Americans Should Be Outraged – Demand Justice

Of all the scandals floating around Washington, congressional committees busily trying to sort it out, the two most serious are: Benghazi incident and the IRS scandal. The first has to do with the death of Americans serving our country and the other is a well-established and most hated/feared agency in the federal government.

The Benghazi tragedy occurred before election day 2012. So it makes me wonder why after all this time why nothing is being done about it. It has been clearly established that the order to “Stand Down” was given more than once, after repeated requests for assistance as three brave men fought off overwhelming odds in terms of numbers and firepower for SEVEN HOURS!

Benghazi occurred in September of 2012, the anniversary of the attack on America using commercial airlines by Islamic fundamentalists. In October, there should have been a flurry of investigations and answers as to how it happened and why it happened – not nonsense about a person posting a video on the Internet. It is now June 2013 and there is no outrage, certainly not from the corporate mainstream media. Would GW Bush have gotten away with going to sleep after giving a negative answer to several cries for help? Would Bush not have been demonized for putting a Las Vegas fundraiser as more importance than the safety and welfare of diplomatic and military personnel? Not likely, remembering how Bush was depicted as Hitler for his signing of the Patriot Act; which was condemned by candidate Obama, but who kept it in place instead of insisting it be amended or rewritten or rescinded. This president does everything Bush did – and more.

Impeachment proceedings were in order when President Richard Nixon was caught trying to cover up the Watergate burglaries and using the IRS to attack the list of people he had grudges against. But Nixon didn’t wait for any impeachment, he instead chose to resign providing himself some dignity and saving the nation to undergo impeachment hearings. William Clinton certainly did not have the character it takes to do such a thing. In the case of Obama, every scandal that erupts into the public eye, he or his propaganda minister, simply states that it is all new to him and he had no clue and assures us he will get to the bottom of it. Well, he never got to the bottom of the Fast-N-Furious operation and the US Attorney General (of which he is the boss of) committed purgery and denied everything. He, Eric Holder, also stated he would find out what was going on and/or what went wrong. No one ever got fired for an incident that cost hundreds of Mexican nationals’ lives or the life of a US Border Patrol agent. Just like no one in charge is being held responsible for the death and injury of Ambassador Stevens and his personnel and protectors.

In 1972, when Watergate occurred, Americans were different and the president was a Republican; but people were definitely outraged over the whole affair. I remember Nixon’s special address to the American people on national TV, stating “I am not a crook”.

Benghazigate is far worse than Watergate – it cost lives and injury to American personnel because there was no charging US cavalry that arrived to save the day, or at least lesson the end result. If three Americans could hold off more than 100 (reports state that 75 Islamic fascists were killed by three Americans) – certainly the troops that would have arrived if ordered to do so would have gotten the rest of the mob. Drones are used against terrorists, including an American who denounced his citizenship and joined the Islamic fascists – but the only drone that showed up merely took video footage of the carnage. What’s with that?!?

Still no outrage from the People, and certainly not much from the media.

Have Americans become so accustom to the death of those serving our country or whatever be the case, that no one screams in rage against an administration (and slow-to-act Congress) that demonstrates they should not have the important responsibility of operating our government?

I cannot fathom or think of any logic that can answer that question. I am sure Americans are disgusted with it, but why are they not demanding that the media do their job in investigating and Congress do their job?

Nixon’s guilt was coverup (and so with those operating our present administration) and the coercive use of government agencies (which the present administration is guilty of – as well as the media). So why has Hillary Clinton been allowed to retire from her post and get away with not taking responsibility for Benghazi? Hillary was part of the team of lawyers that put together the works of impeaching Nixon, which was not required because he showed some character by resigning. Now she has caused the death of Americans, along with her boss, Obama, and no charges have been administered. This president insists he knows nothing, which is frightening in itself. His excuse is just as bad as the accusations. If this was GW Bush, he would be returning to his ranch in Texas in shame. I could not say whether he would have been man enough to resign or undergo impeachment – but impeachment hearings would certainly have been in order and insisted upon by Democrats and their media sheep.

The President of the United States and the Secretary of State are briefed constantly and when an emergency occurs, you better believe that they know first hand. They failed their oaths of office, they failed their duties of the offices they held, and most importantly, they failed to protect US personnel loyal to them to be protected and defended against elements of evil that the Obama administration provides funds, equipment, and arms to.

In respect to the latter, we can look to the report that came across the wire hours ago

President Mohammed Morsi gathered a group of politicians last week who thought they were speaking privately at a parliamentary meeting. But as seen in an Egyptian television video of the meeting —excerpts of which were later translated by the Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI) — they were actually on live television, cringingly discussing secret ways to stop Ethiopia’s Nile River dam project which threatens water flowing to Egypt.I’m very fond of battles. With the enemies, of course – with America and Israel, but this battle must be waged with maximum judiciousness and calm. Even though this is a secret meeting, we must all take an oath not to leak anything to the media, unless it is done officially by sister Pakinam [el-Sharkawy, a Morsi aide]. We need an official plan for popular national security, even if weThe viewer sees him being handed a note, which presumably points out that his words are not confined to the room. Hussein laughs, then continues with the anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric: “Okay… Fine… The principles behind what I’m saying are not really secret… Our war is with America and Israel, not with Ethiopia. Therefore, engaging in a war… This is my opinion…”

Just last month, Secretary of State, John Kerry, “quietly” sent Egypt another bundle of US dollars – 1.3 billion of them; despite Egypt not living up to their promise of democracy. Washington does not have the money to keep the White House tours going and other “cuts” – but has $1.3 billion to give to our enemies.

Obama’s foreign policy has been disastrous; but then, we have been going about things in the wrong way for decades when it comes to that issue. Ron Paul was correct when he stated that we need to get out of the affairs of others and stick to our own business here in America. By being a role model for a constitutional republic again, it would attract more people to do the same. Nations who allow our embassies and consulates be attacked deserve no diplomatic support from the United States – and certainly the diplomatic corps must be protected, as ALL Americans.

Liberals, Sociocrats, Democratic-Socialists or whatever one wants to use as a description are losers, and so are the RINOs who put on a front to be “conservative” Frankly, I don’t care about “conservatism” or “liberalism” or even “libertarianism”- but definitely a constitutionalist. I am not loyal to any political club and agree with the Tea Party as long as they strive to return our constitutional republic to the way it was formed by the Founders.

But the foundation of all of this is that We the People must regain the character and integrity and traditions that made the United States a great nation. We stood on our own, asked little of anyone else, and were afforded to dream and make those dreams come true. We slipped along the way, not ridding ourselves of the slavery tradition until a civil war forced an emancipation. We gave the First People, Native Americans, incorrectly called “Indians” a bad deal, even when they complied with wishes of the government to assimilate, educate, and take “Christian” names. The record of keeping treaties went as well as our foreign policy since World War II.

Yes, we have issues to straighten out, and yes, we took too long to take care of those issues like slavery, women to vote, and civil rights – but at least we do not try to hide our faults in our history books. We also talked about the great and good things we did as We the People and those operating our government.

As Keith Koffler wrote at the White House Dossier

If Benghazi becomes the poor relative of all these other scandals sprouting up like meerkats from their desert burrows, it will be a scandal in itself. Because the questions it raises are at the center of what it means to be president.Hillary Clinton understood this with her 3 am emergency phone call ad that asked Americans whether they wanted her or President Obama to be answering it.As far as we know, on 3 am the night of September 11, 2013, Obama was fast asleep. Because, after all, he had a big day coming up. He was taking his fundraising road show to Vegas September 12.

See the FOX News video analysis HERE.

The families, friends, and associates are demanding answers – so why not ALL Americans demanding the same.

The following videos are Part 1 and Part 2 address the United States and our Sovereignty …



The IRS scandal has brought into the fray some Democratic supporters of mainstream media, but not the most serious event in Benghazi.

I can still hear Hillary Clinton’s infamous words during questioning by a congressional committee …

What difference does it make?

It was a cold statement, a cold attitude toward a horrific event where Americans fought desperately to stay alive hoping for the US Cavalry to appear over the hill that only came in the form of two personnel who defied orders to “stand down” and lost their lives trying to save Ambassador Stevens.

This is what America has become, folks, 237 years since 56 men and countless militia and regulars in the Continental Army risked their lives and property to build a new nation whose rule of law was the Constitution and its amendments.

Ronald Reagan was being hopeful when he described America to be the shining city on a hill. He had optimism that Americans still treasured honor, integrity, truth and the constitutional republic.

Meanwhile, there are talking heads on the Internet, like Daily Kos, who is downplaying the seriousness of these disturbing allegations. Nickie Haflinger begins with and continues the downplay with expletives omitted (most of it) …

The sooner the country understands that the IRS scandal is more like “The Office” than “House of Cards”, the sooner truth can prevail and sanity return.Who could blame overworked and under-budgeted administrators struggling with no clear guidance for taking notice of all the insanity that was the 2010 election season?  The country had become a hateful armed camp with raucous voices demanding a rerun of some more legitimate past.The real irony of this whole stem-winder is the fact that there are no victims. … Instead, the Excellence in Bullshit Broadcasting fraternity will continue to grind out their noisy, squalid shadow-play on America’s cave wall.

There you have it. A macrocosm of what America is today. That “noisy, squalid shadow-play Broadcasting fraternity” is the only thing that is keeping us totally in the dark, folks.

This is what is wrong with America – one political entity can literally get away with murder, while another gets raked over the coals for something far less of an impact or transgression.

We have lost our sensibility, our honor, integrity, and slowly eroding the US Constitution and its amendments that formed and shaped our nation to be come great – only to throw it down the wastebin of history because a generation threw away all the virtues and morals that make an individual, a community, a state, and a nation continue to be great.

It didn’t matter that Bill Clinton lied, committed adultery in the Oval Office, had sexual relations with a staff member in the White House – it was his private affair! Now it does not matter about what happened in the early morning hours when American frantically cried for help, blaming it erroneously on a video, and then not sending ANY aid.

I just do not understand how anyone can think like Haflinger after actually examining the factual circumstances of either scandal, especially Benghazi and downplay its importance. The same IRS that has overstepped its bounds and wielded its power in the past two decades is going to be literally in charge of our health care soon. Does that not make you angry?

What difference does it make. Their dead. Get over it. As Haflinger stated at the end of his post … Just turn it off. Forward.

I am sure the Founders would weep in dismay.

I know I cannot describe the sadness and disgust I feel as I close this posting.