. That was important then, but since that time, it is more important in finding out why the FEST team and other assets were not used to save the ambassador and those present.

The following YouTube video is excerpts from C-SPAN coverage …


Whatever compelling evidence may point towards this executive administration, it will not surprise me that this will end up like the Fast-N- Furious scandal [that also cost lives on US and Mexico side of border], where it is shelved by the media and painted over by the President. To hope for impeachment and a trial against Hillary Clinton will probably never be realized, for there are not enough members of Congress who honor their oaths of office or principles of honesty and integrity to initiate and conduct impeachment hearings leading to a decision.