IRS Cannot Be Abolished Without Repealing the 16th Amendment

The following is a comment I left at Sodahead concerning the IRS and income tax system. It has to do with abolishing the 16th Amendment and getting rid of the most feared and hated agency of the federal government. It is time to end income tax at federal AND state levels. There are states that are doing just fine without it, and those states do not charge sales tax on FOOD. Levying income AND consumption tax AND excise tax and fees is DOUBLE TAXATION – taxation issues like this encouraged American colonists to declare independence.

Here is what I wrote as a comment:

Election 2012: Knowing Importance of Constitutional CongressFor more than ten years I have been on the band wagon to rid Americans of the income tax system, and joined Rep. John Linder in 2002 to promote the repeal of the unconstitutional 16th Amendment [it was not properly ratified in 1913], which would automatically abolish the IRS or at least reduce it to just an accounting office to monitor compensation and excise tax. The Fair Tax Act [resubmitted by Linder in 2007] has been stuck in Congress since 2002 – and Bush never did anything, like Reagan tried, to reform the way Feds collect taxes. No one – no government, no entity, no person has the right to take money out of your earned income. It is a direct tax, therefore unconstitutional. The 16th Amendment was deemed unconstitutional in 1911, but passed in 1913 – without the required majority vote for ratification; coincidentally the same period the Federal Reserve was formed secretly by the most powerful banker/financiers in the US. We have heard promises from politicians for decades, from both political parties, that either reformation would occur in the form of a income tax or ratifying the Fair Tax Act to replace the 16th Amendment. We also have heard how the government promised to reform the IRS – but instead allowed their power to grow. The President and Secretary of Treasury are responsible for this American Gestapo agency – and it is about time to start putting people in jail within the IRS system that have gouged and committed fraud – spending taxpayer dollars frivolously, all the while harassing and putting people in jail or strapping them with huge amounts of tax debt ruining their lives. To the IRS agency, the constitution does not exist, neither articles or amendments – you are guilty until you can spend money [most don’t have] for a lawyer to prove innocence or submit your case in court. Meanwhile, the IRS has the power to freeze your accounts, put a lean on your home, and confiscate anything of value you own. The IRS is a major problem with the federal government and its abuse of power, among the myriad of abuses that is finally coming to a head. This is not just a problem stemming from the Obama administration – Congress and the executive branch has allowed this to go on for decades; it is just that in this administration the people who are in government have pushed corruption and inefficiency to a big enough danger they are getting noticed.This issue is not concerning political parties – both traditional parties are to blame for doing NOTHING. In order to solve a problem, two things must occur: (1) Recognize there is a problem and (2) don’t use band-aids to treat a major wound.People like Senator R. Cruz shouts – “abolish the IRS”! – but the IRS cannot be de-fanged until the income system gets thrown into the dust bin of history – and remain there.

It is time to put the federal [and state] vampires to rest. Serious reformation is in order for a bloated bureaucracy that is inefficient and rift with corrupt individuals. This is not just a Tea Party issue – this concerns ALL Americans from every walk of life and income level.

Primary Election 2012: Ron Paul GOP MaverickMake April 15th just another day. Make this happen this year before Obamacare kicks in, for then the hated/feared IRS will punish Americans for not having healthcare [via employers]. At the same time, Obamacare legislation should be repealed, for the corrupt US Supreme Court did not deem it unconstitutional. Many people suspect that the IRS has been used to coerce people in government, including lawyers and judges, with their power to destroy. It is time to end this tyranny. Power can easily be abused and is the reason why the Founders limited powers of the government and put in place a check-and-balance system that no longer exists. Indeed, the media, formerly called the “press” is supposed to be the eyes and ears of the people, providing them with information and investigating corruption and other problems occurring in our government at all levels.

Save the Republic – NOW.