Info Highway: Updates, June 15th 2013

  • You’re going to love this video. It shows how efficient big government and its FBI department is and how well spent our tax dollars are in providing salary for Director Mueller, who “knows nothing”. …

hand_point2 Ed Morissey, Hot Air: The Obama administration insisted that the political targeting of its opposition by the IRS was a high investigative priority. Attorney General Eric Holder pledged that the FBI would immediately launch a probe into this high-profile scandal. And yet, Rep. Jim Jordan discovered during FBI Director Robert Mueller’s testimony yesterday, the top man at the bureau doesn’t know who’s leading the investigation, doesn’t know how many investigators are assigned to it, and whether they’ve bothered to start off by, y’know, talking to the victims of the targeting. …
BlackSpere: It would seem Director Mueller has attended the Barack Obama Agency Action Ignorance 101 class. Obama can win a Nobel Prize for doing nothing. Who knows what Obama and Mueller may win for knowing nothing!

  • Repair Man Jack, Red State: The government claims it will keep Americans safe. It says it will do so by establishing the most extensive data surveillance system in human history. It also pushes hard to pass Comprehensive Amnesty Reform. Our political leaders seem deliberately blind to this obvious contradiction.And while the boot gets put to the neck of productive, law-abiding and decent American Citizens, what will this influx of immigration across our deliberately opened borders bring America? What will we get in return for our amnesty? Dr. George J. Borjas gives us an economic analysis. It isn’t pretty.
  • Martin, Dempsey, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff admitted that highly trained Special Forces were stationed just a few hours away from Benghazi on the night of the attacks but were told not to deploy to Libya. So, why is the Oval Office still occupied by BH Obama when he is not playing golf or attending fundraisers?
  • What a sweet deal concerning Obamacare … the feds are ready to grab $130 billion in penalties over the next ten years from employers when Obamacare kicks in. Congress should move to repeal it, and may have if 65 million Americans didn’t vote to keep this pretender as once the prestige executive office. Read Ben Shapiro at BreitBart. And worse, this will not be used to pay down the national debt, but instead continue overspending. Here is how the IRS is going to do it: If you’re company with 50 or more full-time employees, and one of your employees is spotted getting a tax credit for coverage in a state-based health insurance exchange, you’ll pay $2,000 per employee past 30. In other words, if just one of your workers receives a tax credit, you’ll shell out $40,000 minimum. The fine maxes out at $140,000 for a company with 100 employees in 2014. If any policy offered by the company amounts to more than 9,5% of an employee’s income, the company has to pay $3,000 for that employee. If you think unemployment is high now or that the cost of living is high – wait until Obamacare kicks in full-blown. How could employers afford any of this and still stay in business? Ronald Reagan certainly was right: Government IS the problem.
  • Conservative Bytes [who got the story from The Hill] demonstrates that they do not know federal tradition … Obama takes care of his cronies … President Obama named some of the major financial backers of his 2012 reelection campaign to top European ambassadorship … The custom has always been that open ambassador jobs have been accessible to big campaign donors, literally paying for the job placement. Of course, I wouldn’t think one would want to work at one of Obama’s embassies after what happened to Ambassador Stevens and associates. 
  • Obama - You're FiredObama’s approval rating is at 46.9% average according to Real Clear Politics chart. Congressional approval rating is the lowest in US history – 10% according to a Gallop Poll. Frankly, Obama’s approval rating is inflated. With all the scandals and unconstitutional acts and bungling – there is no way that 46.9% could be Obama’s “approval” rating. Back in March of 2013 the approval rating was 46% – it could not possibly that high now with all the revelations of incompetence and corruption within the executive branch and from a president when approached with questions to be answered about all of it that he was not aware. Yet when he is made “aware” his investigation is nothing, his attempts to cover up is initiated, and he goes golfing or on fundraisers. Obama is a man who thinks himself untouchable, for after all, HE IS the president and above the law. He has recently amid the worst factors of big government provided some resemblance to taking responsibility; but as I mentioned – no one, not the Attorney General, the former Secretary of State or others except the IRS director is paying the fiddler for their actions. Most seriously is that Congress is not in the process of impeachment hearings, which are definitely justified and in order to be accomplished. But when a Congress has an approval rating of ten percent and so many who breach their oaths of office – what can one really expect. Congress needs to be cleaned out and the President and Vice President answer to the People for a real “change”.