Info Highway: June 22nd 2013

hand_point2 – Cheekily, the media is referring to the Lifeline Program for Low-Income Consumers as a program where Obama administration gives away free cellphones. Progressives clearly love to use obstructionism or obfuscate a subject, especially when they are presented with facts they choose not to accept or even consider.

First, the program was established in 1985 to help people who could not afford it to get a basic telephone service in order to communicate to a doctor or any important thing that may come up. This was during the Reagan administration. However, in 1996, this program was expanded to include cell phones. What was wrong with just keeping it to telephone service?

The first cell phone service was begun in 2008, first year of Obama administration, provided by Safelink Wireless [TracFone].

As W. A. Beatty points out in his article at American Thinker:

Current Lifeline Program eligibility requirements are:

  • Be at or below 135 percent of the federal Poverty Guidelines

    OR participate in one of the following assistance programs:

  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps or SNAP
  • SSI
  • TANF
  • Section 8 Housing
  • Free Lunch Program
  • Other government give-away program.

The government determines poverty loosely.

The program, part of the Universal Service Fund (USF), is paid for by telecommunications service providers that contribute to the federal USF based on a percentage of their end-user telecommunications revenues. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not require this charge to be passed on to customers. Each company decides whether to access charges to customers to recover its Universal Service costs.

Yet on our bills there is always an FCC charge for telephone, cell phone and internet services. Regardless of the details, We the People (the part of America who do not get free cell phones) are paying for those “free” cell phones. [See Media Matters for America]

Beatty points out that MM beats about the bush when it comes to investigating the Obama Phone issue, and points out that this costing the government [the taxpayers] $2 billion per year; yet Obama ends White House tours and puts workers on furlough because of the “budget”. In a recent trip, while Obama is in one place in Europe, Michelle Obama (and “Barry”) decides to take a side trip to Ireland and other places. Almost every trip where Michelle attends with Barack, she is taking side trips and not staying with her husband – at great expense to the American taxpayer and anyplace she decides to take side trips to. It seems there is no budgeting when it comes to the Obama vacations. That side trip also cost Ireland for the security required. The African trip was another costly bill to continue the climbing national debt rate. Julie Pace at Huffington Post called it a “significant investment in developing region”. Yep, we know about what kind of investment we have in Africa – taxpayer dollars are going there to fund for their AIDS program, while our national debt continues to rise and the White House tours are cancelled.

Read the article by W.A. Beatty as to how the Obama administration turned the “free phone for the poor” program into a side deal. Also read report about Obama Phones being sold to buy drugs or whatever.

How much more is this administration going to get away with?

hand_point2  Meanwhile, Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook reports that Tamara Holder is sleeping with the Reverend Je$$e Jackson. Now folks can add adulterer to the list of criminal activities of senior and junior, predators who prey upon those they are supposed to “help” and blackmailing corporations. Media is pretty quiet about it all, and ignoring that Jesse Jackson claims that the Tea Party wants to overthrow the government. Those that claim that the Tea Party is racist haven’t really examined as to who actually supports the movement, and “movement” is what it is, despite people thinking or painting it to be a political organization. They are constitutionalists who are tired of big government and all the BS that goes with it, slowly eroding our Constitution and destroying our rights of its amendments. Jackson Sr. is being sued by his ex-employee who is a homosexual.

hand_point2  Washington Times: Obamacare could, and already has, caused employers to hire more part-time employees and temporary workers rather than full-time employees. Nothing personal, just the facts concerning Obamanomics. The wave of the future will be that more people will sign up to temporary worker institutions in order to earn income. Walmart stores were the first to begin this program, which screwed over a lot of employees. Previously, this practice only occurred during the month of December via the Christmas shopping season – of, if you are a political useful idiot – the “Holiday Season”. All of this is to escape benefit payments and fines to be imposed in 2014 under the 2010 Affordable Care Act via the American Gestapo called IRS.

  • While the Obama folks are taking expensive vacations, some millionaires are finding it harder to prepare for retirement. Read this interesting comparison of Reaganomics Vs. Obamanomics at Forbes [2011].
  • Louisiana State Senator, Elbert Guillory, recently, and enthusiastically, announced his departure from Democrat to Republican political party. “Free at Last” he stated as he explained why he left the “government plantation”.

Guillory states that entitlement programs like welfare and food stamps were never designed to “lift black Americans out of poverty” but instead to control them. Senator Guillory made history when he became Louisiana’s first black Republican legislator since the Reconstruction. He stated:

But most importantly, it is the idea that the individual must be free to pursue his or her own happiness, free from Government dependence, and free from Government control. Because to be truly free, is to be reliant on no one, other than the author of our destiny. Which then he points in the air towards the heavens.

However, in order to reform our nation back to how and why it was Founded, the Republican party must get back on track and become the reason why it was formed – preserve our constitutional republic.

hand_point2  And last, in this edition of News SnippetsU.S. To Provide Almost $1 Billion to Syrian Rebels. It is time to quit interfering with other nation’s business and take care of the United States of America. History clearly demonstrates that often those who rebel against tyranny end up with anarchy and a government no better or worse than that government they overthrow. The War of Independence of 1776 was unique, not just because it was the founding of our nation, but because the outcome of a rebellion actually turned out as they planned it; and that is all because of the Founders wisely constructing the Constitution’s articles and amendments with careful discussion and decisions to keep the government in the hands of the People. Our problems today are not caused by the limitations of the Constitution, but instead because we failed to ensure that those we elect maintain and protect it, and abide by their oaths of office – and not allow any generation to become dependent upon false promises and bogus incentives that political prostitutes may offer. As Senator Guillory stated, we cannot be truly free if we rely on others and not ourselves. United we must stand to maintain and protect our Constitution, but we must be free people as individuals.

And that is the News Snippets for June 22nd, 2013. Save our Republic and protect our Constitution. Abolish the IRS by Repealing the 16th Amendment. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and put government financing back into the hands of Congress who is constitutionally responsible to do so. Pay heed to wisdom of the Founders by not involving ourselves with foreign matters that is not directly relevant to the security and welfare of the United States. Then we can ALL proclaim, no matter our origins, no matter of our skin pigmentation, religion [those that are non-violent and non-racist] or whatever our roots as legal American citizens  – We are truly “Free at last”.