A Republic For Which It Stands …

SellingOnline_v2It is no wonder why people get confused or frustrated with politics. There is the myriad of descriptive words to wade through, but it does not have to be so complicated nor does one need a degree in political science to understand the founding principles of the subject.

Those who find politics boring may be correct; however what people view as politics with varying views fail to realize that those who are practicing it are legislating their freedom and liberty away as they live out their daily lives. It is what the average politician today hopes for. It is time to change that perception and get more Americans involved with what could change their lives not for the better, as Big Government advocates would have us believe.

We often hear the terms “Left” and “Right” and are told that on one extreme of the political left there is socialism and communism, and in the extreme right Nazism and Racism. It is a misconception, but let’s look at if from the simple spectrum of reality.

big-brother-poster_01First, Nazism is racism. The concept is that a prescribed description of people are set aside and viewed as better than others. It relies upon nationalism, which is national pride with an inflated ego and biased view. But what people do not realize, Nazism falls under the category of socialism, indeed, in the 1930s the Nazi Party was called the Socialist National Workers Party. The party was against communism, which is also based upon the foundation of socialism.

Instead of “left” and “right” then, we should look at it in terms of government and its given authority. On one end of the spectrum there is anarchy, which is zero government, and as the amount of government, or power of government rises, the people’s rights and liberties disappear proportionately. The following video is a visual explanation:

While the United States government went through processes that slowly changed from the intentions of the Founders, it was in 1913 that the Republic of the United States was replaced by a democratic defacto government. It culminated with what certain elements had been trying all along – controlling the banking system, the money, which meant that those who had that control would have the power over everything else. G. Edward Griffin explains the move from a republic to a democracy ruled not by those elected but a power behind the power in the form of a coalition of bankers called the Federal Reserve System in the following video:

This film explains how the Federal Reserve violates the US Constitution:

Senator Geiger explains in the following video how the best government was what the Founders established and not what it has become today, as well as the benefits of reverting the way our government operates back to its founding principles:

President Obama and those with his political philosophy have declared the US a democracy, but as in the following video, this is not so – and the US Constitution states clearly that the United States is a republic, and as Benjamin Franklin wryly stated: If we can keep it.

Well, we did not keep it. In 1913, the republic began its change to a democracy began in a clandestine meeting that could be deemed as a coup by rich and powerful individuals. It began as a previous video explains by G. Edward Griffin on Jekyll Island.

Another “change” that has occurred, before BH Obama got into politics, is the corruption of the branches of government designed to have a check-and-balance system wisely established by the Founders. The following video produced by American Heritage explains this important check-and-balance system where the Constitution clearly explains their limitations of power and authority.

The first President of the United States, George Washington and members of the first Congress were determined to stay clear of conflicts and tribulations of foreign nations. It was because of funding as well as principles that the United States should only become involved when it is in the best interest of our nation to do so. This best interest occurred when Thomas Jefferson was president when the newly formed United States Navy was sent to rescue a captured US ship and its crew and deal with the Barbary Pirates. In reality, it was this war that established the US Navy and the US Marine Corps as its land-fighting branch of military. Tradition has dictated that US Marines also protect and defend US diplomatic embassies and consulates, as well as the White House in Washington, DC.

In the early republic, a standing army was not welcome. It was because of the dangers in history of the military element becoming too powerful or the military element become a tool of the government against the people. It is why all citizens who enter military service are required to swear and/or affirm an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States against foreign and domestic enemies. If military personnel are given an unlawful order against the articles and amendments of the Constitution, they have the right to respectfully disobey those orders and refuse to do so. The same applies to law enforcement officials of the federal executive branch, state governments, and county sheriff officers. It was established with the importance of not allowing law enforcement or military personnel to be used against the People of the United States.

The left and the right are also called liberals and conservatives as a means of identifying political philosophies, further broken down by political party entities, the Democrats and the Republicans. However, neither party is true to its originated political platform and only serves to divide Americans. Another factor of division is the concept that America must be multicultural, a diverse nation. Immigration was what made this nation what it is, but those immigrants learned to seek unity through common bonds associated with the rule of law and the love of freedom and liberty. The two traditional political parties have failed the United States. One faction describes the Constitution as an outdated document and irrelevant in today’s technological world. Not true, and one should suspect underlying motives of anyone who believes such a thing or wants more Americans to believe it. The Founders had a far-reaching vision and fully knew that the United States would become a strong nation through education, which Thomas Jefferson specifically pointed out in his letters and other documents. An educated people make best citizens and more responsible voters. Indoctrination is not education.

Jonah Goldberg was raised as a socialist and then in the late 1960s he began to realize something was wrong during his support of the Black Panther Party formed by militant racists. Goldberg wrote in his book how the underlying subversive element has been steadily destroying the Republic of the United States entitled Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change. Today’s generation is not only ignorant of our nation’s history and what the founding documents mean, but let the world march by them while others dictate what their future will be, oblivious because they are entranced with their latest electronic gadget, their thoughts upon unrealistic made-up world while the real world is operated by those with agendas.

It is our duty to educate ourselves because we cannot rely upon what is taught in government-controlled schools, nor can we rely upon full and truthful information from the corporate, political mainstream media. It is our duty to vote responsibly to ensure that constitutionalists are elected, not “Democrats” or “Republicans” or “Libertarians” or whatever. They are just political clubs, not what the Constitution represents.

The way to true reformation can only be achieved By the People, for those that we have elected thus far have not learned from mistakes and continue the same practices all the time wondering why no change is actually occurring. BH Obama did enforce “change” as he promised, but those that voted from him were not concerned with the details and just what that change would be. They refused to see the red flags when it came to discovering his past and his relationship with subversive people in the United States and powerful corrupt political machines. Indeed, it never bothered those voters that much of BH Obama, alias Barry Soetro and the mysterious blanks in his personal history.

If there is to be real change, it must be back to the concept of a republic whose foundation is the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States.