ODESSA Files: Noose of Truth Tightening in Benghazi Scandal

Barack Obama should have listened to his own advice given a while back …

The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are the people with something to hide.

The latest excuse for lack of security requested is beyond imagination – budget cuts. It won’t work, the budget cuts took place AFTER the request. Since when does the Obama administration and his cronies in Congress worry about the budget. His promise of reducing debt and at the same time admonishing GW Bush for climbing national debt [which is true], he increased national debt more in four years than Bush did in eight. It is clear that both sides of the political aisle have spending problems – and continue to spend with either the idea they can spend their way out of debt or continue to increase the tax burden upon citizens in order to match their overspending. When they do cut, they cut the wrong programs and continue to funnel US taxpayer funds to foreign nations, people, and organizations. As if we do not have enough military bases around the world, the plan is that when troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan, four bases will remain occupied by US military personnel. The same administration that has been planning cuts of national defense. The national security of the United States is more important than protecting other nations who do not appreciate it.

Fast-N-Furious was shelved under the table with the help of the media and the apathy of too many Americans. Obama even had the audacity to tell the Mexican government when last visiting that their violence has been caused by Americans illegally selling guns across the border; disregarding what Fast-N-Furious was all about and the violent criminal mentality of the Drug Lords of Mexico. Indeed, it is the other way around. Mexicans pour over the border bringing with them their criminal elements and now the drug cartel is infiltrating in cities of the United States. Obama and company are going to learn that more often than not, the cover-up is often worse than the crime. It is what caused the fall of Richard Nixon, who resigned rather than face impeachment hearings and ultimately a trial, ironically that Hillary Rodham-Clinton was part of the prosecution team in her youth. Hillary and her husband are veterans of scandals. She moved from Watergate prosecution staff to her involvement in the Whitewater scandal. Everyone surrounding her during that period was prosecuted and several went to prison – but Hillary and Bill remained untouched. But the general public seems to have amnesia when it comes to such things as political analysts converse on the possibility of Hillary running for Obama’s office in 2016. Ed Rendell stated that – Benghazi won’t have any long-lasting effect.

It might be interesting to note, a bit off subject, that recently a Nixon aide claims that Lyndon Johnson orchestrated the assassination of John F. Kennedy – both individuals knowing Jack Ruby.

Larry Klayman wrote:

The Benghazi hearings this week before House Chairman Darrell Issa’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee were a stark reminder of how congressional Republicans and former Republican independent counsels Ken Starr and Robert Ray shirked their duties and subverted justice when they let both Hillary Clinton and hubby “President Bill” off the hook in the late 1990s for their more than 40 major scandals and rampant criminality. Failing to impeach and convict – as well as indict, try and imprison – the “Bonnie and Clyde” of American politics, the fearsome and “dynamic” duo of crime has come back to haunt, torment, torture and harm not only the Grand Old Party, but much more importantly the American people and the nation as a whole. … These purveyors of crime committed bank and other fraud in a scandal known as Whitewater, fired White House Travel Office employees to then hire their friends and when called on the carpet about his caper sicced the Internal Revenue Office on the head of the Travel Office, Billy Dale. They also illegally obtained and misused more than 900 FBI files to smear and destroy perceived adversaries, took bribes from the communist Chinese and others to fill their presidential campaign coffers and help pay for the Clinton library in Little Rock, Ark., feloniously sold seats on government-sponsored trade missions at then Secretary Ron Brown’s Commerce Department, disclosed U.S. government high-tech classified information concerning missile accuracy and satellites to the Chinese in exchange for additional bribes, smeared, threatened and attempted to destroy several women who had had affairs with Bill and were willing to talk to the media and testify during the Monica Lewinsky and related scandals, illegally released Privacy Act-protected employment information about one of the other women Bill Clinton had harassed, Kathleen Willey (which Judge Royce Lamberth of the federal court in Washington, D.C., ruled was a crime), shook down donors for the ability to have them stay in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House for $100,000 a pop, sold judgeships and other government jobs to the highest bidder and also sold presidential pardons to major criminals like Mark Rich. They obstructed justice by hiding more than 1 million emails relevant to my court cases against them at Judicial Watch, and congressional and independent counsel investigations, took illegal insurance payments from insurance carriers State Farm and Chubb to pay their legal bills, illegally raised money from Americans to further pay their legal bills through illicit legal defense funds (the law prohibits gratuities to federal officials), instigated IRS audits of perceived adversaries to destroy them, arranged for and took illegal campaign contributions to finance Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign, attempted to steal White House furniture when their term ended (there was no crime that as beneath Bonnie and Clyde), and a host of other crimes too long to mention in this column.

More than 80 people, many who were material witnesses “mysteriously” died during the Clinton administration and whistleblowers were made to look foolish with the help of the corporate mainstream media, the same entity that has assisted BH Obama through his political career. The Clinton scandals were addressed extensively in Klayman’s book: Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.

In regards to Obama, it saddens me that he has not only is guilty of many things, but represents the first American descendant of Africans to hold the highest office in the land – to throw it away by leaving a legacy as the worst president in US history. That is what happens when one surrounds themselves with corruption and criminal individuals and organizations.  The problem is not just Democrat and/or Republican, but Washington, DC itself, as Klayman points out:

Yes, it’s a giant club in our nation’s capital, and “We the People” no longer have a republican form of representative government – as neither political party has “clean hands” nor the will to enforce the law. Therefore, it falls upon us, the citizens, to seek justice for the crimes of our politicians and other government officials who continue to play criminal games with our future as the greatest country on Earth. That is why I have initiated a citizens’ grand jury in Ocala, Fla., to hold the political elite accountable to the rule of law. See my website, CitizensGrandJury.com.

Hillary Clinton resigned as rats would leave a sinking ship would do. And, if history repeats itself, Hillary will once again see those in her staff fall under congressional hearings and trials of the judiciary and will continue her corrupt political career because there are enough useful idiots, those that elected and reelected BH Obama, to continue business as usual in the federal [and state] government. Too many Republicans have blamed their loss in 2012 upon the Tea Party movement, when its ideologies and advocacy of constitutional law should have been embraced, backing Ron Paul instead of GOP poster-boy Mitt Romney. Even the usual Democrat voting fraud machine could not have stood up to Americans siding with the Constitution instead of political agendas they constantly believe is the answer to reformation. The importance of individuality must be renewed versus the collective self-destructive politics that has developed for many decades.

A second revolution must be enacted and followed through, this time using truth and constitutional law instead of weapons and ammunition, regaining the principles of the rule of law that made America great and could be great once again. The second revolution is a matter of social reform that will lead to political reform; disregarding the importance of political party, instead focusing upon politicians who believe and act upon constitutional law, abiding by their oaths of office from the county sheriff to the President of the United States. Unconstitutional power must be removed from the executive office and returned to the branches to which they were designed. This is the only way the US can be great once again. Even some Democrats are disgusted as to how far this administration has carried our government into the abyss of corruption and unconstitutionality.

The United States is not “great” anymore – but we can be and it will not happen without the US Constitution as its principle and base of how and why our government operates and our society wakes up to the reality of what truly is wrong and where we are heading as other civilizations fell in history.

First step in solving a problem is to recognize there is one

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