Time to End the IRS and the 16th Amendment

Second-American-Revolution_flagIn the myriad of scandals, including the horrific Benghazi incident that caused the death of Americans who fought for seven hours for their lives, their cries for help unanswered; the IRS scandal has become the forefront of the abuse of those that operate OUR federal government.

The IRS scandal represents the tyranny developed over many decades since President Wilson signed the bill that instituted the income tax system, formed the Federal Reserve and added the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Abuse of power transcends political parties, for both have transgressed against their oaths of office and the articles and amendments of our Constitution.

It is obvious that the federal government has gone too far (and some state governments) – and they have done so with the blessings of the People, for it is the People that continues to elect people who operate our government. This issue transcends political parties to the point there is little difference between the two traditional political entities.

The major complaint, as many times throughout the history of income tax is directed at the IRS, yet Congress has had a bill to reform the tax system floating around, lost in committee that would get rid of the 16th Amendment and change the tax system from an income system to a consumer system. There would be no deductions for the individual or the corporation. Indeed, under the Fair Tax Act, corporate taxes, dividend and interest taxes, progressive draconian tax system, death tax and the IRS would disappear. The alternative proposed is a flat income tax with no deductions and therefore no costly administrative processes.

In the past decade, the general attitude among Americans is that the income tax will always be around. It will be as long as We the People believe that mentality. No government, no individuals, not entity has the right to steal from what you earn. Stealing is taking away something without the permission of the owner.

To put down those that think this posting is “anti-government” or that I believe that Americans should pay NO taxes – is absurd. It is like the immigration issue, there is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants. The argument is against illegal immigration just as it is against unfair and intrusive tax systems.

In reality, the income tax does nothing towards how it was designed other than provide power to the government (including state governments with income tax AND consumer tax) controlled by the banking institution via the Federal Reserve. Only ONE politician has consistently addressed this reality and Americans and those in our government did not listen to him – Ron Paul.

Before I get into why the income tax is unconstitutional and show that it has been deemed so by the Supreme Court in the past and that the 16th Amendment was not legally ratified, the following is a National Geographic TV video that shows what can happen to ordinary folks like you and I:


Before any problem can be solved, admittance there is a problem must first be addressed. Before anyone can expect government reform, the People must reform their reasons why they vote for public officials – federal or state. It should never be hinged upon what political club the person belongs to, but what the person stands for, his character, and his/her background and political record.

In August of 1894, the Wilson-Gorman Act was a bill that concerned tax and tariff, signed into law. It levied a 2% tax on incomes of $4,000 or more, which represented about 2% of American taxpayers. Court cases against this income tax was consolidated into Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan and Trust Co., accepted by the Supreme Court in January of 1895. The plaintiffs were represented by William D. Guthrie, George F. Edmunds, and Joseph Coate who claimed that the income tax would promote class warfare that would lead to communism, anarcy, and then, the ever following depostism. The Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional and defined the Constitution’s clause concerning direct tax. [Solomon, Burt; FDR v. Constitution, NY 2009]

Just as the Obamacare tax penalty is unconstitutional, our Federal government has approved that the IRS will literally be in charge of our health care – which means it will have even MORE power than it has now. Senator Marco Rubio stated:

The Supreme Court ruled that under Obamacare, the individual mandate that basically says if you don’t buy health insurance, you’re going to be punished with a tax or fine – they argued that it was legal. That Congress could pass a law that basically makes you buy something by punishing you through a tax, that while they can’t force you to buy insurance, they can force you to pay a tax for not buying insurance.

It is obvious that the federal judiciary system requires extensive reform. Previous Supreme Court decisions have determined this type of taxation unconstitutional. Yet, today’s Supreme Court, whose general attitude toward the Constitution [violating their oath of office] is that it is outdated and should be replaced.

The cry in Congress by Republicans is that the IRS must be abolished, but that cannot occur until the tax system is changed either to a flat income tax (still unconstitutional) or a consumer based tax that would comply to the Constitution by not being a direct tax and a fair and non-intrusive tax system. In reality, a consumption flat tax would be more efficient and benefit both the taxpayers and the government. Indirectly it would also lead to Congress being forced to budget sensibly. [See Fair Tax and Americans for Fair Taxation] Also: Tax Protester Constitutional Arguments.

The IRS has published on the Internet via PDF file entitled: The Truth About Frivolous Tax Arguments. “Frivolous”?


As Ron Paul has stated for years (and warned Congress and the People in his Farewell Address):

An income tax is the most degrading and totalitarian of all possible taxes. It implementation wrongly suggests that the government owns the lives and labor of the citizens it is supposed to represent. Tellingly, “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax” is Plank #2 of the Communist Manifesto, which was written by Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels and first published in 1848.


We have lost a series of rights over the decades beginning with property rights, an essential right that the Founders felt was fundamental.

The following video took place in California whose decades of economic ruin has been caused by excessive taxation primarily because of government regulations and their skewered look at immigration policies. Indeed, the book Mexifornia by Victor Davis Hanson reveals what the former republic has become. If you get through the corny humor of the speaker, the founder of the Free Enterprise organization, it stresses that the Constitution is the rule book of our nation.


Remember this, a Patriot is loyal not to government, but the People, and an American’s duty is to watch and protect the Constitution by voting responsibly and ensuring that the Constitution’s articles and amendments are enforced. Our national flag is not a symbol of our government but a symbol of the People.

To say that American citizens do not have to pay income tax is saying that the people are not required to fund the government. The issue is not about not paying taxes or paying taxes but HOW we are taxed and how much. It is not legal for any government to tax on money already taxed and that is what the federal and some state governments do.


In summation, it is We the People that must demand, not ask, that those elected abide by their oaths of office and conduct business in Congress and the White House on behalf of ALL the people and operate OUR government responsibly, which includes a proper budget. The United States is not obligated nor should it ever be to demand that taxpayer dollars be used for the benefit of other national governments and people of other nations.

Taxation like other tyrannical practices is not about collecting money to fund government operations but is a way of the government to control the people.

Call your members of Congress and tell them you are no longer going to tolerate abuse of power and not adhering to the limitations prescribed by articles of the US Constitution and its relationship with state governments. More government is not beneficial or efficient – less government is. As Ronald Reagan stated:

Government IS the problem.

Government is operated by people we elect – it is time that we do our part and ensure that candidates meet constitutional requirements as well as possess the character to represent We the People as a nation, respecting its laws and enforcing them.