Selective Spying: All But the Real Enemies

Your phone calls, Flickr stream, Facebook and most likely what was spent on your Visa is fair game to the NSA. As Patriot UpDate wrote …

If the FBI guy who got the tip-off from Moscow about young Tamerlan had been sufficiently intrigued to want to visit the Boston mosque where he is said to have made pro-terrorism statements during worship, the agent would have been unable to do so without seeking approval from something called the Sensitive Operations Review Committee high up in Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. The Sensitive Operations Review Committee is so sensitive nobody knows who’s on it. You might get approved, or you might get sentenced to extra sensitivity training for the next three months.

Indoctrination is a better word. The world of Islam is cloaked in the United States and so mosques become meeting centers for terrorist and subversive activities and let us not forget there are at least 30 Islamic combat-terrorist training centers within the United States – still operating and apparently not monitored like lawful citizens have been by the NSA and other agencies. The IRS has been doing some spying of its own with a recent discovery that the department was ordering spy equipment. If spying and threatening and coercion is required for a government to collect taxes [and force employers to be unpaid tax collectors at their expense] – then that tax system must go into the dust bin of history as a very bad idea. But it still lingers because useful idiots believe they must pay taxes at whatever level no matter if intrusive, inefficient, and unfair it may be. It still lingers because the People vote for the same type of politicians who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk and want business as usual in Washington. It continues because too many citizens think that the refunds they get at the end of the year is a great thing, but there is a better way, a less intrusive way – better for the People and the government.

National Review Online, Mark Steyn wrote:

Three hundred million Americans are standing naked in the NSA digital scanner, but the all-seeing security state has agreed that not just their women folk but Islam can be fully veiled from head to toe. We’re told that universal surveillance has prevented all kinds of atrocities we can never hear about – an answer straight out of Orwell. Yet oddly, in the ones we do hear about, the perps are hiding in plain sight (Major Hasan with “Soldier of Allah” on his business card), the intelligence services do nothing (the Pantybomber known to the CIA but still permitted to board the plane), and the digital superstate is useless (the Tsarnev photo rang no bells with the facial-recognition software, but was identified by friends who saw it on TV). And thus, the bozo leviathan blunders on. Big Politically Correct Brother sees everything … and nothing.

According to the Campaign Spot – A Rasmussen Poll: 57 percent believe NSA data will be used against political opponents. Obama may prosecute Snowden.

Obama insisted that NSA is not listening to Americans’ phone calls and other communications, which is the first time he has acknowledge he knows anything about any of the executive branch programs. Obama blamed George Bush and Congress for the problem. There is no doubt that the big shadow government that operates in Washington was certainly not devised by Obama – but he surely has made use of it to further the abuse and corrupted power of the feds.

The trial of Major Hasan reveals that he admitted he was protecting the Taliban, which provides proof of Obama’s insistence that the act was “workplace violence” and thus those injured are not subject to the care of combat veterans. What kind of president (commander-in-chief) shields an Islamic fanatic within his armed forces over American soldiers? I noticed that this revelation has not been examined in mainstream, corporate Obama news media, just as other conflagrations.

A lot of maybe, “I didn’t know” or “I don’t know” rhetoric and not enough positive action against those who are part of unconstitutional activities and unethical conduct. Where are the warrants? Where is the preliminary impeachment hearings announcement? Where is common sense, integrity and honor?

Our republic needs to be saved NOW.