Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath: Americans Helping Americans

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Many people and groups have been collecting funds for the victims of Moore, Oklahoma in the aftermath of a deadly tornado storm, it might be an interesting bit of news that the Jewish community in the United States and branches across the globe have already sent out packages of food for the folks in that area. The National Council of Young Israel has delivered 20,000 pounds of food thus far to victims in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The main distribution point with the help of Agri Star Meat & Poultry is the Chabad Community Center for Jewish Life and Learning. The major funding central point is provided by Masbia in New York City [food relief service] that uses funds collected to pay for the trucking of the food from Agri Star facility in Postville, Iowa to Oklahoma. Masbia and the National Council of Young Israel worked together to cover the cost of food for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Alexander Rappaport, founder of Masbia stated:


Food is most essential to victims of disaster. Food cannot bring back any losses, but it helps them to keep it together. We found during our on the ground Sandy relief work, the victims need food, the first-responders need food, the volunteers need food. You never can forget the smile on their faces when you arrive with food.


Yaakov Labowitz, VP of Sales, Agri Star Meat & Poultry, LLC:

Our hearts pour out to families in Oklahoma. We recognize that in times of crisis, neighbor helping neighbor, often provides the most comfort, and a solid foundation for rebuilding. We have therefore partnered with the local Chabad Community Center to insure that a warm meal is available to those in need …that families have one less concern, as they set about recovery.

The Red Cross was the first to arrive on the scene, the following groups and donors should be thanked:

Salvation Army

National Council of Young Israel



Agri Star Meat & Poultry for their generous contribution.

My sincere sympathies to the families of the 24 dead and 377 injured as they progress through recovery. Yet, amidst this sorrowful tragedy there is a sense of pride when Americans help each other. No reports of looting or other criminal activities from the media, or reports of local authorities or National Guard personnel confiscating firearms from lawful citizens like in the Hurricane Katrina disaster – not repeated in Hurricane Sandy disaster. President Obama declared Oklahoma a major disaster and has ordered FEMA on the scene. Finally it was admitted that civil liberties were violated. The point here is that it should NEVER happen again. Citizens have the right to defend themselves against criminal predators, and under martial law regulations and international agreements [UCMJ], looters/saboteurs CAN be shot on sight enacting such crimes. However, military and law enforcement personnel are sworn to uphold constitutional law and do not have the right to occupy private property without owner’s permission or confiscate firearms from lawful citizens.

Importance of disaster preparation is an important consideration for us all.

Other Recent News: The victims of a collapsed bridge in Washington State all survived, in another recent tragedy and AP reported that bridges across the state are old and not repaired or replaced as should be.


6 comments on “Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath: Americans Helping Americans

  1. Nonduke says:

    I was with you on this one until you started to get predictably paranoid about a government agency created to help citizens and then linked to another predictably paranoid blog which, predictably, leaves large segments of the truth absent in its quest for the same.


  2. Well, I was wondering when the “Squid” heckler would be showing up under another assumed handle. Rebuttals require sources of where information is received, otherwise, it is nothing but heckling, which “giant squid” folks are famous for. There is nothing “paranoid” about how much power the federal government has and has overridden so many articles and amendments to the US Constitution – thanks to “squids” like you. Of course, squids, in the hierarchy of intelligent beings, are rated low in brain matter. It seems government has become the religion of too many Americans, “knowing all, seeing all” screwing all.
    Of course, you are now thinking I am “anti-government”, and in part, this is true. I am against the present federal government [and some state governments] that are no longer constitutional and go beyond the limited powers prescribed in the articles of US Constitution.
    If you have to ask “why” then you need to educate yourself by not being brainwashed by government controlled educational system and start thinking for yourself.
    There is a story behind this story, and I ended the post with a notation that this was not how it turned out in the aftermath of Katrina – Louisiana is quite the corrupt state if you read history. And, by the way, the Katrina unconstitutional incident occurred under the watch of George W. Bush. It matters not to me what political club is orchestrating our government if they do not abide by the US Constitution and its amendments.
    Your love of government, thinking it solves everything and can do anything is pathetic. If it is not controlled BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE – it is worthless, and the people who transgress against their oath of office.
    Your comment is noted as an opinion, and that does not always constitute fact.

  3. Squid says:

    Just curious, Keith—the incidents you obliquely refer to (the tragedy of Henry Glover and family) were perpetrated by hysterical, out-of-control local police officers in the wake of a natural and human disaster and then covered up by corrupt local administrators—all of whom are in jail by virtue of FBI intervention, a branch of the Federal Government.

    Does this matter to you, or do you purposely want to get angry at the government you served so well for so long?

    What is it about you small town Cheeseheads that turn you so paranoid?

    I can cite sources if you think it is absolutely necessary, but it is not at all clear that you understand the why and how of citation in the first place, and you have immediately killed any thread the moment I do start citing sources—I suspect your hunt for the truth only involves “sources” that tell you want you want to hear.

  4. You show up under different names … you heckle, and provide only one questionable source – I provide numerous ones and it still doesn’t satisfy you. Abraham Lincoln was quoted [allegedly]: “You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.”
    Your side of the discussion, if you want to call what you do that, usually ends up with your name-calling (“Cheesehead”) and, truly, it doesn’t matter what sources I provide or the Truth – I am a Conservative Constitutionalist, and therefore always wrong and your Obama-type crowd are angels.
    Show me the sources where those people in video and news coverage went to trial and are in jail for the unconstitutional act of firearm confiscation without warrant? Show me the proof that the police chief and other “leadership” in Katrina episodes were fired, went to trial, and sentenced?
    You are a professional heckler – get a life and start searching for Truth and not the hype you are selling. I present the facts, you call it “paranoia”. I present several sources, you consider them unreliable. BTW: Most of what was mentioned was not covered by corporate mainstream media, and if it was, it was manipulated. It is interesting that even ultra=leftist Jon Stewart is finally admitting that the continual scandalous actions by this federal executive administration has gone too far – the AP email incident and the IRS [American Gestapo] story. Sorry to burst your loyalty bubble – and why I am not loyal to any political club who call themselves political parties. I am only loyal to the US Constitution and anyone who abides by it and their oath of office.
    You get removed because you are not commenting to discuss, just to heckle. You will most likely be removed again and every time you change your identity – but one thing is clear, a squid is a squid, a creature with little brain matter, relying more on what is comfortable than what is real.

  5. It is amazing how this story could set you off. Does anyone do anything right that is not a Mother Jones puppet or a Squid-head?

  6. FYI:I served my country, not my government. I swore an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States and obey LAWFUL orders of the commander-in-chief. According to your ideology, I must be loyal to those in government who break their oaths of office? Loyal to those in government who take what was promised to veterans of foreign wars? Let’s get one thing straight … I am NOT against government, just bad government caused by elected officials [by irresponsible voters] whose purpose is not to serve but to get whatever they can get out of the job while they are there and continue/further their political entity’s power. This includes members of both traditional parties, where neither one wants a third party around or independents to interfere with their power agenda.
    What is it about you squid-brains that think someone from a “small-town” or community are paranoid or can’t think for themselves?
    The rules here are – if you object and provide a rebuttal, be armed with sources. Citing sources like Mother Jones, Daily KOS is like citing sources with Rush Limbaugh who only focuses upon the left side of the aisle and not both sides. You entire argument is lame, opinionated with no facts, and just plain heckling. And when facts are presented, you just turn to destroying your opponent’s character [insult about “small-town” citizens], and other innuendos and insults.
    There are other sites that would not have put up with for as long as I did. It is because I am trying to encourage people to think with commonsense and examine for themselves whether what I write is true or not. Your sources came from not news reporting but progressive opinion article posts – that is why they were denounced, especially when your sources do not provide sources.

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