ODESSA Files: BH Obama – Yet Another Broken Promise

Many promises have been broken since 2008 by BH Obama, but the most tragic is how he has not taken care of the victims who still suffer from the Fort Hood terrorist attack – and insults them by dubbing it a workplace violence incident, as if the US Army major was just a disturbed individual who got violent at the “workplace”.  When he began to open fire upon people at Fort Hood he cried out in Arabic an Islamic jihad phrase and it has been conclusively shown that he had ties with terrorist organizations and members of such. In the following video, the CIA director has recognized it as an act of terror, but the President of the United States, commander-in-chief, has not. To make it worse, those people who survived are still suffering.

Reason to Impeach – no more scandals, no more unconstitutional acts. Clean out Congress and the Oval Office. Rightfully, there should be a recall election like what occurred in Wisconsin, orchestrated by the trade unions with funding from unions across America. But Walker won the recall because he was doing what he said he would do when the people elected him. Obama has not done hardly anything he said he would do, and his change is nothing what people who mistakenly voted for him would do. His “change” is to destroy constitutional law by ignoring it and stacking the Supreme Court with justices who are bent upon doing so through activism that “interprets” the Constitution as to what their agenda is.