Info Highway: June 13th 2013

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  • Florida Repeals Renewable Fuel Standard (HB 4001) … Now if the other 49 states would follow and Congress will get rid of a bill that should have never passed. I wonder how much they got out of that boondoggle – the taxpayers certainly got raked over the coals. Ethanol turned out NOT to lower gasoline prices, in fact, they increased after 10% Ethanol signs appeared on fuel pumps. It does NOT help engines get better mileage, in fact, it destroys them. It certainly destroyed by lawn mower and lawn tractor. I have to now pay for high-test fuel without ethanol, which means I am limited as to where I can get it. The Biochemical companies must have paid quite a bit to get that bill through Congress and the only one who came out is them. Florida governor, Richard Scott stated: …a state mandate on Florida businesses that is duplication of the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard and inconsistent with the efforts to reduce the regulatory burdens that have helped Florida create over 330,000 new private sector jobs in the past two years. And not only that – people can’t afford to go to work because of gas prices. The state of Maine is pushing for the Florida move. I am sure that more states will follow if they have decent leadership. During this justified criticism, the EPA, not known for common sense and working For the People [special interest instead] wants more ethanol in our gasoline despite proof that fuel mileage will not improve. Corn is for food and if it is used for crappy bio-fuel than it makes food prices go up (and it continues to rise). Corn products are used in many types of foods, not just raw and on the cob. Of course, refiners and ethanol product pushers are pissed and threaten to cause fuel shortages and higher prices for consumers (they already have). Of course, corn-growing states don’t care who they sell their corn to – and they are reportedly getting more with bio-fuel use.

  • Continuing upon the discussion of taxpayer funds being wasted … The Agriculture Department, in charge of food stamps, spends $41.3 million in advertisement expense PER YEAR. Why in the devil does the government need to advertise that they give away taxpayer’s funds. Those that pay income tax, that is. [NOTE: forced deductions from your paycheck does not guarantee taxes are being paid – some get all of it or most of it back at the end of the year; meanwhile, a higher percentage rate is charged to another segment of society]. Folks, you need to get on the telephone with your senator and representative’s office and tell them to get their act together.
  • In regards to the NSA, Rand Paul said: We fought a revolution over behavior like the NSA’s. Of course, anyone who is not a RINO or speaks out about the Constitution is a “whacko bird” according to Senator McCain. That senator from Arizona, who has the most problems with illegal immigrants, drug runners, and drug cartel kidnappings and murders – has gone along with the Sociocrats with their amnesty scheme. Rand Paul is certainly correct about the type of tyranny that our Founders rebelled against. He also added a statement concerning how Big Government is less efficient and do not protect the people as they claim despite their Patriot Act programs and other intrusive matters – it is all about control … The government sifts through mountains of data yet still didn’t notice, or did not notice enough, that one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was traveling to Chechnya. [they came to America as political refugees, so why would they go back?!] Perhaps instead of treating every American as a potential terror suspect the government should concentrate on more targeted analysis.
  • Todd Starnes, Townhall, reported that HGTV [Home-Garden TV] used an American flag as a table-cloth for Independence Day celebrations. The TV program stated: Drape a large American flag over the table as a bright and festive table runner. Use a nylon flag so spills can be easily wiped off and the flag can later be hung with pride on a flag pole. Needless to say, the American Legion and other Americans were not happy about this idea of “festive” decoration. The only time an American flag is draped over anything is a coffin of an American who died serving their country or a veteran, like those poor souls in Benghazi and other places where Americans are put in harm’s way because the government cannot keep their fricking noses out of other nation’s business. The US Flag Code is available on the Internet, apparently HGTV does not do research for their presentations.
  • I cracked up on this one [over the audacity of the pretending president], brought to attention by Keith Koffler over at the White House Dossier Speaking at his 18th fundraiser of the year, President Obama … declared without apparent irony that governing the nation is his sole priority. … But Obama’s actions would appear to say otherwise. … Obama’s total for 2013 [fundraisers] already tops the number George W. Bush did for the entire year in 2005. … Obama has been widely accused of failing to put in the hours needed to build relationships with Republicans in Congress … [and keep our diplomatic corps safe] … donations at the two fundraisers ranged from $1,000 to $32,400, according to a DNC official.
  • Officials state that Bashar Assad, president of Syria, did indeed use chemical weapons, crossing the “red line” established last year by President Obama. And they are worried about repercussions from Obama? HA! No conclusions were made about the matter because Obama was out fundraising.
  • In May, the usual Farm Bill passed both houses of Congress – but nothing to write home to Mom about. Some cuts were made, but the whole bill format is set up like it was still the 1930s. Well, with Obama in charge and his associates in Congress, maybe it will be. As Mark Bittman stated: The Farm Bill is like welfare for the wealthy. But the biggest cost this year is in food stamps.
  • Keith Broaders just informed me about another great and informative video: The Philosophy of Liberty via TalkFusion. Take a bit of time and check it out. Here is a list from YouTube

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Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. Frederic Bastiat

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