Venting Session: COLA Cannot be Sustained

I am sure I am not the only who has noticed, but cost of living is moving toward insanity.

Gasoline has jumped to just over $4, electic bill is $25 more than last month. Eyeglass exams went from $35 to $45 and now $65. My dentist is the only one who has kept prices reasonable.

Meanwhile, Obama and Congress refuse to move toward self-sufficiency in terms of “fossil” fuels, not allowing new drilling in the continental US and its coastline, but approved China to drill.

We should be supplying most of our own oil and selling any surplus.

Go to the restaurant and the prices per a plate of a certain item on the menu jumped from $25 to $35. The wait staff has seen an increase in minimum wages, and recommended tipping went from 10% [reasonable] to 15% and then 20% – without realizing how percentage works, like the progressive income tax system. If the menu costs more, the tips will automatically be larger. Call me Mr. Nasty, but I only pay 10% for wait staff service, or less if the service sucks – and more if the person went above and beyond wait staff expectations.

The major problem is, thanks to stagnation of wages [no one can tell me that it has not originated because of cheap illegal immigrant labor] and the cost of our employers operating a business. They cannot raise the wages of their employees because they must spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars on things like Workmen’s Compensation, employer match to Social Security payments, accounting costs that makes employers unpaid tax collectors for both state and federal government taxation, and the ultimate cost – a portion of the astounding monthly charges of health care insurance companies who get their way because they have the money for lobbying Congress for regulations in their favor. Then there are the health care costs, that is so expensive for several reasons, one that medical institutions gouge the consumer and/or personal insurance coverage.

Cost of living will probably never match what is actually received in wages and salaries. It is one of the good reasons why income tax, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve must be thrown into the dust bin of history for the garbage for what it is.

The IRS demands receipts for everything and citizens must prove everything, but it cannot locate receipts for expensive meetings held in Las Vegas and sessions held in Hawaii and other expensive places. The IRS demands to know about personal matters that government should not be allowed to scrutinize, but the IRS does not practice what it applies. Some sectors of the country get tax breaks while others do not qualify. During Bush administration it was supposed to change where everyone could deduct cash and material donations – bu the average IRS forms do not allow this when computing at the end of the old year and beginning of the New Year. It is a complicated, intrusive, and unfair tax system that continues despite demands to change it – not reform it, change it. IRS and company cannot be reformed without changing and removing their power. We have heard of promise of reform before over the past three decades.

As previously shown in a video in the last article, the IRS, income tax system, and the Federal Reserve were conceived illegally and unconstitutionally. The Supreme Court already made a decision upon that in 1911, yet it mysteriously was “ratified” in 1913 without confrontation. It became truly draconian and a tyrannical tool when FDR ordered that income tax would be taken out of citizens’ pay so they could not spend it before they got their share.

In a percentage system, the more one makes the more taxes are paid; however the present system gouges certain levels of income and redistributes that wealth to others who pay little or nothing in taxes after they get their yearly refund check.

Why should one sector of society pay more [percentage] than another?

Why can one portion make deductions that others cannot make?

Everyone should pay the same rate and everyone should pay something.

Consumption tax based on a flat rate would mean that those who can afford to buy more, pay more – and no getting out of it with deductions. For those at poverty levels, the Fair Tax Act would ensure that rebates are in order for those who spend on needed items.

This concept has been tossed around with leading American economists and has even been adopted in foreign nations with good results for both citizens AND government. It stimulates the economy, not dragging it down with tax burden like income tax. No certain sector of society is punished for their prosperity. I do not want to hear about people who inherited wealth – those people represent less than 1% of the nation’s population. 99% of lawful citizens EARNED what they get.

Well, I just had to vent about this … I am sure I am preaching to the choir; but WE need to do something about this and other issues.