Snowden: Whistle-Blowing Hero or Traitor?

Edward Joseph Snowden [June 21st 1983], a former technical contractor and CIA employee working for government contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton is big news in the mainstream media. The mainstream coverage is mostly concerned with charges of espionage and theft of US government

property for his actions in leaking to the public classified information that led to the discovery that NSA (National Security Agency) is intercepting US telephone communications, including email under a program entitled PRISM without proper legal warrant. The original exposé was published by The Guardian and Washington Post. An intelligence historian, Matthew M. Aid, stated that disclosures linked to Snowden have confirmed longstanding suspicion that NSA’s surveillance in this country is far more intrusive than we knew.

Theoretically, Edward Snowden is a whistle-blower, but there seems more to this story than first meets the eye. To the intrusive unconstitutional federal government, he has committed a crime under the Espionage Act. To those who are concerned about the federal government progressing towards totalitarianism, Snowden is a whistle-blower, and thus a hero. As the story unfolds, both parties may be correct, and I will explain why I have come to such a conclusion.

If Snowden had been just a whistle-blower, why did he feel the need to escape the country, based upon the situations of other whistle-blowers?

Why does the media pinpoint their focus upon Snowden being charged with espionage and theft of government documents, when it was he who revealed the clandestine operation of PRISM that revealed that the government spies on everyone, citizens, foreign governments, and whoever they decide to spy upon – or hack into computers.

The hypocrisy here, on the part of the federal government, is that all this spying is for the safety of the American people and national security, yet the FBI has done NOTHING about CAIR, and other subversive organizations [La Raza, of which Justice Sotomayor is affiliated and supports] and the fact that Islamic fascists have training camps [reportedly 30-35 sites] within the continental United States. It is because it is politically incorrect to tend to business with subversive organizations; true subversion, not hyped rhetoric from media and political camp concerning the Tea Party movement accused of subversion and racism. Indeed, the Tea Party is suing the IRS for their violations of constitutional rights. The media is not concerned with Obama administration’s abuse of power, that is clearly unconstitutional, and has been for several administrations of the federal government. One would think that after revelations of tapping into email and communications of media reporters they would be outraged and seeking answers and justice. But that would only happen if Bush was still president, not under the Obama regime.

If the problem is not solved now, the People will no longer have the power to stop it. This requires citizens to look outside of the box and disregard politics, focusing upon constitutional law and code of ethics.

Yet, there are questions about Edward Snowden and his activities. He had taken a trip with his girlfriend to Hong Kong. He has now, apparently left Hong Kong with the help of diplomats and the folks at WikiLeaks. Fox News was told that Snowden was on a flight to Moscow and landed on Sunday afternoon. The urgency was because the US made a formal request to extradite Snowden with a warning to Hong Kong about delaying the request. It seems that Snowden is not just a whistle-blower, he has revealed activity of hacking by US into the Beijing Tsinghua University and Chinese University in Hong Kong. Then after, he escapes to Hong Kong.

However, Iceland’s International Modern Media Institute has offered legal advice and assistance in obtaining asylum. In the US, Robert Romano, Americans for Limited Government, stated that Snowden is responsible for exposing a web of surveillance … where all communications, public and private, are being stored in a government database for later use, and when it is used against the people, there is no recourse.

Of course I am not Snowden, but why would anyone choose Russia as a place to seek safe haven?

We the People organization posted a petition to White House website asking for a full, free, and absolute pardon for any crimes Snowden has committed or may have committed related to blowing the whistle on secret NSA surveillance programs.

In a latest report, Snowden is in Moscow only to achieve asylum in Ecuador. Interestingly, it was South American nations that provided asylum for Nazi war criminals after WW2 ended. Corporate mainstream media continues its bias to focus upon Snowden rather than the revelation that our government is marching towards totalitarianism Big Brother government.

Feelings are mixed among the media and the people about whether he is a hero or a traitor or just a grandiose narcissist who deserves to be in prison. Jeffrey Toobin must have that the identity of that description mixed up BH Obama. Michelle Bachman and Dick Cheney declare Snowden is a traitor.

Question is, now that he is on the run, how much will he spill to entities like Chinese and Russian authorities. How much information has he divulged already – other than that which he claims is the right for Americans to know [rightfully so]?

The general consensus is that despite the promise of “change”, the Obama administration has proven that big government will not provide the proper oversight to ensure programs like PRISM does not operate outside the confines of constitutional law. Using national security as an excuse is no longer acceptable, especially, as aforementioned, that subversive organizations continue to operate to undermine the infrastructure of our government, educational system, and the fiber of our society.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader who stated that the people will see what is in the bill after Obamacare is passed, was booed at while speaking at the NetRoots Nation conference in San Jose, California. Just three days ago, Obama encouraged NetRoots Nation to continue to support his progressive agenda citing his plan to rebuild the middle class, access to preschool [indoctrinate children at youngest age possible], gun control, comprehensive immigration reform, Internet access in classrooms, and, of course, Obamacare. No mention of what he is doing about the myriad of scandals permeating the executive administration, seeking justice and accepting responsibility.

Not all of those wanting Snowden extradited are Democrats. House Intelligence Chairman, Mike Rogers [MI] told “Meet the Press” NBC that Snowden should be brought back to the US and face his charges. The intelligence community is concerned as to how much Snowden is revealing, not just the PRISM project. The Hill quoted Rogers:

If you think about what he says he wants and what his actions are, it defies logic. He has taken information that does not belong to him. It belongs to the people of the United States. He has jeopardized our national security.

Senator Feinstein “Confiscate America’s Guns” advocate is also on the intelligence [not really] committee and warned that Snowden could be passing information to Russian authorities. Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie celebrates her 38th birthday and Bruce Willis is selling his home in Idaho.

Life goes on.