Myth Blaster: Paula Deen is a Racist

lighthouse9_animatedRUMOR: Paula Deen a restaurateur, nationally celebrated TV cook on the Food Network made a racial comment during an interview and/or on national television.

MYTH BLASTER Verdict: Way off the mark …

Paula Deen is the victim of what David Horowitz and John Perazzo call the progressive lynch mob.

Paula Deen is losing her status as the friendly Southern belle into something she is not.

Those media entities should be ashamed. There may be “Freedom of the Press” – but there ARE laws about defamation of character. It is why we do not need “hate speech” laws. If someone is wrongfully accused or disgraced in public – they have the right to sue for defamation.

Myth Blaster: Eric Holder and the Second AmendmentMs. Deen is a Georgia “Peach” born in Albany, Georgia, growing up as a Baptist deeply devoted to her faith. Before she turned 23, both her parents died. Her grandmother taught her ancestral cooking recipes of Southern-style cooking, and because she suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia, she only felt safe in the kitchen making pots of chicken and dumplings. Later she moved to Savannah, Georgia with her sons. In 1989, she divorced her husband, Jimmy Deen, to whom sh had been married to since 1965. She was left with $200 to raise her two sons and younger brother, Earl. She worked as a bank teller and sold real estate and insurance to make ends meet. She then started a catering service, making sandwiches and meals, while her sons delivered. She named her business, The Bag Lady, and soon the kitchen she operated from was too small. She opened a restaurant called The Lady in January of 1996, later naming it The Lady & Sons when she moved her restaurant to downtown Savannah. Within a few years, the restaurant moved to the old White Hardware building on Whitaker Street. The specialty is a buffet with sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, deep-fried Twinkies, fried chicken, cheesy meatloaf, greens, beans, and creamed corn. Every meal is served with a garlic cheese biscuit and a hoecake. Her sons manage the restaurant, which has become popular with tourists visiting Savannah.

Paula Deen opened another restaurant, the Paula Deen Buffet, in Tunica Casino, Mississippi. It’s entrance facade is modeled after Deen’s home in Savannah and features Southern cooking. Currently, she has opened Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia, Paula Deen Buffet at Horseshoe Southern Indiana, Paula Deen’s Kitchen in Harrah’s Cherokee, North Carolina; and Paula Deen’s Kitchen in Harrah’s Joliet, Illinois.

In 1997, Ms. Deen self-published The Lady & Sons Savannah County Cooking and The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cooking 2.

Deen began her spot with Food Network in 1999 and a televised biography was aired in an episode of Chefography in March of 2006. Her two shows on the network were Paula’s Party and Paula’s Best Dishes.

On June 21st, 2013, Paula Deen’s contract with Food Network was not renewed. It was over a deposition for a lawsuit that she had used racial slurs. Despite not being true and the lawsuit was unfounded, Food Network dropped her like a hot potato.

Married to Michael Groover, a tugboat captain, since 2004.

Paula Deen has been extensively criticized for her food’s high content of fat, salt, and sugar in her recipes. Indeed, Paula announced in 2012 she has Type 2 Diabetes.

As far as the lawsuit, Lisa Jackson, a former employee of restaurants owned by Deen and her brother, Earl Hiers, filed a lawsuit alleging racial and sexual discrimination. Being an honest person, Ms. Deen stated in her deposition when asked if she ever used racial slurs and she replied:

Yes, of course. But that’s just not a word that we use as time has gone on. Things have changed since the ’60s in the south.

It was also brought up that she had planned a wedding for her brother with a true Southern plantation-style theme. She has planned to hire male servers to represent “slaves” in the antebellum era. This of course compounded the situation, and while it may have been an innocent plan to reenact history, it added fuel to the fire of her critics and the result of Food Network dropping her show and not renewing her contract. For the same reason, Smithfield Foods also dropped her as a spokesperson.

As Front Page reported:

If Paula Deen is a racist, every white, black, brown and yellow person in America is a racist too. But that didn’t make any difference to the racial media vultures all the way from tabloids like the National Enquirer to publications of the elite culture like Salon and New York Times. [All operated by Progressives.]

An equally prejudiced commentary in the Chicago Tribune explained that, “poking fun at minorities comes naturally” to southerners, among whom “ignorance has been passed down through generations.” A Los Angeles Times column lectured that, “the racist attitudes that foster” Deen’s use of the N-word are “unacceptable,” and one in the New York Times referred to her as “Paula the Deep-Fried Boor.” Black Entertainment Television then proposed to read Deen’s mind, lamenting that her “dreams of antebellum paradise” are symptomatic of the fact that “the desire to turn the clock back is very much in fashion now.” …
But it was on Twitter that the only racism that is privileged to express itself in the nation’s media enjoyed a field day as countless compassionless wiseacres turned the name of Deen’s TV show—Paula’s Best Dishes—into a hashtag parlor game with made-up recipes like “Back-of-the-Bus Biscuits,” “Some of My Best Friends Are Black-Eyed Peas,” “Separate but Equal Light & Dark Meat,” “3/5ths of a Flan,” “Hooded White Sheet Cake,” “Massa-Roni and Cheese,” “’Lettuce From a Birmingham Jail,” and “Key Lynch Pie.” This amusement at the expense of a woman whose lifetime of work and achievement was going up in flames only added fuel to the fires. Nor could the usual mob leaders pass on this one. Jesse Jackson even dispatched an attorney to Georgia to investigate the situation, as his Rainbow/PUSH organization rushed to judge, convict and execute Deen for “systemic racial discrimination and harassment,” again in the absence of any facts
. …

Award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson, for example, boasted last year that he had “voted for Barack [Obama] because he was black,” justifying his bigotry by alleging that whites only vote for whites (or for blacks who act like whites): “When it comes down to it, they wouldn’t have elected a nigger. Because, what’s a nigger? A nigger is scary.” No noticeable consequences followed on Jackson’s public confession of disdain for the white people who had just elected Obama. …As for Paula Deen, she is only one of several victims of public lynchings of non-blacks in the last few years. It hasn’t been that long since a black drug addict and petty criminal nearly succeeded in destroying the lives of three upstanding members of the Duke University lacrosse team whose only crime was being white. Accused by a discreditable street source of having raped and sodomized her during an off-campus party, the young men were thrown out of school, demonized in the press, and publicly denounced by 88 politically correct members of the Duke faculty as the heirs of slave-owners and white rapists of the past. Fortunately, the victims were able to hire lawyers, and after a year of abuse in the national media were able to clear themselves and begin to put their lives back together. … Ultimately, it wasn’t an Al Sharpton or a Jesse Jackson who destroyed the public career of Paula Deen. It was the lynch mob that the civil rights movement has become and that has turned its values upside down. … Yes, there are racists among us and no doubt always will be. But they are not simply white, and they do not limit their poisonous words to private conversations with their husbands in closeted circumstances twenty-seven years in the past.

The only thing Paula Deen is guilty of is admitting that several decades ago in a private conversation with her husband, she allegedly used the “N” word. That word that everyone is afraid to even write is Nigger. Derived from the racial and derogatory description of people of African descent, not replaced by the world “Black” – Negro, which is derived from Latin word “Black”. I cannot remember how many times I heard that word coming from a “black” American in reference to another “black” American. I have also heard and have been called “Whitey” and “Cracker”.

The other thing she is guilty of is planning to reenact a racially sensitive era when planning her brother’s wedding. Keep in mind, however, that American Civil War reenactments occur across the United States every year and is popular. Other than poor taste, Paula Deen does not deserve the treatment she has received nor the rumors that she said “Nigger” on public TV or that she used that word at all, well not at least since the 1960s. If anyone out there has not said anything regretted later or made racial statements of some form or fashion earlier in their lives – they are either fooling themselves and/or liars. Being honest [truth about something in the past] and insensitive does not equate a person to be racist.

All of this and Paula Deen will lose what she took decades to build – and not because of a trial by jury, but as Front Page David Horowitz put it – a racial lynch mob.

With so many grave issues at hand, the economy, subversive organizations with our infrastructure [and government], fighting wars we should just leave to others, providing foreign aid to people while cutting programs for Americans here at home, so many scandals and so much corruption – We the People should be sticking together instead of forming racial lynch mobs and start looking at each other as Americans and the names we were given. Character is color blind – people with bad character can be of any skin pigmentation, ethnic origin, or any walk of life. Just look at the person sitting in the Oval Office, when he is not on vacation, golfing, or heading a fundraiser. He was a community organizer and became first a senator and then the president – and many are wondering how this guy could be in charge of anything beyond a community organizer. What is a community organizer? A rebel rouser, mostly, to the tune of Saul Alinsky and his socialist platform of the Communist Manifesto.

Does this video show Paula Deen a racist?

I think not. Just two girls having a chat.

Or how about this video when she introduces her apparent bodyguard and friend …

Paula Deen has tried to revive the “grace” of the South as it continues to evolve to hopefully, as Ms. Deen stated in previous video … make racism truly a thing of the past. But racism must stop on both sides for that to come true.

As far as myself, when I was about ten years old and visiting my Uncle Charlie, was to spend a day with him and his crew at his grocery store, long gone now because it was in the way of a highway the state wanted to build. As we drove there that morning, there were county sheriff and local police cars and an ambulance near a set of woods and Uncle Charlie told me not to look. Of course, one automatically looks to see what they are not supposed to see. The local law enforcement was in the process of cutting a dead black man who had been hanging in a tree. The rule at that time was that no black people beyond those woods after dark. I was, of course, shocked and disgusted and asked Uncle Charlie why someone would do such a thing to someone for any reason. He explained that some people are not good people no matter what their color and some people just can’t let the old ways go.

That morning burned in my mind for some time and ever since then, especially after listening to MLK’s words that people should be judged by their character not the color of their skin, I have been appalled at any such racism no matter what side of the fence it comes from. People should not be judged except by their character – period.

I find it hard to believe anyone would want to attack a lady like Paula Deen and destroy her career she worked hard to achieve. It wasn’t handed to her and she didn’t get it from welfare or food stamps – so Obama’s statement that businesses are successful because of government, when actually businesses can be successful DESPITE government interference. It is sad how this president vowed to close the racial divide, but truth is he has done the opposite. It is all sad to me.